Early Riser


That's the only sound coming out of my mouth right now... And it's even jumbled for a grunt.

It's so early...

Well, it's not as early as it was when I woke up. But I woke up SO early.

I should NOT be awake to kiss my husband goodbye at the door.

No. I love the man. But I should be tucked safely into my warm bed, where he kisses me goodbye on the forehead and I ask him later when he left and if he said goodbye.

Romantic, right??

Hey, when Zach lets me sleep in, I think it's the most romantic thing in the world!!!!!

But I have this one child. Just this one. That loves to wake up in the morning... And by love, I mean she HATES the morning... Like utterly despises it and is super super super angry at the world and her loving, doting parents. But it doesn't matter. She won't listen when I try to explain this to her. Nope. She insists on waking us all up with her loathing of everything alive.

I always say she will conquer the world one day with that attitude.

But seriously, folks, if she ever runs for president, do NOT vote for her. I promise you she will declare war on some poor unsuspecting smaller country every single morning.

Now, CEO of a major, huge, successful business??? Absolutely. And mergers and takeovers for breakfast all in the name of Capitalism.


Today I can't really blame Scarlett though... not really.... I had to be up anyway to bake my casserole for the last Bible Study of the year!

First of all, I can't believe we're through spring already. I mean seriously. There are like three weeks of school left. Three weeks till Recital.

This spring is wrapping up my friends.

And I keep trying to figure out where it went. And HOW am I this much closer to having ANOTHER baby?!?!?!?

Is anyone else concerned???

Second I'm super bummed about it! I love my study. I love my girls!!

But I am making the most delicious breakfast casserole known to mankind. Seriously it's amazing.

It's a Pioneer Woman recipe so I can hardly claim it as my own.... But it's her Cinnamon Baked French Toast, if you like overnight casseroles and really like impressing people with what a phenomenal cook you are with very little effort!

And people will die it's so good!!!!!!!


Oh, but I always add frozen blueberries under the crumb topping.

That's my little two cents.

But I'm trying to be on top of things today. Maybe even get there on time.... That would be quite the shocking turn of events... Believe me!!!

And then it's home to work.

Oh lord, I have so much work to do today!!!!!!!!!

And I've planned a date for Zach and I tonight. (It's impossible to go out on a competition weekend.... It just is.)

Ok, we're a little bit of Foodies. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Full-Figured Woman. I mean, I don't appreciate bad food. Just really, really good food.

And we LOVE to try new stuff. Like, I would be kind of disappointed in us if we didn't go somewhere semi-ethnic on a date night.

Well, that's not entirely true. But We are always picking places by their critic reviews and interesting factor. And we HATE going to the same place twice.

There are just too many options in Omaha!!!

So tonight, I booked reservations for us at the Culinary School. We have a very nice culinary school at the community college, it's like number one in the nation for community colleges or something like that.... But it turns out very, very talented chefs.

And they have this Bistro that they practice from.

I've been wanting to try it for a while. And so I tried to surprise Zach with a date and a fancy meal. But He's like a detective I swear.

Or I'm a terrible liar. And by liar, I really mean secret-keeper.

Which is very very very true.

Anyway, I'm excited!!!

I just have to make sure this casserole turns out first..... And then cools down. But not down enough so that they don't realize I baked it fresh this morning. But just enough so that I can transport the little gem from here to there without a third degree burn incident!


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