Relocation Nation

Happy Monday!!!!

I say happy Monday... but what I really mean is my bed was so utterly comfortable that all I can think about right now is crawling right back in it.

I didn't even make it this morning. It was too comfy looking.

Which I'm now realizing was a mistake.... If I would have made the bed I would now be irritated with the idea of ruining my perfect lines and fluffed pillows by laying my sleepy self back in it. But since it's still in the shape of my burrow, it's like literally calling my name.

Hush, Bed... I have work to do!!!!

Maybe I'll have two cups of coffee this morning....

But actually, I'm surprised that I had such a good night's sleep! By this stage of pregnancy I'm so miserable when I lay down because of my f-ed up sciatic nerve and I have to go to the bathroom twelve times during the night and I still haven't found a darn preggo wedge that most nights the idea of crawling into bed just to have to painfully get out again in twenty minutes makes me want to cry.

That was not the case last night.

Plus there was even a rogue child tucked in next to me after a nightmare somewhere around 3AM and another one at the foot of my bed just after 6AM.

(What is most interesting about that is she came in, laid at the foot of the bed and went back to sleep. She did not beg for breakfast, plead for cartoons, or stand next to my head and demand that I wake up)

(Also, what does it say about me when, this morning... I was reading through my Facebook feed and there was one of those funny pictures that I like to stop and enjoy. Only this one was political so not as funny. But it was something about Welcome to Imperial America.... And there was a picture of Obama in a Crown and it also said, Fed Up. Only... I read F-ed Up. Like 15 times before I figured it out. I blame the sleepy eyes, but I just kept reading it, and thinking ok, I know this isn't right.)

Oh my.

Ok, where was I? Oh right, I was rambling without a purpose.

So I actually slept well last night, but I want more. I want more sleep!!!!

Anyway, I'll stop talking about it and promise myself a nap later... That probably won't happen, but as long as I have that carrot dangling over my head I'll be good!

So. We move in fifteen days....

Dun. dun. dun.....

And I could not be more resistant to the idea. Really, I couldn't be. Zach keeps asking me when I'm going to start packing and I swear I've contracted Turrets. It's like the word "Packing" has become a trigger word for the worst attitude and string of curse words ever!

And I KNOW I just need to get over it. I really, seriously, honestly do.

Plus, I'm even kind of excited about the new place... Kind of... I'm getting there at least!

But trying to pack up our lives into a limited number of boxes is the worst thing ever. EVER. You know this if you've moved.

And on top of it, think of the PHONE CALLS!!!!! Oh the humanity!!!!

I HATE getting on the phone. HATE. IT.

In fact only five people on earth get to talk to me on the phone. The rest is all text messages, baby.

I even text our insurance agent.

No. Lie.

My mom. Which, still we do a LOT of texting.

My mother in law. Again, still a lot of texting.

Zachary. Except neither of our phones get service where we live so we do a lot of missed calls.

Lindsay. Mostly because we can talk for hours and hours and never get a chance to catch up when we're together because together we have a billion children that don't let us get two sentences out.

And most recently my editor, Jenn. Except I am forever hanging up on her!!!! (Not on purpose... It's the whole no service thing again.)

But moving... ugh... moving requires lots of phone calls to be made.

There's the cable company, the internet company, and then I have to call the new services and set those up, there's the power company, the water company, trash, the change of addresses that need to be made, the searching for a reasonably priced set of movers that we can afford, and so many more that I can't even remember right now! The change in renter's insurance....

Long sigh............

I know I'm acting like a baby. I know. See? The problem with this moving thing is that it's turning me into a whiny ten year old.

I was good at being the woman-child-tween that loved the CW and had a bizarre obsession with leggings.

The ten year old that can't stop whining?? I am SO not Ok with!!!!

Plus what's weird is that our lives suddenly got a whole lot more grown up but I seem to be regressing further into the Peter Pan Complex that has stunted my emotional and intellectual growth.

Maybe I'm just rebelling.

But seriously, do you know there was a time in our marriage where Zach and I had no insurance. Not even car insurance!!!

Ok, it lasted for all of like two months, but still....

We got married at the same time as a lot of our friends did. Like literally within months of a bunch of our friends. So I remember them talking about signing up for life insurance and health insurance and blah blah blah and thinking... Oh, we should do that too.

Seven years later.

We are now FULLY insured. Life, Health, Car, Renter's.... Oh Lord, I feel a little European. (No offense guys... :) But seriously, if I sign up for Playground Insurance put me into rehab.


You heard me!

We grew up this year. And this move is all part of it.

And yes it's a good thing. And yes, we're making good decisions with our money. But like I said, there is this ten year old part of me that wants to complain.

So in order to counteract this terrible attitude, I'm doing another Top Ten List.

Only this list consists of all the things I'm looking FORWARD to by moving back into town.

1. And ice maker. We use well water where we are now and there is not a way for the refrigerator to be hooked up to a water source to make water. Not that the refrigerator is a new enough fridge to do that anyway... But still. I'm SO looking forward to Ice on demand!! It's one of the greatest things about America. Ice. Ice cold drinks. Ice in soda. Ice in Iced Tea. Ice in COFFEE!!!! Oh how I love ice. And oh how I cannot wait to not have to rely on gas station bags or ice trays that are impossible to get any decent quality cubes from.

2. Fluoride in the water. There are all KINDS of issues right now about bottled water vs. tap water. Tap water is full of chemicals and birth control whilst bottled doesn't expose your body to the right number of germs. Still, this can be said, city water has fluoride in it and my children's teeth NEED fluoride. (says the girl who did not have fluoride growing up and is spending $10,000 on her teeth this summer!!!!) Right now we do fluoride tablets... when I can remember.... So I'm looking forward to city water.

3. A garbage disposal. Oh I CANNOT TELL you how much I'm looking forward to this!!!! Or how awful it is to live without one... Never take that for granted folks. Never. Well, unless you like scraping off every single food crumb from every single dirty dish, and digging through your disgusting sink with your bare hands for bits of food that could potentially cause the return of Noah's Ark if you don't get them under control ASAP!

4. An electrical system that works. We live in a relatively old house. The original plan was to build our dream house on the back of the property. But that was an "Eventually" plan. So until then we lived with faulty wiring that burned our light-bulbs out in a matter of days. DAYS. We've both invested quite a bit of money into light-bulbs and learned to live in dim lighting. I'm excited to get a decent pluck of the eyebrows going on, let me tell ya! :)

5. Town. I'm looking forward to the convenience of town. It takes us ten minutes just to get out of our neighborhood right now. Ten. And it's all country roads and then interstate. I'm looking forward to drive times being estimated in the ten minute mark instead of the 20-30! Plus... I am excited to be able to drive home at night without the threat of a woodland creature jumping in front of my car at any given moment.

Or a cow.

Which has happened.

A black cow. In the middle of the night.

Super Scary.

6. A short walk to both the mailbox and to take the trash out. Right now, Zach has to walk our trash cans down an incredibly long driveway. And we can under no circumstances leave a trash bag outside of the trash can over night without an animal getting into it. So I'm looking forward to a paved driveway only a few yards from the street. And a mailbox I don't have to wait for Zach to get home from work to stop at....

7. A garage!!! This is a big one. Because right now we don't have a garage. We just park in the space behind our house. It's worked fine for us and if we stayed here it would still be fine. But there is something very exciting about a garage. And loading and unloading children into the car inside a garage, away from the elements and mud and.... elements. I mean, I'm not a mailman... Rain, Snow, Sleet, Ice, Cold, The Heat of Summer... ALL of that can keep me inside and stop me from going anywhere!!!

8. City Bugs. What we have out here.... inside our house and outside.... is nothing short of the evolution of insects. Think Jurassic Park because everything is huge, gross and aggressive... Oh so gross. And honestly, very aggressive and territorial. I'm cringing just thinking about what I had to pull out of the bathtub yesterday! And they are simply everywhere. EVERYWHERE. So I'm so so so looking forward to the occasional spider, the uninterested moth and most of all, the normal looking beetle.

9. Cell Phone Service!!!! Oh this is a BIG one. Last night I went to dinner with my Bible Study Girls and had an AMAZING time. But that's besides the point... I had promised to bring Zach something to eat on the way home and then it took me 45 minutes to get a hold of him and have an actual conversation!!!!! The no service thing is really so frustrating I can't even fully explain it without an R rating for language.

10. And finally, the prospect of not having a crazy person live below us. It is pretty exciting now that I think about it! Goodbye Crazy People, hello neighborhood!!!!

Ok, I'm feeling better about this now. Maybe even motivated.... What??? I can do this. I can uproot our lives and relocate this family but it WILL be for the better. And the book I'm supposed to be writing??? Well.... That will get done too. Eventually.... :) And this baby... this baby will definitely be born eventually, that is something I CANNOT avoid.

Nor do I really want to.


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  1. I like your idea of a 'move forward' component to your posts :) And I am definitely a bed maker! I'm pretty focused on it actually, to the extent that I sometimes re-make it when I get home if my partner did it in the morning and it wasn't up to my standards!

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