Interior Therapy

Good Monday Morning.

Actually, that came out more like a curse word. From now on I'm going to swear with it.... Like, Sweet Monday Morning!! Or Holy Monday Morning!!!

But I'll save the holys for when I'm really upset!

Although, this particular Monday has gone unnaturally smoothly for us. Stella was even on time for school today.


Um. That NEVER happens. Especially not on a Monday.

But... The truth is, we were on time this whole weekend. Yep. Yep.

I recently decided that I would try harder to be on time. Not that when I'm late, I ever feel like it's 100% my fault, but I'm afraid those feelings of denial stem from an addiction, rather than the actual truth.

Granted, the reason we are usually running late in the morning is because of my ticking time bomb second child, but if I can control the beast, then we're usually good to go! It's not like I'm getting ready in the morning, after all. I am SO not one of those moms that pulls up to school looking like I belong anywhere but a homeless shelter. I mean, seriously, we're lucky if I get a bra on, ok.

But today, everyone was on time AND dressed for the day. Save for me. Although I was wearing the appropriate undergarments, so no worries there! :) But it's not like I'll walk in to dance sporting this hot mess of a sweats combo.

So we're as ready fort the day as we can be and that's a good thing because I have a MAJOR project ahead of me. Like, huge.

And no, it's not a novel. Although, it should be.... But that's besides the point.

This morning, my little Scarlett and I (Once Stryker-man is down for his morning nap) are going to tackle the girl's bedroom. And not just clean it up, because they spent ALL day cleaning it up yesterday and almost had to miss a birthday party because they could not get it together and pick up the toys.

So, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that we just have TOO many toys!!!! Seriously, I don't even know where they come from, since Zach and I hardly buy any toys. We buy like educational games and weird stuff... Because we're weird.

Every once in a while they get something toy-ish. Like for Christmas we got them La La Loopsies. But that is only because those were like the IT toy this year and they were sold out everywhere and I found them at Bakers(Our supermarket) AND they were half the price of Toys R Us. So.... We had to right???

And Stryker is still getting toys, because we're still accumulating Boy toys and we don't want him to have to resort to playing with barbies or dress up.

Although, the boy does love to carry around a purse.

But that's besides the point too! :)

Actually it has everything to do with the fact that he had a blast going Easter Egg hunting, so now he takes the girl's purses and carries them around in the crook of his arm collecting random items from off the floor and putting them in the purse like it's a basket. Cute, huh???

Anyway,where was I???

Oh. So the girl's room. And this has become a serious issue in my house, because it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! And they are just not getting it. I know they're still young, but.... seriously.... We're having all kinds of issues over it. I'm losing my mind. I'm like a mother I don't even like. And I'm seriously worried about what it's doing to Stella's sweet disposition.

So, today, I'm going to go through it with a fine-toothed comb and give half of it away!!!!!!!!

AT LEAST half of it. Maybe more.

It will be easier for them to clean that way, they'll actually play with the toys that they have because they'll know where everything is. I can figure out what storage containers we need to use AND go through their clothes too and decide what to keep and what to give away and what to THROW away, plus what goes to storage and what sticks around.

Definitely have my work cut out for me today!!!!!!!!! I had high aspirations of getting through their room today AND my room and Strykers room, but there is just no way that's going to happen. Let's be honest, I'll be lucky to get the girls room entirely done today.

Good thing I have been lazy about throwing diaper boxes away recently....

Ok, it's nap time for Stryker. I've got a load of work to do. And I so need to stop stalling!!! Wish me luck! :)


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  1. Wow your home life is crazy. Congrats on Endless Magic topping Smashwords best sellers list. I saw it today and decided to check out your work. I have book one now and will be reading it. Hope it's a nice read.

  2. I go through my daughters toys a couple times a year and give them to a day care friends of mine run. It is so...cleansing, to get rid of the clutter! Good luck!