Liar, Liar

Ugh. I am tired and sleepy and it's early and I'm cold and I don't want to be awake and....

Ok, I'm done complaining. Sorry. Whew.

I took another drink of my coffee and things are already looking up for me. Praise Jesus.

Although, I did start the morning off by verbally scolding my Keurig. Before it had given me coffee.

We've made up since.

I'm sure you don't want to listen to me complain! In my defense I was up way too late writing.... I had wanted to write all day, and never got the chance. I had the chapter in my head for over a week and I really just needed to get it out before I went crazy and forgot who I was!

So really. It's all my fault. Even though I'm pretty sure I wrote a kick ass chapter and I can finally move my brain forward.

Which brings me to my next point.

Another thing you're not going to want to hear, by the way.

And I'm only responding on here because if I said something on Facebook people would get PISSED off and yell at me.

That still might happen,but at least I have the room and opportunity to explain myself before I get crucified.

This is in response to the million posts and tweets about the Casey Anthony Trial.

Because although personally I think she's guilty and a terrible mother. And as a mother myself the whole trial and idea of the case makes my stomach turn and I find myself holding my babies closer.

On the other hand, I also think that this is a huge victory for our judicial system.

The system still works people! And that is good news.

I commend the jurors. In such a high profile case and with the years of media buzz surrounding every aspect of the case, one might assume the jurors walked into the courtroom with preconceived ideas and a verdict already on their lips.

But they didn't. They stood by our judicial system which presumes a person is unequivocally innocent until proven otherwise. The prosecution must use convincing evidence to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty.

And they didn't do that.

They never had hard evidence, most everything they used was circumstantial and we can judge them all we want, but we were not the ones making the final decision on a human life by the standards of our justice system.

Someone wisely said on Facebook yesterday that in our legal system you have to go for something you can prove. If you can't prove your accusation beyond a reasonable doubt than you're going to lose your case. Go for it all, and you can lose it all. That's the gamble.

That's why mobsters are always brought in on tax evasion or parking tickets or whatever. The evidence has to support the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

And they didn't do that to Casey Anthony and couldn't prove their case. There are twelve jurors and they have to come to a unanimous conclusion. The evidence wasn't enough to convict her, simple as that.

Our judicial system works.

And that is a huge victory when the rest of our Republic is failing.

Everyone is saying poor Caylee, I just feel bad for Caylee. And I think that is wrong. Caylee is gone. She is in a much, much, much better place. No more pain, no more suffering, no more dead beat mom and awful home life.

I'm not saying her death was a good thing. PLEASE do not think that. I think her untimely death was a true tragedy and no child should ever, every have to suffer and experience that kind of pain, it's truly the worst kind of sin.


I pity that family.

Those pieces will never be able to be put back together. That marriage doesn't have a chance. The relationship between parents and daughter has been destroyed and I think once you accuse your father of molesting you, there is no going back after that.

Sure, they might make some money for a little while. But that is going to be one miserable existence.

First of all, the guilt. Whether or not it was murder or just a cover up, that guilt is going to eat her alive.

And the parents.

And they will have no one. Especially Casey. She alienated herself. Her parents seemed to be the ones to take care of her before any of this happened and now she doesn't even have them.

She is the one suffering from here on out, whether she has life in prison or not.

Next? After the tv deals and interviews and magazine shoots and life of misery and guilt, God will judge her. And He knows the exact truth.

Was she a cold-blooded, heartless murderer or a terrible, negligent mom, sick enough not to report her daughters death?

That's up to God.

The prosecution had their chance.

Have you ever seen Twelve Angry Men? With Henry Fonda?

It's black and white and super old, but it follows the jury of twelve men discussing what at the beginning of the movie is thought to be an open and shut murder case.

By the end of the film, the accused is granted a verdict of Not Guilty because the evidence is not beyond a reasonable doubt.

It makes just a really good case for our judicial system.

Because in the end, it is not the defense's job to prove you are innocent. In this great nation you are presumed innocent.

It is the prosecutions job to prove that you are guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt. And this prosecution failed to find the evidence.

I still think Casey Anthony is terrible.

Just awful.

But I'm proud of the jurors. That was obviously not an easy decision and one they will doubt for the rest of their lives. They are the ones that really have to live with their decision and people will not be kind to them.


Was that depressing or what?? Sorry if it made you mad. After all, you know me.

"A real patriot gets a parking ticket and then rejoices that the system works."


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