Rise and Shine

So, this morning, I got a text super early.

Well, super early for me, but anything before 8 AM is considered SUPER early around here. Don't get me wrong, we're still wide eyed and bushy tailed, but definitely not happy about it. Well, I'm definitely not happy about it. Everybody else seems to do just fine.

This morning, however, Stella woke up first at 6:45 and she's the easiest to deal with because she loves to cuddle in the morning. She will one day be just like me, when the childhood push to wake up before sunrise wears off. So, she climbed into bed with me, we turned on cartoons and I got to wake up very, very slowly. It was perfection.

Scarlett was next.

She's not so easy in the morning. But today I got lucky and she didn't want juice immediately. Or I should say, she got lucky because it snowed last night and it was absolutely frigid in my house and there was no way I was ready to crawl out from underneath those covers this morning.

Thankfully Scarlett just wanted to cuddle with her sister!

And Stryker slept all the way till 8!!!! I mean, we were well into breakfast by the time he made any noise, and since he is the sweetest, most darling baby ever, we actually look forward to him waking up.

Well, this morning it was only me. Since Zach left somewhere around 4:30 in the morning to work on snow removal.

Doesn't that just sound awful??????

I feel so bad for him! And the crazy thing is that he won't even come home and go back to bed! 4:30 is considered a late start for snow and he'll stay awake until bed tonight!

Ok, if I got up at 4:30 I would die. Probably. I mean, if we're being honest here.... I just might actually die. Especially if I had to stay awake all the way until the evening.

In high school, every other week we had to wake up early on Wednesday mornings for 5:30 AM basketball practice. That was the worst! And not only did we have to wake up, we actually had to run and function and catch a ball.

I'm not going to lie, catching was the hardest. I can make my feet move that early, but for some reason I lack any coordination in my arms until after McDonald's stops serving breakfast.....

Anyway, where was I going with this??

Oh, the text. It was from a dear friend that is also a writer. She hasn't completed any books yet, but I am constantly on her case about it because she is extremely talented. Like, so unbelievably talented she kind of blows me out of the water.... Although I hate to admit that! :)

Well, truthfully, we are writing a book together.... So someday when Endless finally gets out there, we will finish it and then publish it and I will show you how amazing she is.

She works full time, and wants to go back to school, so really, she doesn't have much time to write. But her text this morning said this: I write the best very early in the morning, when I'm fresh from sleep and dreams.

I read it three times.

You write the best when?????

I mean, I'm not much of an inspirational dreamer. Let's be honest, most of mine are weird circumstances that are put together in the form of a nightmare. I blame my panic attacks. But seriously, when I dream, it's like about what to make for supper, only instead of being a boring dream I'll throw in maybe something like if I don't figure out what to make for dinner I will have to ride a tricycle to preschool to pick up Stella and then once I get there I will have to figure out a way to take Stella and all my kids, plus like five more random kids that are just in the dream for fun, home whilst we all have to ride this tricycle.

And I'll wake up panicked and sweating and then realize it was a dream and I can drive my Murano to preschool in the morning.


I'm serious. That was a real dream....


Anyway, I just had to laugh at her, because I would die to be able to write in the morning!!!!! Seriously. I would!

The whole blogging thing came about as a New Years Resolution, to one, write more, and two, to wake myself up in the early hours of the day when the call of my pillow is stronger than ever!!!!

My best blog ideas come late at night, when I'm laying in bed, trying to fall asleep.

I wrote the best blog last night, not on here of course, but up in my head. It was fun and witty and clever. And for the life of me, I can't remember what on earth the subject even was. Although, I think it had something to do with dance..??? Maybe not. I can't remember.

So blogging in the morning has evolved from just making sure I don't go back to sleep and leave a house full of kids running around unparented to a writing exercise in which I can practice gibberish on the world before I settle into writing the next chapter of a book that would be very disappointing if it was filled with incessant ramblings....

Although, believe me, I do feel bad for people who stumble upon this and find themselves in a world wind of self-absorbed-crazy-talk.

But without it who knows what Eden might be doing. She might have run off to join the circus by now, or been too grumpy to accomplish anything since she also hates the mornings..... :)

I'm happy for my friend. It seems as though being able to write cohesively in the morning will remain my white unicorn. But I'll always try with the blog. I'll always warm up my fingers first and drink my cup of coffee to the slow rhythmic sound of fingers pressing gently against a keyboard.

And I'll save the important blogs for later in the day.

Although, I'm starting to wonder if there is such a thing.


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  1. I can't wait for Forever! I am only on Hopeless but am absolutely in love with the characters. I thought maybe there were only 3 books. At the end of the first one it mentioned your blog and I was so excited to see there will be another one! Thank you! I hope to read it soon!

  2. I've read the first 2 books twice, getting ready to read the 3rd one again to tide me over till #4 comes out... Any idea of when it'll be ready to buy? So Excited!

  3. Have to say I'm kinda crushed to find out Endless isn't coming out this month like expected. I've even held off from downloading any books this month because I was holding out for the conclusion of Eden's journey, it was to be my belated Christmas present. Oh well, guess Santa ran out of reindeer dust on the way....hope she realizes the cookies will be stale now! : ) Thanks for a great series and hope to see your book soon!

  4. I didn't know the release date was pushed back?? Ahhhh! I just finished rereading the series so it was fresh in my mind. Where did you hear it wasn't coming out?? Now what do I do?! :-(

    1. To go with my comment above, even though I'm really disappointed the book won't be out I'd much rather it take longer and be a great book then have it rushed and be an okay book. Let the waiting game begin....again.

    2. At the end of the last book it stated Endless was to be released in January of 2012 and in the blog it appears to be still be in the process of being written. I agree, I would much rather wait for a great book. I forget that she is a real person too and I shouldn't complain when I have a hard enough time keeping up with the laundry : ) I'll be nice and bake a fresh batch of cookies when I finally get my Christmas present!

    3. Oh ok, got it. As far as I know Rachel last said it would be out between the 15th and the 27th. She hasn't written on here in a while so maybe she is finishing the book :-) Perhaps you will get your Christmas present this month after all!!

    4. I agree, I'd rather wait for great ending :) Please let her be with Jericho! He's so sweet. I love that he's not manipulative like Kiran... First loves are hard to get over but she'd be so happy with Jericho... fingers crossed! :)

  5. I am with you hoping it's Jericho she ends up with as well! And I've realized it is completely my bad...I thought this post was written on the 22nd! Was my first time to find this blog and I thought the date was her date of posting. There may be hope after all!!!!

  6. I'm hoping for Jericho too!! I can't wait to read it! Just finished rereading the other books and it got me even more excited!!

  7. deah rachel... u r awsm.. n v r egrly waitin 4 ur final book of the star-crosd series...
    plz do let us knw the new expected date of release.. so v knw how long v have to wait!!

  8. rachelllllll..... wer r u? cmon, v need endless magic... the wait is drivin me insane!!!!
    aarghhh ... plz undstand....

  9. omg ! i'm going crazy, i hate when i don't know how much time i'll have to wait .. the waiting is berable, but the wait for the wait is horrible !! do't make us wait too much... lol