Winner Winner

This is definitely a late afternoon blog.

But in my defense Blogger was TOTALLY not working this morning at 6AM.

Nor throughout the morning.

I don't know what was going on. But now it seems to be fine.

PLUS. All three kids are sleeping right now!!!! All three of them!!!! Can you believe it?

I can't.

There is something euphorically powerful about getting three children to take a nap at the same time. It's almost like during this silent time I should be planning complete and utter world domination.

In time my dears, in time.

Just kidding. I would be the worst world ruler EVER. No decision-making skills whatsoever!!!!

Thank you for the engagement comments!!! I loved reading them. But I loved even more knowing I'm not the only one who doesn't remember the exact date! I told Zach about the blog last night and he made a psssht sound about remembering and went back to making our steaks!

What I absolutely loved most though was that no engagement comment was this perfect story of like fireworks and hot air balloons and your ring being delivered by a swarm of butterflies... Or anything like that!!

I mean, everyone loves a good engagement story. I mean, growing up that was like my FAVORITE thing about older girls that were engaged! It was always SO fun to listen to like your camp counselors story or coach or whoever and they always seemed to have the most extreme stories!

Well, at least in my case.

But then I grew up.

And I turned out not to be a girl that likes big deals. And I found a boy that hates big deals even more than me. And so our story is perfect for me.

Although, most people don't understand what is so special about it. And I don't think they have to. Each love story is unique and special only to those two people involved.

So, really, I shouldn't be making fun of our friends that want to make a big deal out of the date.... Even though, I was still holding out for 11-11-11, but I just heard he's exchanging the ring so.... I think I'm more upset about it than the future bride ever will be!

It's time to announce the winner of the Give-Away.... Drum roll please........

(I wish i could type the drumming sound right now!)


And if you would kindly email me your information, I would love to get the signed poster sent to you!!!

(That's my email address) :)

First, before I send it to you, I'm going to have to practice my signature a bazillion times. I've never actually autographed anything before!!!

Also, if you would prefer it without the signature I will definitely not be offended!!!

I have kind of goofy handwriting anyways.

I had a Spanish teacher in high school threaten to fail all of my tests unless I learned to write better. Not even kidding.

And then I went to this Washington DC leadership youth rally thing and my group made me the secretary or whatever so that I would be the one to write our huge presentation thing out.

I was like Boom!!!!

Definitely made sure to let my Spanish teacher know about my handwriting fame and glory!

She was all, "Really? Huh...." and not impressed with me at all.

It's really bubbly. My handwriting. It's like, if you pictured a sixteen year old girl that made hearts over her "i's" and smiley faces with her periods. Only minus the hearts and faces.

I so gave those up like two years ago.... :)

(Except, I just did one... so...)

I tried to tell my mom once that we have identical handwriting, only hers is the grown up version and mine is just super bubbly and she didn't even want to take me seriously. But Mom, our "H's" and "Y's are identical. You're just going to have to face the facts.

So. There.

Anyways, congratulations SGuidry!

And I think I'm going to do more Give-Aways! That was super fun. I don't know what I'm going to give away yet... but.... I have some fun ideas as far as comments go!

Well, fun ideas in development.

And I'm so darn excited for the Holidays I can hardly stand it. Our neighbors(and I use that term loosely out in the country) already have a tree with lights on it on their drive!!!! Can you believe it? It's not EVEN Thanksgiving!!!!

I am totally one of those people that boycotts Christmas until after Thanksgiving. And not because I don't love everything Christmas, because I so do. But because I also LOVE Thanksgiving and I want to give it its due celebration.

I might just have to take a picture of this house for you. We live in a really peculiar part of the country. It's like most of it was built up in the 80's. Each property lives on five acres of land at least, so we're spread out, but some of the houses are super old. (Like ours) Some are super like wealthy 80's houses and some are not. And then some are completely brand new gorgeous estates and some are... not....

But it's SUCH a pretty area that you hardly notice the houses at all!!!!

And we kind of live in a neighborhood. But some people farm, and some have animals, and this house down the street from us has like 12 kids that homeschool and a garden with this huge statue of Mary in it that I always think, like during the spring when they're getting ready to plant looks like they are sacrificing their sheep to Mary.

Also. The sheep have recently been sheered, so now they wear these cute little sheep sweaters (Which is ironic, right????) to stay warm!

What am I say again????

Oh, so the house with the one tree with Christmas lights always seems empty to me, it just looks a little funny. And then I'll see like the cable guy or a landscape company or something and be surprised that people live there.

Zach says he sees the owner all the time.

But I don't know if I believe him.

My theory is that they shoot porno's there.


Not that I'm an expert on Adult Film Shooting Locations, BUT... Just hear me out, it gives off the vibe ok!

That's it. I'm taking a picture, so you can all see what I'm talking about!!!

And it's a nice enough house, and it's actually pretty big. But, there's just something about it....

I should stop rambling and go get ready for work... Ugh... work....

It just sounds awful.

Not that it's even that big of deal. Plus, I have to preggo friends coming into visit me tonight which I am SO excited about!!!!

But Zach is over it and it's so hard to be away from this family at night, just because of our craziness. Like, getting a healthy dinner on the table and then all the kids to bed. And heaven forbid they need a bath! Plus, Zach works all day and gets home just in time to kiss me goodbye.

It's just too much.

And I'm going to be honest and say that I would rather take those nights that I'm working and apply them to volunteering... or..... Girl's nights.

Or. Shoot. Even date nights!

Don't call bs on volunteering, I recently met this fabulous lady who serves International students studying in Omaha, by organizing community get togethers and dinners and finding them host families and what not and I would LOVE to get involved with that!

I need some global community in my life, since I can't seem to convince any of my dear friends overseas to come visit me in Omaha!!!

But I guess those nights would be less about volunteering and more about nights out anyways.... So be it.

Plus, I am way too airheaded for the working community. My boss, who is actually one of my best friends is always like, don't worry I have my phone on for the million times you're going to call me tonight!

And I'm like thank you. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to clock in at least three times last week, and I did the deposit COMPLETELY wrong, oh and a customer asked me a question about some up-coming sales event that we are having so I just made up all of the answers, hopefully she doesn't start spreading them around town!

If. Only. I was. Joking.

Good grief.

What's that saying.... If you have to tell people you're ok, then you're not.

Mine should be, If you have to tell people you're smart then... you're... probably....

Ok, I can't even say it. Here's the thing, I would be good in like a scholastic environment, where I could just sit around all day discussing philosophical unknowns and trying to solve the meaning of life. I can have intelligent discussion.

What I cannot do is operate using non-existent common sense and follow instructions.

This is why I married Zach. He has common-sense galore!

And he's pretty hot.

So. I can't complain there.


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  1. Thank you so much, Rachel! I can't wait! I just sent you my information. My husband and I are going away on a trip tomorrow for our tenth anniversary and you just made my weekend even better! I read your blog and starting smiling and dancing around in my seat like a little kid. My husband promptly leaned over and asked me what in the heck I was so excited about - he probably thinks I'm a loon! Then I had to go back and remind him about those books I told him about etc. etc. I swear he has selective hearing! Anyway, now I get a lovely poster (of course I want it signed!), and my first relaxing weekend alone with my husband in 7 years, since my parents are keeping the kids! Can I just say, score!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!!!