Mrs. Clean

I should definitely have already started on my house by now.

Yep, it's cleaning day. And since I have high aspirations of getting the entire thing done in one day. Nay. One morning... I really should have started. Like an hour ago.

But I still can't get used to the time change.

Is this my age?

I don't know what in the world is taking me so long to adjust... I feel like I should be able to figure it out and realize that it's 9. Not 8. But my body is rebelling and my days feel short. Like I've been robbed of that extra precious hour of time. And not just for one day. But every day after.

I'm worse than my kids!!

Anyway. Once I find motivation, I promise I will start cleaning. I will. Or, I will get back to the book I'm reading.... But most likely I will start cleaning!



This is not sounding promising is it? Shoot.

The only great thing about cleaning the house today is that I will open the windows while doing it. And for some reason I am just in love with cleaning the house with windows open! I love the smell of the outdoors drifting inside and mixing with cleaning products.


I should probably see a therapist.

I should also see a Social Media Trainer.... I am so terrible at the whole social media thing... And I'm afraid it's only getting worse.

I can do Facebook.

No. I thought I could do Facebook, but after just updating my recent pictures after almost an entire year between, I'm not so sure....

Twitter is half a joke to me. Not the actual social media tool... But the way I use it!!! I am "following" tons of other authors on there and they seem to know exactly what to do. They tweet hype about their books, nice reviews, they retweet nice comments from their followers!!

I don't do any of that!! I don't even know what I'm doing on their.

Somehow they manage to make themselves look awesome as writers (Which I'm sure they actually are), and I tweet about needing a Toddler Roomba to follow around Stryker and pick up after him!

And don't even get me started on Goodreads.

Did you know that people can post comments on your page? Yep. I didn't. Well, I did a while ago and then I forgot about it and now there are comments I haven't even responded to in months....

Speaking of comments, if anyone can figure out why I can't comment on my own blog that would be fantastic.... I know other people have had issues in the past, but now I can't even comment on the darn thing....

My lack of technology-talent is getting out of control. I don't even want to talk about Smashwords right now, it's kind of my mortal enemy!

Sorry. I don't mean to complain... I just feel completely out of my element here.

Zach is talking about getting a website. For like the books. And it's stressing me out. Like a lot.

I can't even take myself seriously. A website??? I don't even know how to run the Reckless Magic Facebook page. Which I have been thinking about turning into a fan page since I'm writing a new series now and it will include more than just the Star-Crossed series stuff.... But....

I kind of can't make myself do it.

I feel too much like.... a douchebag. Which is crazy I know.

Well... Is it?

I mean, other authors that have them, it just makes sense. They need them. But me? It seems, I don't know, pretentious.

Part of me thinks a website would be nice just because in my head everything would be centralized. But in reality that's not true. I would still be tied to all those other outlets. It would be just one more thing....


I'm going to hire a personal assistant. And not because I'm just too busy to deal with this stuff. That's just not true.


I'm hiring one like straight out of college to explain everything social media to me!!!!!

I feel like the last episode of the office. Or the last one we caught up with on our DVR. The one where they open the trial saber store and the elderly people walk in and Dwight kicks them all out....

I'm so not even that old.

Do you know, and this is not even a joke, it's the total, complete, embarrassing truth...., sometimes I have to actually google the internet-lingo-talk. Yep. It's pathetic.

Forever, I didn't get what TY meant on twitter. Seriously. I kept trying to somehow get TTYL out of it, which I know is so early 2000's.... It means Thank You, in case you're as dense as me.

And I had to make Zach google HEA. (Happily Ever After)

That one comes up a surprising amount of times in the literary-internet-world.

Oh boy. I am so out of my element here.

Well, anyway, I better stop whining and get to work. Maybe later I'll respond to those three text messages I got yesterday and totally spaced getting back to.... Yikes.


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  1. Just so ya know. SMH = shaking my head. I had to google that one too! I get lost in all those acronyms too!! ;-)

  2. Lol, I have so googled this one before!! I got irritated with it because I kept trying to pronounce it phonetically! Haha