We are the Champions, My Friend...

Can I just say. And maybe I'm the only person on earth who thinks this. Probably... I'm definitely the only person on earth that thinks this. But Starbucks Coffee is WAYYYYYY too strong.

Way too strong!

I don't mean their like latte's and mocha's and what not. I mean their actual coffee. Does anybody order a regular coffee at Starbucks? And if they do is it because they prefer things that taste awful???

Sorry, if you're one of those people. I don't think you should be offended by that statement. Just know your pallet is way, way, way, way more forgiving grownup than mine!

So. Tuesday morning I ran out of coffee.

Obviously, this is a terrible scenario for me. But then it just happened that Zach stayed home Wednesday and Thursday so he got up with the kidlets and I slept to a reasonable hour in the morning where coffee was not a necessity. I mean, sure it would have been nice.... but I didn't have the shakes or anything.

But I knew Zach would be going back to work today. There was no doubt about that. So when he ran to the store for me last night, I made coffee a number one priority.

And he is so sweet. I mean, seriously, I love that man.

We usually buy the coffee in a can. Because, well, for one, it's cheap.... And for two, I really like using a can. I feel inexplicably special.

And then when the coffee is gone, I always, always want to save the can and do something fun with it, but I can never, ever think of anything, so it sits on my counter for a few days before I just end up tossing it in the trash.

I really need to get on Pinterest, right??

Anyway, this is a ridiculously long story for a tiny little point.

Last night, Zach brought home Starbucks. It was really sweet, he was trying to get me fancy coffee. Except that I'm really starting to doubt the quality assurance of the Starbucks Plant.

It's just too strong for me. Even when I make a "weak" pot, it still has a bite to it that I am never ready for no matter how many sips I take.

I'm starting to think that I should be using half and half. And not the milk. No, like half creamer, half coffee.

No. Gross. Sorry, that just made me shiver.

It's actually probably me. I just need to cowboy up and start enjoying the coffee that 95% of the world loves.

It could also be my terrible coffee making skills.... Hmmm....

Moving on.

It's happening again.

I am buried in work. Buried, I tell you!!! Which, I'm not complaining. Because, from the most sincere part of me, I am so thankful that I can actually call writing "work." Like, you have no idea how blessed I feel!!!

And it's a good thing, because we are to December. And, the fourth book is due out next month. That's right. Next month.

Oh. Boy.

Take a breath.

I cannot wait for it to be out, let me tell you, the whole thing is written in my head and part of me, ok, most of me, wants my full ability to think back again. It's just the getting it out of my head and on to the computer that worries me! Plus, I am so close to re-releasing Reckless, I get a little frustrated when I have to stop working on it. Which... Let's be honest, I live a life that is pretty interuptable.... So, it happens a lot.

The good news is. After the millionth time of going through Reckless, I still LOVE it. I mean, it is kind of like my first born, that stays a baby forever and never talks back, and doesn't love me back.... But you get the point.

Anyway, what I think would be ideal right now is if I could just put my head down, shut myself off from society as a whole, maybe even the fam for a little while... :) and get it done.

But that is so not going to happen. December is the month for parties and get-togethers and fun stuff to take the kids to!!!

This weekend we are pretty busy. And next weekend. Also busy. The following weekend? Let me be honest with you right now and promise that Zach and I will finally be getting around to Christmas Shopping!!!! Oh, we are SO last minute shoppers.

And, then. Of Course, it's Christmas.

Oh. Boy.

Nobody panic. Let's all breathe in deeply. And out 2, 3, 4....

The only hope I have is in Christmas Break and help from my mother and husband.

Which you know they will help. Zach loves me, so I've got that going for me. And my mother, also loves me. So there's that. But she also gets very, very anxious for the next book, so usually she helps me so she can read the book!!!

Don't you just love her????

I do.

Don't worry. After talking this thing through.... I feel confident. Definitely confident. Well... Confident-ish.

What I really need is like three days by myself. In like a cabin, alone, no wi-fi, no cell service, no TV, no nothing but me and my old laptop.

Except that scenario sounds like a horror movie just waiting to happen.... so maybe I'll rethink!!!

Here is the good news. It will definitely be out before the last week in January! No promises on when up to that point. But there is a very, very important ski trip at the end of January and I plan on being completely finished and just relaxing.

Or starting my next book.

Or just drinking. Right, Miriah????

Or no, just kidding!!!! I will just be relaxing!!! :)

And probably starting the next book. Woo Hoo for that!!!!

Ok, so tonight, I won't be working because it is Zach's work's Christmas Party!!! I get so so so excited for this every year, I cannot even tell you!!!!!

He has been there, longer than we've been married, and we've watched the company grow from literally five employees to like fifty they keep in the big season and thirty or so that make it to the Christmas Party.

Oh, those first years were fantastic. We, including the wives, all fit around one long table. And now we go to party rooms and our complimentary drink numbers have been way cut down.... :)

We dress up. We have fun. I see the wives I only see a couple times a year. And we play games.

Now. If you did not know this about me, let me share with you that I am VERY competitive. Clinically so. Like, it's scary.

And, the sad truth is, I'm only competitive with things I know I have a chance of winning at. Like, if we were to play a basketball game, although, once upon a time I was good at it, I'm now a nursing mother, I've had three kids, I would probably pee my pants and the children have stripped away any hand strength I once possessed to catch a ball.


I would concede the competitiveness and just have fun. And hopefully, like I said before... not pee my pants.

However. If we were to play Catchphrase.... Things might get a little dicey.... Ask my EDGE Team and all the missionaries living across Europe.... :)

And I'm not one of those people... Ok, I don't like to think I'm one of those people that are sore losers and get mad, I am competitive in a like, I'll talk trash all day to be funny, I really, super want to win and I will distract you constantly in order to win if I need to kind of way.

Plus, I'm good at like really, really weird things. Like, things most people aren't good at. Like so good that I actually count them as skills, when most people would just be playing a game to have fun. Such as Catchphrase. Also Tippy Cup.. I'm amazing. Quarters! Well, I used to be... Let's be honest, I haven't played that one in a while.... Thank God!!!! Yard Toss! Which, let me tell you, really surprised my In-Laws and Especially Zach who refused to be on my team because he wanted to win and then got his pride handed to him!! Thank you very much.

Also. Yahtzee. Zach and I used to play that ALL the time, until we decided it was better for our marriage if we stopped.

Well, Zach decided that!! :)

Anyway. The crowning jewel in my bag of weird tricks is Pictionary. Oh yes.

Which, if you have seen me draw anything, I mean, even the practiced doodle I have been drawing since I could pick up a pen (The classic girly flower, with grass and a ladybug and the sun and all that....) you would completely understand that I have NO artistic talent.

Seriously, it's pathetic.

But Pictionary is SO not about drawing the best picture. It's about drawing the most literal interpretation of the clue.

And that is where my brain lives people. Literal Interpretation.

I tell people I'm good at Pictionary and they either can care less or really wonder how anybody can be GOOD at it. Isn't it part chance and part the audience you're drawing for?

But I am not lying when I say, I am like a One Guess and Win kind of girl.

It's my game. And we play it every year! I'm pretty excited about it, if you can't tell.

Pretty sure we are going to dominate.

Also, there's cash prizes if you're wondering why I take this so seriously!!!!


I'm also excited about this year because there is always a Quiz Bowl. And this, for a competitive spirit like myself is the most frustrating experience EVER. Mainly because, it's not fair to me, that doesn't work there every single day and has no clue what the names of the different equipment are, or can even identify the difference between a maple tree and an oak tree.

Ok, but my husband works there, right? So he should know all the answers!

Wrong. SO. WRONG.

Here is where I feel cheated. Zach runs the mow/turf care side of the company. He works for a landscape company. His bosses are landscapers. Everyone else at the company, except one other guy that works with Zach, is a landscaper.

The questions mostly pertain to landscaping.

See how this is unfair????

And there are NEVER questions about turf care because 98% of the group would have no idea, including his bosses!

Ok, but we are split into teams so that everyone has a fair shot. The trick is to get on a team with a girl that works there. Because they tend to retain the small details better than the boys. Ok, a lot better. Plus, they are the architects so they work on almost every job and they also take all of the phone calls so they know ALL of the clients.

Up until this year, there has been this girl. Whom shall remain nameless.... But her team has always won. She knows everything. And she takes competitiveness to a new level. Really, she puts me right to shame. And we've NEVER been on her team.

Zach's bosses might do that on purpose, just to instigate a rivalry between us, I would SO not put that passed them.

Anyway, her team always wins. And she always knows all the answers. And it drives me.... a little bit.... Crazy.

The Quiz Bowl is by far the largest cash prize.

This is the year folks. This is the year we take it! Mainly because that girl I was just talking about. She's gone. She had babies or something and now stays home full time.

That pretty much is a win win. She gets to have her kids. And I get to have a solid chance at being the Quiz Bowl Champion!!!!!!!

You can think this is a joke, but I seriously make Zach start studying at work like a month in advance. I'll be like, make sure you know the exact number of employees that were hired for the whole year. Or, go make flash cards of all the jobs/clients landscape has done.

Ok, I don't go that far. We don't actually practice at home with flashcards.

This year at least. That sounds like AN AWESOME idea for next year!!!! :)

So wish me luck!!!! Go big or go home, that's what I always say!!!

Oh, one more thing I just remembered I'm good at. Guess, how many thingies are in a jar. Last year (This is also a cash prize activity) I won four out of the eight jar-guessing-things!!! I was super proud of myself. Of course, because who doesn't want that skill tucked away in their tool belt????

But. You can only get a prize for one of them.... So. Obviously, I got treated unfairly.

You do remember that I said I'm not a sore loser, right????



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