Half-Caf No-Foam Extra-Hot Venti-Frap

So. Just so we're clear. I wrote a whole blog yesterday. Early in the morning. And I even rambled on for quite a long time.

And then.

The girls woke up.

And so I went to deal with Scarlett.

And when I came back.


Had deleted the entire masterpiece.

It was kind of awesome. Or the opposite of awesome. But I said forget it, let's take this as a sign from God that this morning's thoughts were less than inspired and move on with our day.

Too bad our day kind of continued on like that....

We live in the country without a garbage disposal, so every once in a while our sink will get clogged. This time it was like the mega clog of all clogs and took four consecutive days of working on it to get it back to draining again!!! Let me just tell you about the dishes. Which I attempted to do with a bucket method yesterday. Yikes. It might have taken me THREE HOURS!!!!

So today, my hands are so dried out, I am on a strict lotion regiment every twenty minutes or so! Thank goodness for Brooke, and her saving grace AKA Pumpkin Spice Lotion. It's amazing. I smell like fall and I love it!!!!

And then there was an incident with some fertilizer, but we don't need to go into those details....

It was a productive day though. Not only did I get my kitchen back under control/my tyrannical rule. I cleaned out our computer room which was in such desperate need of sorting, I cannot even explain it to you. It was actually embarrassing. I was embarrassed to let my own kids see it! And it had to be done, because in a week, my brother and his girlfriend will be here for Thanksgiving and that is the room they are staying in. Not that my brother asks a whole lot out of me, but I felt like he would want a real bed to sleep on and not just every book the kids have managed to pull off our floor to ceiling bookshelves.

I mean. At least I think he prefers a bed. I guess I can't say for sure.

And by bed, I of course mean air mattress.

And by in a week my brother comes into town. I mean, in a week my brother comes in to town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And then whilst working last night. I actually got some work done. And by that, I mean writing... :) So, all in all, it was a VERY productive day. Plus, there was some kid time. And when I got home I got Zach hooked on the show New Girl, which is my fave new sitcom right now. It is SO funny I could just die!

Today we will see how productive I can stay. We are at my mom's doing laundry, because... well, actually my laundry situation has a tendency to make me so mad it elevates my blood pressure.... And sometimes I just remember to Love My Neighbor. Only, not nearly as much as I should....

Ok, so we dropped Stella off this morning at preschool, super, super late, because I had to load like a million laundry baskets into the car and the kids were being a little difficult about getting ready and I didn't have time to make coffee, so I was very worried about the outcome of this day. But then I remembered that I had a gift card in my purse for Starbucks!!!!!!

Can I just tell you that it has probably been six months since I've been to Starbucks! Yep. Six months. Like since I've bought any kind of specialty coffee.

That used to be my thing. I just love coffee. So. Much. And that used to be it. Like, lets meet for coffee? K? Or I would pick one up before events or meetings or dance or whatever.

But then. This year happened. And so no more coffee. And as I waited in line for twenty minutes behind twenty cars, I kind became glad I was over it.

The line. The novelty. THE FIVE DOLLARS FOR ONE CUP OF MEDIUM SIZED COFFEE!!!! Are you kidding me?

My gift card was for Five Dollars. I earned it on the last day of Bible Study for having a verse memorized and reciting it in front of the class.

Others were nervous.

I had literally fifteen years of memorizing verse experience. Oh yes, thank you Christian School Education!

In fact, Galations 5:13, "For you were called to freedom brethren, only do not let your freedom turn into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another."



Anyway, so I earned this gift card to Starbucks and I have been saving it. Well, without coffee this morning, I decided, oh yes, it's time.

I also thought that my gift card would last like at least two trips! I just got a latte. Like, nothing spectacular! And the total came to $4.99. I said, How Much????

Ok, I knew it wouldn't last two total coffees. But I thought, if my first total is like in the low $3's... Then I can pay the $1.50 or so difference the next time and still feel pretty good about it.

Only, there won't be a next time with those prices!

My most favorite thing in the entire world is Iced Coffee. I just love it! Love. Love it. And I thought here in the future, I might be able to treat myself a couple times. But I can't even justify it. Especially because Iced Coffee is mostly Ice! I mean, let's get real. That's why I went with a hot one this morning, I felt like I was at least getting my moneys worth!

Oh geez. Do you think I'm crazy yet?

But seriously, if I was going to regularly get coffee at those prices I would actually need to budget that crap in.

$5 for a coffee, let's say.... 20 days a month.... is: $100!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes.

Let's look at what I'm paying now. $5 for a whole can of coffee (Oh yeah, we go all out with the can and everything....). That lasts me two weeks at a time. Plus specially flavored creamer that lasts the same amount of time that is $3 a bottle.

So. $16/month.

And that gets Zach on the weekends too.

The difference is like over 500%.

I think. I'm not really good at math.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Starbucks. I really do. And more than just their delicious coffee. I love their business model and I a million times respect how they treat their employees. And I love their world wide accessibility.

Before kids, and marriage and all that... I was debating between the Peace Corps and getting a job at Starbucks to transfer worldwide.

I mean, pretty realistic plans, right?

But when I was in Europe it was like our Home Base. We found one in every city we were in and it was like home.

Yep. Starbucks and MacDonalds. It doesn't get more American than those two things.

That was actually true in Asia too. We went to a Starbucks in Hong Kong and a Mickey-D's in Columbo.

Turns out Grande Latte is a universal language.

And I just have to say this. My sister-in-law just brought me a coffee from MacDonalds. And it was a dollar.

One. Whole. Dollar.

So, whether I love Starbucks or not, I better stick to MacDonald's version of a worldwide takeover through Dollar Drinks and 89 cent cheeseburgers.

I don't mind them ruling the world. As long as it only costs me a dollar.

Does that make me a sell out?


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