Ok. Is there any way for me to start using the word, "Darling" in every day sentences without sounding like a total....

Like a total....

What's the word I'm looking for?


Without sounding like a douche?

I don't think there is. Since I am neither the Countess Luann, or extremely wealthy, or on the elderly side. I don't think there is a casual way to introduce that word into my vocabulary.

Oh. I love it though!

I call my children darling. Or my darling. Or my little darlings all of the time. And the other day I caught Stella and Scarlett playing "Mommy and Baby" (Come on. Classic little girl game.), anyways, Scarlett was the Mommy and kept referring to Stella as her Little Darling and it was the cutest thing I have ever heard.

She also calls her babies Sweet Pea and Love Bug.

Doesn't it just melt your heart?

But. Were I to introduce Darling into my dialect, don't you think it would come off more.... Condescending?

I can't really imagine myself showing up to dance and referring to all of the other moms as "Oh darling, I don't know about that."

Besides, the word itself implies a sort of drawn out vowl sound. Daaaaarling, is more accurate if you are really trying for the full effect. And that really isn't my style.

I'm somewhere in between, "Hey Ho-bag" (Of course, in the endearing way we used to use it in high school and college) and "Hey. There.... You........) (In the socially awkward and increasingly uncomfortable way that is my panic attack/social anxiety future.)

Oh. My.

We better just chalk "Darling" up to a pipe dream and move on.

Dang it Real Housewives, why do you try to brain wash me with your fancy lingo and exotic destinations!!!

On a more real person note. I am loving. LOVING. This weekend.

The festivities. The three days part of it. The my husband is home the whole time and I just love him part of it.

Today was glorious. In like the I even woke up by 7:30 and made breakfast and got the family to church on time and spent the day out and about in the most precious ways kind of glorious.

Seriously. I was up so early(Although Zach and Scar were up by 5:45 and happy. What did I tell you!), with so much energy I thought I would even get a blog in before church.

As it turns out though, Sunday Mornings are a serious Time Vacuum that make it impossible to focus on anything else besides simply getting to church on time and out the door.

Seriously. What is up with that?

Church doesn't start until 11:11. (Don't even get me started on the whole Church Time Trend. 11:11. 5:55. 8:08. We get it. Your cool. The time you start is really going to draw more people in....)

Although. I say that, but still love the extra 11 minutes I get to make it before worship starts.

So maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental.

I'll back off.

What would really annoy me though was the 5:55 one. Because honestly I am more likely to show up 55 minutes late to a five o'clock service than five minutes early to a six o'clock service.

Does anybody know what I'm talking about????

Church was wonderful today. Curt Dodd, the pastor is wonderful. He is one of those preachers that even Zach loves.


Before you go judging my husband, remember we've been through quite a lot of Bible classes and chapel speakers. Our expectations for Pastors run a little high and unlike me that can and will listen to anything, anywhere near a lecture and love it, including a 20 minute commencement speech that I felt like I should have been taking notes at..., my skeptical, exhausted yet ADD husband is not so forgiving.

He really enjoys Curt Dodd though.

And Curt Dodd doesn't disappoint.

Today was on the Rapture.

Because after last weekends epic failure, and in my opinion great disappointment when the world did not in fact end.... Curt decided to share the truth on the Rapture.

Such as this is the time. I mean. We obviously can't date the sucker, even Jesus Christ doesn't know the exact time and date. But we can know the Season.

And tis the season biotches.

Lol. Can I talk about the Bible and call people biotches at the same time????

By Season I mean that generally all of the prophecy in the Bible that had to be fulfilled has been fulfilled. And we live in a time of Wars and Rumors of Wars and very uncertain weather happenings and when the Church itself is being divided thousands of different ways.

Now. I fully believe that the Rapture is going to happen Soon.


If it didn't happen for 300 years or "soon" meant another millenia. That would not surprise me. "Our ways are not like His ways." And "A thousand years is to but One Day to God, and One Day is but a Thousand Years." And so forth and so on.

Anyways. I'm not going to go all theological on you. As much as I like to think I am, I'm hardly a Biblical Theologian.

Curt wrapped it all up by reminding us that this time we live in, although uncertain and unpredictable does not have to be terrifying. We have hope. This should be an exciting time for us.

Not the death and destruction part.

But the Jesus is coming part.

There is no fear in believing in Jesus. That is true salvation.


So after an amazing Church Service.

We spent the rest of the day at Kellie's graduation party, and then took Zach to his weekly soccer pick up game, whilst the girls and I headed over to Burger King for a Large Dr. Pepper and some Play Place Action.

Two things from there.

First. I am realizing in a series of sent and received text messages and recent blog entries, that I might be abusing my exclamation mark privileges. And if we're being honest maybe my question marks as well.

People getting text messages from me have been receiving sentences like, "Hey!!!!!!!!!"




"Do you want to meet us at the park????!!!!!?????!!!!????"

Ok. Maybe a little bit of an exaggeration.

But not much.

It's just my way I guess. To get generally excited about things. But I suddenly feel like it may come off more like shouting.

Like, rarely in real life conversations do I get so animated. But yet, here I am via written word, basically screaming at the receiver of whatever interesting conversation piece I feel like needs to be discussed.

It's like that episode of Seinfeld. "Why didn't you put an exclamation point there? If I were writing this conversation, I would put one here! And Here! AND HERE!"

And then Elaine storms out.

Or something like that anyways.

I feel like I am having that argument with myself a lot.

So sorry for the extra punctuation if you've been overly stimulated reading my texts. Or facebook updates. Or tweets.

Which. Would more people I know please get on Twitter!

Kind of a real question here.

I know one person I follow.


And it's my cousin and I love her. But the rest are all like Housewives and Writers and Britney.

(Speaking of, Femme Fatale anyone? I can't go by myself. And, Um. I kind of need to go....)

And I think its fun.

So join.

Thanks. Love ya.

Oh and the second thing. I walk into Burger King with my three little kidlets and Scarlett is instantly climbing all over the separation bar that leads up to the register, I direct her towards the bathroom where she then runs in and out of every stall, slamming the doors, screaming at the top of her lungs, I get the kids together again and we walk out into the lobby again where she runs over to the drink station and puts someone's used and discarded straw directly in to her mouth, finally after making it to the play place area she walks over to our table, finds a a screw that came from God-Knows-Where and sticks it promptly in her mouth.

That happened in literally a ten minute time period.

I think I discovered the source of my hives.

And my greys....

Oh. And like twenty minutes later she first dropped melted vanilla ice cream down the front of her and then decided my soda would be the best way to wash it off.

She is currently asking very sweetly to go to bed.

And I am currently exhausted.

But.... Thanks to Jen's inspiration again.... Here are some fun pics of our day!

Starting with breakfast.

Stella loves helping daddy mow the yard, even in her pretty pink dress.

Scarlett does not like to help. This is how she gets involved.

And this is my Little Stryker Man, because I didn't want to leave him out! In his handsome shirt from Miriah that is just my absolute favorite.

Both Miriah.

And the shirt!

Oh. Boy. That last picture just sums up his life.


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