Back to Life, Back to Reality

Alright world. I'm resurfacing.

As in, back in to the Internet-World I go.

So maybe I should say, Goodbye World, I'm leaving....

I don't know.

But what I do know is that all of a sudden I have split personalities and I cannot juggle both on a day to day basis. Meaning, either I am Writer-Rachel that can keep up with the Internet and all the demands of Social Media. OR. I am Mommy-Housewife-Rachel where I fulfill my duties of motherhood and wifedom and forget the Internet ever existed outside of online shopping.

PS. If you're a Totsy fan. And your girls have American girls. They're running Dolly and Me Specials!!!! This was very exciting to me because I have been looking everywhere for matching pajama sets for my girls and their new dolls but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg.

Literally, I considered bartering my right arm and left leg. In the end.... I found Totsy. Whew. Close call....

Anyway, I found sets cheap on their. And now I have something to make the girlies work for until they come in the mail. Yep, I'm that mom. And I haven't found a better way for them to keep their room clean.

If anyone has any ideas.... I'm currently considering reading a parenting book. Just to get my children to clean their room properly.

Although I know it's more of a mix of me being extremely OCD when it comes to cleaning and them being 5 and 3. Don't judge me.

Also. Don't recommend BabyWise because apparently that's a big issue these days... Yikes!!!!

As if I could stick to a schedule anyway! Ha!!!

Anyway, where was I????

Oh, so now that we are officially on Summer Vacay and the Dance year is on a break. Ha. Just kidding. We get the week off. A WEEK.

Plus today I'm calling about gymnastics.

Yes, school is out so I decided to fill up all that space with gymnastics....

But here is the thing. Stella wants to learn to do a cartwheel. And I'm sure as holy hades NOT the one to teach her in all my ginormous pregnant glory!!!!

I'm pulling in a professional for this one.

There are other reasons too. Like I'm afraid Scarlett will pick up on Stella's apprehension for anything semi-dangerous and lose her fearlessness.

So we're getting that child in as many dangerous-opportunities as possible.

This week Gymnastics. Next week Motorcross.

JUST KIDDING!! I truthfully, don't even know what Motorcross is.... It could be raising kittens for all I know! Except I really want to go with my gut and say it has something to do with motorized bikes and a dirt track... I think there was a Disney Movie about it once.


Anyway, I'm in full-on writing mode now. Which I know is what I've been saying for weeks now... But let's get real, life got in the way. Like WAY in the way. Not to mention this baby is making me completely brain dead. COMPLETELY.

In fact these June releases might be the most confusing things you've ever read. Thank the Lord for Jenn Nunez!!!!! She'll save you guys, don't worry.

But first things first, I need to get all the Star-Crossed Books up and for sale on Create Space.

Oh, PLUS Endless is available for sale on the NOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!! Just in time for me to take it down and put up an updated copy of it!!! :) But I'll go a different route this time around No worries. I will NEVER do it that way again!!!!!!

I want to chit chat about Recital and how amazing my kiddos did but it will have to wait until another day! It's time to get to work. And I mean that. I might even turn off my internet for a while. Things have got to get done.

So I guess now I'm living in the inbetween worlds of interacting with humanity and interacting with the Internet world. My entire existence might just come into questions. But don't worry about me. I'll just be typing frantically away at this here computer.

Or asleep on the keyboard.

Either one.


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  1. Hang in there!!!
    Motorcross and Gymnastics - Too cool. Nothing wrong with a pink helmet at the dirt track. ;)

  2. Thats great... sometimes Life does get in the way, but Hey! Thats life. Lol

    Recitals are good... My daughter will have one in a week or so. :)

    Happy Writing/Typing!


  3. I know what you mean about balancing your time. Which is why I never blog anymore (or rarely). It's hard for me to be consistent with it. You do such long blog posts I would never have time (or I have the time but my son is annoying me so bad when I'm at the computer that I can't think), I seriously don't know how you do it! I think part of my problem is that I can't stick to one thing. I want to do like 5 blogs & twitters, and fb & all this other stuff. I end up having an internet meltdown & going into hiding for like months and then all my work down the drain!