Decisions, Decisions

Today I blog.

I tried to yesterday... But I'm not exactly sure what happened or what came out of my head, but eventually I just abandoned the gibberish and walked away.

I've found, in extreme cases, it's best to not sound like a complete crazy person.

But in my defense, it was an early morning blog, just like this blog is. And I can hardly be expected to think, much less make sense before 7AM. Right???

Glad that's settled.

I was spoiled rotten over the winter. I'm not going to lie.... It was wonderful!!! Especially when I first found out I was pregnant and "too sick" to get up early!! :)

But now that spring is in full swing, Zach is off to work before the crack of dawn and that leaves only me to handle the kidlets.


Stryker and I are seeing a whole new side of each other. A side neither one of us is sure we appreciate.... He might be terrified of his scary looking, crabby mother. But I am the one that is terrified of this little boy that gets up before 6:30 and wants to eat breakfast immediately and get straight into playing. AKA destroying my house, one cabinet or drawer at a time....

Doesn't he ever sleep in??? How about watching TV??? We're not there yet????

Oh. No. This is going to be long, very, very early year of my life....

And don't even think this will lead to me getting more work done.

It won't. Trust me.

I don't pull myself together till at least 10. That means no matter my good intentions, work just doesn't happen for me until midmorning.

Save for this blog. But this blog was always intended to help me stay awake in the morning. If it wasn't for this blog, I'd probably have dosed off on the couch by now, and Stryker would have climbed onto the table, such as his habit, dumped out all of my salt and pepper, smashed my salt and pepper shakers to bits and pieces and then fallen off the table, cracking his head wide open on our wood floors.

So, now you see how important this blog is, right??? It's like life or death.

Well, and even before Stryker, there was AJ and Stella. Aka Dora the Explorer. A little girl I used to babysit, who came way to early every morning.... And happened to be the spitting image of Dora the Explorer.

Speaking of this blog now.... Is anyone else confused by it, or is that just me?? And I SO don't mean confused by my words.

I expect you to read this and sit back and mumble... Um, what??? In fact, if I am making sense to you.... You might need to start seeing a profession!!


But I mean, confusing in the sense of like, what do I do with this, where do I go??

It has never been about my writing. I mean, on some days yes, and more recently it has been a lot, but honestly I never intended to push my books here, or promote, tease or discuss them.

Although, I absolutely LOVE all the comments and I literally just figured out how to comment back!!!! Yay!!! So, if you have commented in the last, I don't know six months.... get ready for me to reply.

I am obviously on top of my game.

Don't worry about it.

I've been reading a lot lately. A lot more than I probably should. AND I've been making friends.


I've been networking, you could say. Only I would't say that because it makes me sound very pretentious...

But, I've definitely been getting to know some other Indie Authors. Who are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! In the last few weeks, I've gone from completely feeling like a loner/in this by myself, to realizing what a community we are. It's been so fantastic.

But anyway. I've started this habit of like stalking them. Yep. I just admitted that. But you know, I read a book or about another book and then I put on my Dick Tracey hat and trench coat and get to work. I totally check them out. See what their blog is like, their facebook page, twitter, website, whatever.

And then I look at my little blog and have to smile nostalgically and pat the side of my computer while murmuring sweet little encouragements.

Because I am nothing like every other author out there!!!! And in the not good way....

And as a result, I've been debating lately what to do with this blog. Do I go in the direction of only posting about my work/upcoming projects. Or do I revert back into the posts about Rachel's Crazy Life and all that entails....?

I have no idea, but I'm not sure this whole flip-flopping back and forth is working out for me. It leaves ME confused, so I can only imagine what it does for you....

Zach asked me about a website the other day. As in, if I wanted to get one. And my first response to that is Absolutely Not. I am not the kind of writer that needs a website yet.

I feel the same way about my facebook page for Reckless Magic. It's obvious that's where I announce most of my upcoming projects/current info, but now that I'm into series number 2, I've been thinking about making it a Rachel Higginson author page. Instead of just the book. Because lets face it, I already neglect the poor Hopeless Magic page and I haven't even started one for Fearless or Endless.

I think I'm a one stop shop, kind of girl. So maintaining a page for every book I write just sounds exhausting!!!!!

But, am I brave enough to change the page to a title with my name on it....?????

Probably not.

I feel like people would just leave. Like, what??? Oh, this is about her and not the book. Yikes... See ya later! :)

Still there are things I want to do. Things that I am personally not creative enough to come up with on my own, but since I've been stalking other authors I have gathered a list of super fun things to do!

Like character interviews.... Sounds so fun, right???

I don't know if I'd be any good at that... But it might be a fun exercise.

A lot of authors do book trailers, but I don't even want to get into how awful that experience would be for not only me, but the audience as well.

Oh my.

I have actual sound tracks for each book. Not something I spent a lot of time on, but I tend to be a Mixed-Tape kind of girl, so when I am writing, usually my playlists are compilations of everything that moves me at the moment.

Even if that's Britney Spears.

Don't judge.

But my favorite, favorite, most favorite thing to try.... Plus, I think it will be a fantastic exercise if I really ever plan on writing a book for my dear Avalon.... is to go back through the Star-Crossed series and write scenes from Kiran and Jericho's perspective!!! Doesn't that sound so fun???

I have kind of been obsessed with Jennifer L. Armentrout recently.... I just LOVE her books. And she does that on her blog, so don't think this is an original idea by any means... Because it is SO not. But I think it would be really fun to write and to read, plus I think I would learn a lot about writing from a male's perspective.

Anyway, so where to post all of this????

It's very confusing. And instead of coming to conclusions... I feel like I've just talked in circles. Which is kind of my way. Now that I have all my options out there, I plan on just discussing them for the next ten years or so and eventually letting the process of elimination decide for me.

This is the same way I plan to buy a house....


Now in order to accomplish any of this I'm just going to need to add 50 hours to every day. Sounds doable right???? Especially since I just spent the last forty five minutes dealing with each kid individually as they broke down, each from a different crisis....

Oh good Lord.

I started hiring a babysitter during the day. Not anything outrageous, but something like eight hours a week.... We start today. And I have officially turned into that house that is every nanny's worst nightmare. The one where the mom stays home and works while the nanny tries her darndest to keep the children out of her hair!!!

Not that she's technically a nanny....

But still, I do feel bad for her that I'm merely locking myself into one side of the house....

It'll be fun! Right? Right. And I will get loads of work done, have dinner on the table by 6 and all will be right in the world.

Or more likely, I will fall asleep at my computer, still have no idea what to serve for dinner by six than I do now and my world will still be one chaotic, jumble of craziness.


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  1. I love this blog! You crack me up :) just finished your star crossed series and am soooo happy to find another brilliant author out there!! Looking forward to the next series (you can do it!!!) Oh and I think you ARE there to have your own website!! I hope they make this series a movie! I love Eden and Kiran's romance :) thank you

  2. Thank you so much for the note!!! I don't know about brilliant, but I definitely think you're right about a website!! And wouldn't a movie be fun??? We'll just have to see!! Thanks again for stopping by!!!