Tis the Reason

Let's be honest. It feels like I have absolutely nothing to write about this morning. But since I am actually writing today. Like. Working on that fourth book.... I need to practice. I need to wake up my brain and my fingers otherwise, whatever comes out of my head onto those pages could be.... Um.... Scary.

So get ready for some rambling.

I think it only fair to warn you.

First of all, let me just say that it is absolutely freezing in this house. So cold, I can hardly stand it. It's so cold that I'm afraid to leave this house because I know if I walk out my door I'll shatter into a million little frozen pieces.

Not to mention the fact that my writing room happens to be the Coldest room in the house. We have this fireplace that is vented through the house, so most of the time Zach can get the rest of the house pretty warm during the evenings. But the computer room is on the backside of the fireplace and gets none of the warmth.

And don't even ask me to build a fire during the day.

Saying I wouldn't even know where to begin is a gross understatement.

Let's start with the chopping wood part.

Is anyone else picturing me with our giant ax, standing outside in Zach's work boots?

That's the image you can keep right before the one where the ambulance pulls up and carts me and my detached hand off to the emergency room hoping to reattach the sucker.

Anyway, so I've got my space heater turned up and I'm half tempted to pull out my fingerless-gloves and see if those work.

Also, I'm thinking about investing in a pair of long-johns..... That's cute, right? No. Fine....

Eventually, I'm going to have to leave the house though. Would you believe that I haven't done one little bit of Christmas shopping????

Not one bit.

And here is where my indecision is becoming a sickness because I have NO idea what to get!!!

Like, what to get anybody!!!!!

Finally, yesterday Zach and I had a conversation about what to get the girls and Stryker so I do feel better about them. We've done little stocking stuffers so far, but nothing I can wrap for under the tree. Now I just have to find time to shop for everything.

And then figure out what to get family.

And teachers.

And Zach.

Oh, good lord. What am I going to get Zach this year????

His stocking is figured out. But like as far as a present goes... yep. I have NO idea.

And shoot. I just remembered he had all these websites up yesterday with snowboarding stuff that he left on and I closed them without even really looking at them!!!

He was probably trying to show me something. Dang it.

That's what you get for marrying the MOST unobservant girl in the ENTIRE universe.

And do you know what's worse???? He has claimed to have the PERFECT gift idea for me. No pressure or anything.... Geesh!!!

I have been super calm about this so far. Just because usually, like with everything in my life, I'm a last minute gift-buyer. But in those moments, at least I've thought through this clearly and know what I'm going to get everyone!

Not this year. I can't even think of something original to give Stella's teachers. Oh my goodness. I need a Xanax.

I used to pride myself on finding the perfect gift for every person. Have you ever seen Parks and Rec? This last episode was their Christmas gift giving episode and I used to be Leslie Knope.

Now, I'm Ron Swanson and pretty sure I'm just going to wrap a bunch of $2 Bills and pass those out.

Apparently it's time to start the Christmas-Time-Panicking-Routine. The only thing positive about this last minute free for all of mine, is that I work best under pressure. So. Hopefully, I'll pull through.


In the meantime, I'm going to forget that as much as we promise ourselves Christmas is not about the presents we all know that it's a huge part of it, and focus on the real reason we are celebrating.

Christmas Music.


Just kidding, but I do LOVE Christmas music. I adore it.

So, I better turn some on and get back to the real writing because if Christmas is around the corner, my deadline isn't too far off either.

And if you don't hear from me again, it's because after that last sentence I just had a massive brain aneurism and died.



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