Date Night

Well. Happy Friday!!!

First, before we get into the meat of the matter... Or the tofu, I should say since I really just babble along in this thing. I have a fun Contest/Announcement to make!!!!!!!

I am giving away TWO signed copies of Reckless Magic when it becomes available in paperback!!!! Yay!! All you have to do to enter is ask any question you would like to about the Star-Crossed Series by next Thursday. I will pick two question-ers randomly. Or have someone else do it... :) But that's it! You can enter as many times as you like and ask any question from all four books!!! I will post the Q&A next Friday along with the winners!!!! You can post a comment here, on either of my Facebook pages, or shoot me a message or email. Even a tweet if you don't find the limited number of characters restricting... So that's that!! Have fun with it!!!!

Today is my favorite kind of Friday because other than picking Stella up from preschool in about 45 minutes the plan for today is to do nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

And by that I mean sit in front of the computer for as many hours as my kidlets will let me and work work work.

So I guess that is something.... But the point is we will not be going ANYWHERE else.

And the only goal I have for myself today is to get my kidlets to bed early.

Which means no naps at naptime. And I think the rest will take care of itself....

Stella has her last competition of the season before Recital and then Nationals. So... Really... We're not close to being done yet.

But. It's the last Saturday morning I'll have to be up early and running around like a crazy person. And up early I will be, since we have to WALK in the door at 6:40AM.


Yep, you heard me.

I don't even want to get into how early I have to be up or how far away the competition is from my house.... Yikes.

So, anyway, no plans for tonight, which is why we took our date night last night.

And it was fabulous!!!

Sometimes I love my husband so much I think I will burst.

And sometimes we fight. If we're going to keep things real. Lest you get the impression that we are so blissfully in love that we live in some kind of euphoric utopia.

Anyway. We didn't last night. Fight that is. We so had an age appropriate date and then had to laugh at ourselves.

I had originally made a reservation at the culinary institute. But we got to talking and our reservation wasn't until 8:30 because that was the only time they had available. So we did a terrible thing and canceled our res so we could eat early and go downtown.

But once downtown we couldn't decided where to go. So we walked around for a little while, people watching and enjoying the city and then headed up a ways to midtown and Cantina Loredo.

We don't want to like this place.

It's a chain.

And we've been there.

And we don't like chains and we don't like NOT trying new things on our dates.... But we couldn't help ourselves. We love that place.

Although the whole time we were walking to it and while we were sitting down we kept thinking of other places to go... Lol. But we did get to sit out on the patio and enjoy the amazing spring evening.

It was ladies night.

And Ok. I've never really had girl friends to go out with for such things as ladies night. Like I have girl friends. But. We don't go out for drinks. We have play dates.

The friends we do go out with are Zach's friends because none of them have kids and we can hire a sitter last minute and they will be up for anything. They don't have kids... What else are they going to do with their night?? :)

Anyway, most of them are single guys. Or there are some wives in the mix, but then we're all in a mixed group so we avoid places advertising Ladies Night.

That wasn't the case last night and we didn't KNOW it was going to be ladies night. And we didn't even notice that Zach was literally the only guy in the ENTIRE restaurant(Other than servers) until after we ordered!!!

Not that it would have made that big of deal. But it was definitely kind of funny. I mean, those ladies take Ladies Night seriously!!!

It's not even a bar.

It's a restaurant!!!

So. Then the whole deal was, if you were a Lady... Drinks were SUPER cheap. Well... As cheap as drinks get for that type of establishment.

But they weren't as generous to Zach.

So I went ahead and ordered myself a couple margaritas.

And Zach ordered water.

And then we switched.

Our waitress was like, Honey you NEED something too!! Because she was totally on board with me ordering him drinks. And Zach's like, uh... she's pregnant.

And then the waitress acted so completely surprised.

And I was sitting down.

So I didn't think anything of it. Until I went to the bathroom and came back and she saw me standing and walking. Then she commented that her friend was pregnant and we discovered we have nearly the same due date and this is what she says to me, "I thought you might be close in dates, because she's just like you, she's just BEGINNING to pop."

Zach and I honestly just stared at her!!!!

NOBODY that sees me would think I'm just beginning to pop.

Honestly I think people are more surprised that I'm ONLY six months along more than anything.


And this isn't like Oh poor me, I'm pregnant and have no self esteem. Oh. No. This is, I'm on my fourth baby, I better be freaking ginormous, I've certainly worked hard enough to get to this point!!!!

Plus, it's not like I'm some little stick thing.

Let's get real lady.

I am more than fine with the way I look and the size of my preggo belly. I also have ginormicon kidlets. Well, Ok, Stella happened to be ginormous. They've been afraid to let me go full term ever since!

Anyway. I found it hilarious. And a weird kind of compliment....

Then we went back downtown for ice cream. Yep, we were totally going to get waffle cones and walk around hand in hand.


But instead we got pulled into one of our fave martini bars for some jazz. Zach drank grape-smashes(WHICH ARE HEAVEN AND I WAS SO JEALOUS) while we listened to throw backs to the Rat Pack. The doors were open, there was this breeze. We had hilarious conversation and just enjoyed each others company.

It was so nice.

And this is why I'll pay for date night now.

We need it.

We did get a text in the middle of our night. Zach's siblings, who are also like our closest friends and totally single and young-twenties so they have no real responsibility... :) Anyway, they were out at this super hip, prohibition party in the hipster part of the city. It was all costume and trendy. And they were dying for us to join them... But we literally could not make ourselves leave the jazz.

We thought about the crazy crowds. And the sticky, gross bar floors. And the parking... And the yelling.... And how much fun we were having!!

And I decided we are too old for that crowd now.

Well, ok, maybe not.

But at least whilst I'm pregnant.

Later, when the baby is born and I'm back to regularly going through mid-life crises, then I'll check out the young stuff.

Until then, let me mingle in the 50-60's crowd and talk at a normal speaking volume to my hubs.


Needless to say, they were super disappointed in us. And not because we weren't going to get to hang out. But because we were too "tired" to deal with their scene.


Ok, so then on the way back to the car we passed by something brand new in Omaha.

Well, and by brand new I mean at least a year old. But brand new to us.

A street-food-truck.


I know!!!

And we have food-trucks around the city. But usually they serve the kind of food you completely regret eating whilst visiting the bathroom 40 times the next day.


This is something called LocalMotive.

And they don't sell greasy, gross, unappetizing-unless-you-are-bombed-out-of-your-mind food. They serve fancy food. Like Sea Salt fries with Fresh-Herb Aioli. And Steak Sandwiches with grilled onions, marinated mushrooms and fancy cheese. Steak Sandwiches that after Zach consumes it says "that might be one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten."

Honestly. It's a revolution in Street Food.

And it's super cheap.

And have I said Delicious??????

And it's out on 14th and Howard every night.

Plus... They have an actual dessert bar.

Where I ordered a... Get this.... Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie with Peanut Butter Cream Filling.

Holy cow, yes you did just read that right!!!!! It might have been the most delicious thing ever. It changed my life. Bacon. And Chocolate Chips.

Plus. Did I say, Peanut Butter Cream Filling?????


If you live in Omaha you HAVE to try it.

And it totally fulfilled our New and Different Food Destination of the Night!!

Woot. :)


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