Omg. I don't even want to tell you how many hours I've already been awake this morning. It's more than one. And that is awful. I think I know now what marathoners feel like after a race. Both mentally, as in, hell yes I got up! Or, hell yes I finished the race in their case. And also what they feel like physically. Like vomiting. And like they can't walk and have no muscle control and maybe like their legs have stopped working. So. Basically I can say I've finished a marathon. I mean, right? Also, my blogging format changed overnight and let me tell you, it was the most confusing thing this morning. I started with trying to start an entire new blog before I found my way over to just starting a brand new post. Don't worry, I finally figured it out. Other things that would label me special this morning include trying to clean up this huge mess in the bathroom that I don't even know where it came from. Like, the training potty was full, and I'm not even sure how that happened because I cleaned it out last night AFTER the girls were in bed.... And then it was like somebody spilled the full potty ALL over the bathroom!!!! Apparently we have toddler-squatters living in our house. I don't even know what was going on. But let me tell you, trying to clean up that mess first thing this morning was kind of like the Tin Man without Oil trying to do Yoga. (Yes, I did just come up with that analogy off the top of my head. Why? Are you impressed?) Also. Feeding Stryker was a bit of a battle too. I kept missing his mouth. And I really wanted to blame him.... So I did. Today I have Bible study, so I don't mind being up so dang early, I just really, really am having a hard time functioning. But. I have my cup of coffee in one hand and Mountain Dew Voltage in the other. Man, I really wish I was joking. Also I wish that I didn't feel the need to share those kinds of details with you.... But such is life. I am super excited for Bible Study. I just can't even tell you how much I love it. And also I think it will be a form of therapy. Which I need. Like, therapy with a support group. Praise Jesus. They already established the rules. Like the Vegas rules. You know, what happens in blah blah blah. Stays in blah blah blah. But they are just a wonderful group of girls and I learned so much from my last one, like not just about mothering and being a wife and woman but like practical things too, about meal planning and coupons and I don't know what else at the moment, but other stuff too. The girls love love love going to the daycare there, plus I tell Scarlett it's her school. And so she is pretty pumped she gets to go to school one day a week. And I'm pretty pumped she not only believes me but that its free! Woot. After that we are headed out to a park I think. Mainly because if we go to town in the morning, we might as well stay in town. So I will be packing a picnic lunch and meeting up with Kylee later. I think so anyways. We confirmed plans on Monday, but I prefer to re-confirm plans the day before. You know, just in case. But she was on a date last night so I couldn't get a hold of her. Oh man. I do not envy the dating world. Trust me. Ok, lets get a couple things straight first, Zach is pretty much the ONLY guy I've ever dated and we were kind of dysfunctional before we got married. Well, ok, I was dysfunctional before we got married and there was one other guy, I kind of sort of dated/didn't really date... I don't know what to call it, but also, I was a train wreck in that as well. If I didn't have Zach or wouldn't have tricked him into marrying me, I would be a crazy cat lady, living by myself, afraid of people and like eating gallons of Ben and Jerry's. That's probably a fact. Anyways, hearing about how people date and get to know each other nowadays makes me feel a thousand years old, saying, "Well, in my day, boys knew how to be chivalrous." Or, what???? Why can't he pick you up? What are you afraid of??? oh.... Ok, well maybe you should always drive yourself on the first date. Like, I feel so out of touch, it's embarrassing. These couples today get to know each other completely by text messaging. And honestly I'm like, how can you really get to know someone over text messaging?? I feel like it's a dangerous road. Let me explain. And this could only be my personal experience. But I feel like both sides of the conversation would be read according to how the reader expects it to sound. There's no voice inflection or emotion behind a text so the reader has to decipher how they think the sender feels and what they mean. Like, a guy could write, "you're such a dork." And really mean it. But the girl could interpret it as like the cute joking/flirting kind. And fall in love with an insulting jerk. Because of text messaging. Ok, maybe not fall in love over text messaging but that could happen a million different ways. Also, is it obvious I started my own relationship in high-school by the example? No? Ok, good. And where is the chivalry? Where is the courage to CALL someone? Or get to know them face to face??? You can't hide behind a cell phone or computer on your wedding day? And not just boys. But girls too. I was talking to the girls on Monday night and they were like, oh no, we love texting because then you don't have to answer right away and you don't have to deal with the phone! But, really, I feel like you could weed out things a whole lot faster if you took a chance, found some balls, some courage and put yourself out there. Of course, this is me saying everything behind my wall of marriage and minimal dating experience. Part of it, is I know without a shadow of a doubt nobody could ever start a relationship with me via text messaging. They would have absolutely NO idea who I really was. I am way to sarcastic to make sense and I end everything with just kidding so I would sound like a joke and there would be a million !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ????????????? and ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?! to contend with so they would think I was this overly-excitable freak when in reality I am way more even-keeled. Or at least in my head I am.... And I really find it hard to believe any of my humor would translate. That's right. Cat-Lady-City. Thank the Lord for Zach. And to end, I have this thought. Between Gage, Lady Gaga and her new song PLUS her boyfriend PLUS her brand new house out in Plattsmouth, and my books... Nebraska is pretty much the next big thing. Like the New New York. Watch out people, we are about to blow up.


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