Friday The 13th

The other day the girls and I watched the second half of Camp Rock on the Disney Channel.

Last night I had a dream that I owned and managed a summer camp and the survival of the camp depended on whether or not I could get the Jonas Brothers to come play a concert at our struggling facility.

I was desperate to get them there.

And they kept ignoring my phone calls.

Even though Joe Jonas had initially promised me they would come! Liar....

I woke up in a cold sweat and very, very disoriented.

Hellooooo Friday the 13th!!!!!!

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I should completely avoid boy-band-related-Disney-movies from now on.

Never, ever again in my entire adult life (Or what's left of it) do I want to dream about the Jonas Brothers again.

End of story.

Ok, whew, now that I got that off my chest! Life can continue.


So Zach and I are taking off for the weekend and I could not be more excited!!!!!

Seriously. I am not sure I've ever been more excited about something in my entire life.

Ok.... that's probably not true.

But. We are calling it a Baby-Cation and it's kind of our last chance here before the new baby comes and we officially have a million kids and I'm attached at the boob to a hungry infant for the next year.

So yep, we're taking our opportunity while it still exists.

And we are not going to do ANYTHING.

Like, nothing at all.

The kids are going to the Gramma's and we are going to a hotel and never, ever, ever leaving.

Ok, we might leave to go get food every once in a while.

But mainly, I'm going to write and Zach is going to.... Well.... I don't know what he's going to do. Probably play computer games and nintendo or whatever he plays and read and bug me and mostly make sure that I'm writing.

Most importantly though we are taking a vacation from Crazy-Town.

That would be the new nickname I've given my house/property. We live next to crazy.

I have never been more excited to move than I am today. At this moment. In fact, part of me is wondering why we're just getting away for the weekend? Surely I can pack this entire house up in the span of four hours, get a moving truck out here and say sayonara to the wacko that lives downstairs.

Oh, but then we would have no place to go to.

It's summer though, right??? People camp all the time. That's what we'll do, we'll just camp.

I have really tried and tried and.... tried some more to be understanding. Generally, I think I'm a pretty easy going person, laid back, forgiving, forgetful... I'm not that hard to get along with....

But there are some people in this world that are so bent to be bananas that I could be the Dali Lama and it wouldn't matter, they would still hate me.

And not even just me. It's not only about me. They would still hate everything and everybody in this world and nothing can change their mind.

And it's those people that I feel awful for. They are the ones missing out on life and happiness. And eventually there is going to be nobody else left to help make their life miserable and everything is going to boil down to the truth: That it's been them this whole time.

So anyway. Getting that off my chest, I'm looking forward to moving, even though saying goodbye to the country will be difficult.

But it's time.

In fact, it's so far past time that I don't even know where to begin.

And maybe, with this step toward a bigger house and something resembling a real mortgage I will come to terms with buying a house and we can add that to our future plans(Although we tell people it's in them all the time....). But first I have to be able to process the idea without getting hives.

That might take some work.

And a few or hundred therapy sessions.

Anyway! Don't forget to leave your review of Hopeless on Amazon!!!! I already have a FANTASTIC scene I want to write from Kiran's perspective in mind!!!! Oh, I am SO excited.

Thank you to everyone who left a review yesterday!!! You guys are SERIOUSLY the most amazing people and I actually cried at one point because of how sweet your reviews are!!!

Blame it on the hormones, right???

Oh and one more thing! If you won a giveaway from me recently for my print book of Reckless, hold tight. I'm having issues with the cover art... Because as it turns out I SUCK at all things computer related. But I emailed a company today that I can hire to do it for me, so they should be ready to go soon.


I've been so worried about them. And then it turns out I can hire it done for a really reasonable price.

Sometimes I worry about myself.... :)

Happy weekend everyone!!!


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