So today is the first day that my book is available to purchase!

I think I've grown an ulcer.


Or I'm pregnant and this isn't an incessant nervousness but in fact morning sickness.

Ok, since being pregnant is actually impossible right now.... shoot. I must be nervous.

I am dying.

Lets just get that out of the way.

There are those people out there that have dreams and pursue them with an unstoppable courage. They know exactly what they want to do, they know exactly what it will take to get what they want and they go for it, without apologies!

Then, there are those people who don't have any dreams. They don't care. They are happy with life and where they can get themselves, but they haven't dreamed big enough to get hurt or fail, and probably that is just fine with them. Those are probably the smartest people!

Then there is me.

I don't even know what kind of class you would put me in. Like, I have dreams. But I am terrified of them. Yes, actually afraid of my dreams and afraid of accomplishing them! How crazy is that????

Not that I won't go after them. I will. That's what I'm trying to do here anyways.

But the entire way, I am just going to be one hysterical mess!


And so with complete fear, and anxiety and this feeling of wanting to cry all of the time that I'm not even sure where it comes from......... My book is for sale.

Its cheap.

But its for sale.

And I've sold two copies.

Whoo hoo!!!!

It might be all I sell. And granted one was to my husband. (At least now that he bought it, he feels the obligation to read it.... Trust me, that is a WHOLE different blog! But one that started with me, never, ever, never, ever wanting him to read it....)

And if I only sell two, I think I will be perfectly fine with that. Like I said, I have to write. Its just who I am. I don't have a choice. And if this one doesn't do well, then I'll write a different one and start over....

But one, is to someone I've never even met. And on I sight that I haven't even announced I published it on yet.

Actually, I didn't even know you could purchase it on that sight. I was uploading it to put it on the Sony E-Book and I didn't really know what I was doing really... But apparently you can purchase it off of that as well. Smashwords.com.

So Hooray!

One thing I have learned from this whole experience, is that there are a whole lot of books out there called Reckless.

Granted, most of them are trashy Romance novels, with women dressed in scantily clad night gowns and Fabio look a-likes bear hugging them and sucking on their necks.

Well, and lets just be honest, mine is pretty much just like that only longer....

Just kidding!!!!

Although, trust me..... Erotica has definitely crossed my mind! I mean, writing it. Not because I like the genre, or even think I'm not prude enough to be able to write a whole book like that..... Because I am wayyyy too innocent. But its the most often published, and an avenue into the industry.

I've obviously refrained. I can't start my career as a sell out. Are you kidding me?

So anyways. Here we go with the beginning of who knows what.

All I know, is that I made the best book that I could. And now its available for the general population to buy. Judge. Critique. And Review.

Holy Smokes.

There is a certain percentage of my family I expect to buy. Not because they have to, but because I believe they want to support me.

I have no idea what my friends even think about this. I haven't really had a conversation with any of them about it.....

Who knows what the general population will think. If they even happen upon it in the first place.

The people I'm really counting on, the people that I know, if I was in the reverse position would be most like, are the ones that are like, "Um, what the heck? She wrote a book? Lets see what this is all about!"


You know. The haters.

Lol. Ok, they don't have to be haters. But you know people who have no idea that I've ever written three words together and suddenly I'm trying to push an entire book. A long book through Kindle?

Its not going to make sense to a WHOLE lot of people.

But I guess that's part of the adventure!

And so we will see.

And die a little bit more as the day continues!

And now apparently I have to explain to my brother the difference between being published and publishing an E-book.

Oh my.


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  1. First of all, I am not a hater. Second, you need an editor. I don't know much about your content, but I can tell you point-blank that your grammar is mediocre at best. A "sight" is something you SEE, a "site" is a spacial location (such as a website). "Its" requires an apostrophe only when it is used as a contraction, not when it is possessive. These are only a couple examples from many that I've noticed. I am not at all doubting your talent as a blogger/novelist -- I am only positing that you would be taken more seriously if you were to edit more conscientiously. Perhaps your husband or a friend could offer editing help. Good luck, Rachel.

  2. Lol... It's a blog. Her book was edited, she does not edit her blog. Quit trolling anonymous blogs and posting stupidity.

  3. She should probably edit her Amazon book synopsis, then, Anonymous troll.

  4. .... Done yet? Moved on? I'm not critiquing someone elses work behind a blank face, you are. Post with your profile so I can rummage through your blog and find incorrect punctuation. What a toss pot...

  5. Anonymous 1, Thanks for bringing my attention to those errors. Sight/Site was a total oversight on my part. Most of the time I am blogging early in the morning and don't have the presence of mind to find every problem! My book was definitely edited, but this blog is just for fun! I hope the grammatical problems won't turn you off completely!