More About Myself

First of all. I got to sleep in a whole extra hour today.

Oh. Boy.

That's right, Stryker slept until 7. Woot. Woot.

Well, and miraculously, so did the girls. Technically, Stella's still asleep. Sometimes I just love her the most. You know?

Just kidding!!! Even if one of my children takes after me with their LOVE of never getting out of bed, doesn't mean I should favor her....

I suppose.


But, anyways, the extra sleep was nice, because Zach and I were up extra late talking. Well, first he watched the Closer season finale with me (Because he likes it. Fact. No matter what he tells you.) and then RHOBH, although during that one he kept covering his face and exclaiming (And I do mean Exclaiming, with several exclamation points behind his sentences....) "How can you watch this??? What is wrong with these women??? Why would anybody give them attention???"

And I'm all, Sorry. I love them. Like, I kind of feel like they're my friends.... so...

Ok, MAJOR just kidding on that one. I am so not one of those weirdos that sits around watching reality shows, thinking the stars are my besties and if I ever ran into them in public I would demand a picture and give them life advice on their reality-show-problems.

At least I like to tell myself I'm not that person. Over and over and over again.

Ok. Just kidding again!

Whew... Feeling kind of sarcastic this morning. Yikes.....

But after my shows, we stayed up talking for way too long. Sometimes, I forget that we can talk. Like have long, in-depth conversations. With the hecticness of work and life and kids and ok, mainly kids... our words to each other get lost in translation.

But, you should just know that I married the Best man. He is just amazing. And he is so smart. Like, he really just amazes me with his insight and wisdom and his careful view of life.

I needed him in my life.

I cannot even imagine the train wreck I would be without him.

It would be oh, so tragic.

And without Zach I would have NEVER put my books on Kindle. Not ever. And that is turning out to be a kind of... a little bit.... just like, seriously, this mild success for me.

I feel like it's total insanity, when in reality and compared to others it's not really... But still. For me, it went from nothing to something so I am like floating. Like Cloud 9. And the word is kind of out there.

I've been getting just the sweetest like emails/tweets/posts/messages or whatever about people who are loving the series. And I swear, every time I get one I'm near tears. Just because like, honestly, I didn't think anyone would ever read it, unless I physically put it in their hands and stood over them making sure they read it.

And then, that they not only read it. That they like it....? Honestly, it's crazy.

The reviews are so fun too. Like, so fun. They are for the most part, very positive. Although, I have sent both books back to the editor.... apparently there were some issues.... Sorry folks, I write, and I'm thankful for spell check every single sentence. But it doesn't catch everything.... And I need lots and lots and lots of help.

I have also gotten a negative review. Which holds a very, very special place in my heart. Still, it was 3 stars and since I'm a the-glass-is-half-full kind of person, that glass is still half full.

But it was from a teenager. Only my target audience. They said the book was written for a ten or eleven year old. Among other things.

I'm still icing my bruised ego. But it's alright, I knew there would be people who didn't like the book. In fact, I KNOW there will be plenty of people that HATE the books. Such is life.

I mean, there are way, way, way too many opinions on this planet, heck, in one person alone, for it to be a universal success.

Just look at music. I hate the Jazz Flute. I hate it. Normally, not minding the flute at all, when Jazz starts flowing from that instrument, I want to take the flute, break it into all of it's tiny little pieces and run a steam roller over it.

I'm sorry, that's just my personal opinion.

Also, Ben Folds. I get it. He's super talented. And all of my friends love him. One friend in particular. And I have really, really tried to get past whatever it is that irritates me about him and focus on the fact that he is a bad ass piano player, has a fantastic sense of humor and is like one of those good musicians that isn't all crazy.

But I can't. And a lot of times I just like talented musicians just because they're talented. Like Celine Dione. I love her. Ok, I love her when she's singing. She is amazing.

That's a fact.

And Gaga. Ok, she's out there.... But the fact that she makes me want to dance like a crazy person in my car AND can sing. I like her too.

Britney Spears...? Ok, that's just unexplainable and pretty concrete. You're not going to talk me out of loving her.

Believe me. People have tried.

It's just not rational.

Anyways, I appreciate the bad reviews right along with the good ones. Ok, maybe I appreciate them a little bit less. But just a little. :)

Side Note: I just looked back into the living room and Scarlett had Stryker pinned to the ground on his stomach, while she bounced up and down on him on her knees. Violently.... Holy smokes. That poor baby.

Don't worry. I intervened.

Anyways, what I am most excited about. What I am just thrilled about. What I cannot even get over, is that in a few months ( Because for whatever reason it takes a few months ) I will get paid. I will get paid a real paycheck for writing.

Not just that. I mean. Really, this is just about doing what I absolutely love to do whether it's a hobby or a career or whatever it is. But paid to do it? Even just a little bit? Bananas.

Saturday night, Zach and I were at a birthday dinner and the subject of how much everybody makes got brought up because my brother-in-law just got a pretty good job at a super nice company. So he is doing well for himself. Anyways, his girlfriend was like, I've had my job for five years and I don't make that kind of money.

And I was like, but you have TWO jobs. So together you have to make that kind of money.

And then there was another one of our friends that makes THAT kind of money. That's a girl.

And I was like. Hey, this year, I've made maybe.... MAYBE.... $500. The WHOLE year so far.

Not like in a year, because I was making money doing Saladmaster if you count making money and never getting paid for it.... But I mean in like this year's tax year, I've made Maybe. Maybe. Maybe $500.

And really, I feel like it's a lot less than that. I seriously, bet it's more like $350. I'm trying to remember like, little odd jobs I've done here and there.

So. I'm just excited to bring home a paycheck that is not so insignificant it only covered my gas to get wherever it was I had to go to work for it. Woot. Woot. Of course, I don't even get paid until December and then I have one whole month before the tax year starts over. So, believe me, I'm like a welfare case this year...

But that's besides the point.

Anyways, this is one of those blogs that has taken me the entire morning to write. Thanks to the kidlets. And their.... screaming demands needs.....

I actually miss 6AM. Ok, I almost miss 6AM.


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  1. I didn't just like your books ... I loved them! Seriously. Really. I'm anxious now that I have to wait 'til October for the next one to come out, especially when you left us with such a huge cliff hanger!! Will it be the last book or will there be more? Anyway, thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination with all of us!! It's been a great ride the last 2 days - and I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 children so I've seriously lost some sleep thanks to your great storytelling & getting lost in a wonderful story:-) Thank you!!

  2. P.S. When in October will Fearless Magic be coming out?

  3. So I am a 35 year old Mother of two. The first kiss in Reckless Magic put butterflies in my tummy.

    To hell with target age :)