On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Uh. I think I am using that incorrectly.

But you get my point.

There's five days till Christmas. And I could not be more excited!!!!!

Stella is officially on her first ever Christmas Vacation, which for some reason just thrills me and I try to share my excitement with her, but I'm not going to lie, she is not really getting it.....

I'm like Stella you only have like 20-30 more of these in your lifetime, depending on what you decide to do with your life of course, and how much schooling you want to pursue, and these are some of the most treasured, looked forward to couple of weeks out of the whole year!!!!

And she's like, so when do I get to open presents??

And I'm all, When I buy them sweetheart, so don't ask me about them again!!!!!

Just kidding.

We never had that conversation. But that's how it goes in my head.

On the same subject though. Miriah you're hired. Don't expect anything from me though. I'm serious. I don't want to have to make any decisions. Think about anything. Or be involved in anything. Just tell me what you buy and that's good enough for me!!! If I trust anyone shopping, it's you dearest. :)

For this year though, I did make some progress yesterday from my own home computer. Oh, thank the Lord for online shopping.

I mean, is that not one of the greatest uses of the internet ever?????

Here's what's even better. And this could actually be a miracle from God, because I had several people remind me yesterday that ordering on Monday does not necessarily guarantee the present will be here by Wednesday.

Unless of course. You get the offer to sign up for a one-month free trial of Amazon prime, for FREE(did I mention that?) and included in that has FREE two-day shipping!!!! What??? I know. I'm awesome.

Let's get real, I'll be canceling that baby in a month. Maybe even right after Zach's birthday... (Not before because I definitely always get caught up last minute in planning that old thing, it's right after New Years!!! It completely just sneaks up on me!)

But for this glorious week, I have access to FREE two-day shipping.

And the choir of angels sings in the background.

So I got quite a bit done yesterday. Now I only have Ten more people to buy for. Four more people to finish up with. And two more people to physically mail off gifts to.

It's never going to get done, is it????

I might have to avoid some of those people until Christmas and then pretend I've had their gift waiting for them all along!!!

Don't worry, I have NEVER done that before.

Stop judging me.

Well, and to be honest, I'm not even going to get any shopping done today. Oh shoot... except for the two presents I have to take to the Dance Christmas Party tonight. I should probably pick those up....

Besides, I don't have time to just wander the malls in search of something that catches my eye! I have to come up with great gift ideas first. And that is the hardest part of my life. Decision making was obviously introduced after the fall of mankind. Let's get real.

Anyway. I'm off to a super fun day of Christmas activity. None of which will actually prepare me physically for the holiday. But metaphysically it will all be worth it!!!!

A couple announcements before I go. I posted this all on my Reckless Magic Facebook Page yesterday, but then got to thinking I better post it on here as well!!

If you are a Nook user, Fearless Magic should be Live on Barnesandnoble.com this week!!! It should be. That doesn't mean that it will, but..... It shows up in the search bar when you start typing it, so I am hoping that is a good sign!!!!

Also, on every site is an updated version of Reckless Magic!!! I took it to my current editor, who is a Rock Star. And she went back through it. So, the plot hasn't changed or anything, but it is definitely more polished. Probably still won't be perfect. But it's perty darn close!!! I asked Amazon to send out an update email, but they kind of take forever!!!!

If you are looking for a release date for Endless Magic..... Look no further!!!!! I am going to give you, ok not an exact release date, BUT as close to that as I can. Endless Magic will be out no sooner than January 15th, and no later than January 27th!!!!! :) Mostly because I'm planning on Mid-Januray and I leave for a ski trip January 27th. So. That is the time frame you can look for!!!!!

And Finally. During the week of release for Endless Magic, I am going to do a Q&A on my blog! I've had tons of emails with all kinds of questions in them, so I decided to make a blog about it! Plus, it will be fun!!! You can ask me anything from questions about characters, to plot, to the world beyond the books, or about whatever. Like why I don't have a microwave. :) Someone asked a question yesterday: Why did I write Kiran to be so spoiled? Things like that. You can message me on facebook, or post them here to my blog, however you wish to ask. I will be collecting them for the next couple of weeks and then post the blog middle of January!!!! I will answer mostly anything as long as it doesn't give away the ending to Endless!!!!

Have a fantastic, more prepared for Christmas than me, day!!!!


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  1. I can't find Endless Magic anywhere, i have read the first 3 books on my kindle but i can't even find a paperback copy to buy. Can you please let me know if there are any online stores that sell it and deliver to the UK.

    1. yes there are now although there werent before. unfortunately i don't know which site.

  2. Endless is only available on Kindle????? AHHHHHHH