Following Doctor's orders of doing nothing, absolutely nothing until my hives clear up and introducing no unnecessary stress into this la vida of mine, I am blogging twice today.

I hope that's ok with you.

I've been very productive today, thanks to all of the extra steroid energy. Do you like how I keep talking about steroids like they are part of my daily life? I could get used to all of this energy though. Except I feel like Jesse from Saved By The Bell and her addiction to Caffiene Pills.

I so excited. And I just can't hide it. Cue the break down into tears in the hospital bed.

So anyways, My productive day.

The house is picked up. Not clean, but like fake clean. It looks clean to the naked eye. Save for the laundry. But. Ugh. I'll get to that one day.... It's my arch nemesis.

The kids all had baths. And are still clean. Scarlett has even had only one accident today. She's getting this whole thing down. Or at least the Reeses Pieces on the other side of going potty!

I'm getting that part too.

What? Potty training is hard work for me too!

I had a bath. Which, was all in all miserable. I prefer my showers to be scalding hot, which turned out to be very, very, very bad for the Hives, not to be confused with the Hivs...., so I had to turn the water cold which felt good for the Hives, but not too great for my soul. One day I'll look like a normal girl again that can do normal things, like wear clothes and take showers. One day....

Dinner is planned. Well, mostly planned. I'm deciding between African and Indian. Luckily the ingredients are the same, just the spices change. So in the end, its mostly planned.

I'm really excited about tomorrow's dinner though. Its a recipe from the grand Pioneer Woman. Something about Bacon Burger Sliders. They look amazing. And for some mysterious reason my hubby just thinks the world of sliders, so he will be really, really excited.

Stella and I had some quality mom and firstborn time whilst the younger too napped.

And then, I set up a Twitter Account.

Yes I did.

Does that make me a total loser? Or at least a Wanna-Be-Celebrity? (Wanna-Be as in "If You Wanna-Be My Lover)

Well, the argument for that case, probably could have been made before the Twitter Account existed.

But I had blogged before about how I was going to do it. I had just never found the time. Or really, the deep seeded desire. Before today.

Somehow in my Hive-Hysteria I worked up the courage and Voila. Twitterpated.

You can follow me if you want to! I don't have any followers and I'm not even sure how to get followers other than demanding that people sign up and pick me....

In fact, I'm not sure if I even get the whole concept of Twitter to begin with. Don't worry I'll figure it out.

I've already Tweeted Twice.

Oh man, I could not even stifle an audible groan after typing that.

What's wrong with me???

Anyways. My Twitter account name is Mywritesdntbite, so look me up. Yo.

I was feeling pretty good about it too, until this blog when I realized my big accomplishment of the day was signing up for Twitter and finding people to follow.


Well that and trying to teach Scar Baby the difference between Blue and Yellow. The child can't keep them straight.

Ok. Got to go. Stella was chasing Scarlett around yelling "The Claws Coming, The Claws Coming!" And Scarlett just ran into the wall.

Motherhood is literally calling my name as we speak....


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