Sunshine Cleaning

I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is I have only have one load of laundry left to change over and then I'm completely done!!! And the majority of it is folded, everything except what's obviously still in the cycle.... But. Isn't that just the best news ever???

Until tonight. When the whole fam-bam changes into pajamas and I have an entire load of laundry just from today....

Oh Luandry, you are my nemesis.

And I have some really bad news for the Socks in our family. The projected outcome for matching all of them back together is NOT looking good. Which is a tragedy believe me.

But before Pre-school Pickup today I will be finished with all my laundry for at least four days. Oh, that's right. A whole. Four. Days.

That just depresses me... SO maybe it's not good news afterall....

Anyway, the bad news is. If I was required to take a drug test today. I honestly don't think I would pass.

What??? I know!!!

And this is actually all based on Urban Legend Theology.

So, maybe before you call the DEA I should explain.

My mom is a school teacher, and every year at Christmas she is showered with delicious baked goods. Now whilst we have been at her house working on this laundry, I discovered the most delicious loaf of Lemon Poppyseed Bread EVER!!!!

I mean, Stryker and I pretty much have eaten half the loaf ourselves.... Sorry Mom. And from an episode of Seinfeld, I remember that you test positive for a drug test if you have poppyseed in your system. It's totally scientific don't worry about it.

So. I suppose the worst news is that not only me, but my eleven month old would test positive too.


Actually, ok, I'm just trying to make myself feel better, he didn't really have that much.

I'll take credit for the half loaf...

Not that I'm planning on getting drug tested today. Oh. No. We have a big day ahead of us of cleaning our house from top to bottom. Don't be jealous really, I promise it's not as fun as it sounds.

The problem is, lately, I've been in a writing frenzy!!! Seriously, I can't keep the ideas cohesive, they just keep tumbling out of my brain.

Which is definitely a good thing.

But. My house has been neglected in the meantime... And giving all three of my children Scabies, is not really inclusive in my idea of a career. So.... Yeah, it's definitely time to clean.

Grrr. Groan. Sigh. And all of the other things that you want to do when you have mountains of work to do that you actually enjoy doing, a DVR about to explode that needs desperate attention and eyelids that keep trying to convince you you would be much, much, much more productive if you took a nap this afternoon for just a little bit.....

Oh, and a book thanks to Brooke(!!!!) that is begging to be read. Just begging me.

Oh my goodness, I'm going to clone myself. Even though, trust me, I realize none of those things are all that important... Except for maybe writing. :)

Picture Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom... Me want pizza Steve!!!!! (Is that the right movie?)

It's one of Zach's faves...

Speaking of writing and Zach, we got to have date night last night!!!!!! Oh thank the Lord for that!

We used to make a point every week to have date night, but then we lost it over the last year and our date nights turned into putting the kidlets to bed and having a cheap steak dinner late at night with candles and booze, so now that I'm getting paid to write just a little bit, we reinstituted it!!!!!! And I cannot tell you happy it makes me.

Plus, we so desperately need to finish our Christmas shopping that it was nonnegotiable. We had to go out.

We also had to stop for a drink and half price wings. I mean, right? Who doesn't absolutely neeeeeed half price wings?

Just kidding!

But while we were at the restaurant we had a talk. We were talking about my books and whether I was going to be writing a fifth book in this series, because part of me thinks I could. And the other part of me doesn't want to drag it out and/or I know this fourth book might get really long, but I don't know if it's entirely enough material for a fifth book kind of thing.

So then he asked me... What next? What am I going to do after I finish this series? Which, first of all, it doesn't EVEN seem possible. These characters, this story, this plot has occupied my thoughts and thinking and time for the last three years!!! Honestly, I can't even imagine moving on and starting work with new characters. That's the truth.

But anyway. So now. With the end in sight, I'm not exactly sure where to go next. Or I wasn't until last night.

I have several ideas for books. Too many probably because they're not all good ideas... But some of them are. Some of them I've been developing mentally. And some of them I know will become books, I just need endless amounts of time and creativity to make it all happen before more ideas take their place!!

My dilemma is between a Prequel to the books I'm writing now. But after talking it over with Zach, I think I need a bit of a break from this story line.

A fun book that won't be a series, just something I think will be fun to write.

And a series that I have wanted to write actually before I wrote Reckless. It's for Stella. I want to write a series for each of my kidlets. Not necessarily about them, but dedicated to them. And so that is where I think I will go next.

It was fun to talk it through with Zach. I'm hesitant to talk through any of my ideas with people because they start out so personal and outrageous that it embarrasses me.

Before Reckless started selling, I really had a hard time explaining to people what my books were about.

They would say, "You wrote a book? What is it about?" And then I would have to explain to adults who live adult lives and read adult books, "Oh, it's about this sixteen year old girl who finds out she's a witch and there's this whole secret race of Immortals and she falls in love with a prince and.... well.... it's kind of complicated."

And they would be like, "Oh, huh... sounds.... um..... really interesting."

Anyway, as sarcastic as Zach can be, he actually makes a brilliant sounding board. So whew. I feel good today. I have a clear plan for this one and because I have a direction to go in as soon as I write "The End" at the end of Endless, I'll have a brand new project to begin!!!!!

And we are taking this ski vacation at the end of January where everyone will be skiing EXCEPT me!!!!!!!! Yes, I am SO excited for the alone time. The kids will be safe and happy back home with the grandparents, the rest of the group will be off entertained and trying not to kill themselves and I? I will be alone. In a mountain cabin, surrounded by snow and beauty and my laptop.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Are you jealous??? Seriously, what more can a girl ask for!!!

Except if Miriah goes. Then I will be surrounded by bottles of wine and shopping bags!!!! :) But that will be perfectly ok with me!!!!

Anyway. I better write my check-off list for the house cleaning today. I better just hand the girls a swiffer, crank up the Christmas Music and enjoy an Ugly Day!!! And at the end of it, I am so going to look up a recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Bread. :)


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