The Sound of Bieber

There is this part of me.

A part of me that I keep semi-hidden.

A part of me that defines me in a way, but not in a way I like to make public knowledge.

You think I'm going to be weirdly honest right now don't you?

Ok, I am.

But hopefully not too weird.

I am a Band Geek.

Yes, I'm using the present tense. I was a Band Geek in High School. And yes, I'm still a Band Geek to this day.

In junior high, I went to Band Camp. I'm not kidding you. Full fledged band camp. And No, it was not a scene out of American Pie by any stretch of the imagination.

I learned to play the saxophone.

I know. Don't be jealous.

Ok, my mom is a band teacher. Other girls got to pick the flute for their first instrument. I chose the Bassoon. Most people don't even know what that is.

I went to All-State and loved it.

For my 17th birthday I was in Ohio, playing in a select band that I auditioned for.

I love classical music. I have favorite composers. Music Theory is the best I've ever done in a class. Ever. I'd rather be playing the piano then almost anything else, and I will literally play it until I throw my back out.

Which for me, is only after a couple hours.

I started college as a Music Major. And I probably would have stuck with it, except I'm not good enough at anything, singing, piano or bassoon, to be successful as a professional musician, and my only other option was teaching. At the time that felt like death.

Three kids later and a deep need to have some kind of income, and send my children to private school, changing majors might have been the biggest mistake of my life.....


For this reason I watch shows like Glee, not just because of the catchy show tunes and pop hits, but because I like to judge their singing and miss being a part of a small group.

I dream about picking up my bassoon and joining the Westside Orchestra.

I want the kids to be quiet in the car so I can turn up Florence and the Machine and belt it like I'm auditioning for American Idol.

Speaking of, I pretty much think I'm Simon Cowel with my own critique.

Anyways, all that to say.

Damn you Justin Bieber. Damn you.

The idea of a Motion Picture following the life of Justin Bieber is totally laughable. Right?

Right! That's what I thought. The first time I saw a preview for it, I about keeled over from excessive eye rolling.

And then I saw the preview again. And again. And, dang it, again.

And now, like Miriah said, I also have a sick fascination with it!!!! And I hate myself for it.

I've never taken the kid seriously, most the time his songs come one and I don't even know if its a boy or girl singing and I almost always guess girl.

But the home videos of this child drumming are the most fascinating thing to me.

"My name is Justin and this is how I drum, "and then he goes off into that ridiculously difficult rhythm on the chair in the doctors office and he is three. THREE!!!!

I can't even get over it. And then I sit their running over the rhythm again and again in my head, wondering how its possible for a three year old to do that!!

He really has this genius talent that was basically prodigy level at three. Three.

Stella, who will be four at the end of this month, and who I think is a genius in her own rite was in the other room drumming today. Granted it was on the fake Rock Band set, but trust me, there was no real pattern to it. She was all over the place. Like any normal three year old would be.

I don't expect her to do more than that. I was just impressed she was singing an actual tune along with the noise making going on.

So suddenly, thanks to Hollywood, I have this deep respect for a girly voice and floppy hair cut, plus a sick obsession with seeing a movie only girls under fifteen should be allowed into.

PS if there are any moms out there of teenyboppers, I would be more than willing to chaperon your children at the theater for you. A. So you can have the night off. And B. So I don't seem so creepy with my large Coke and Junior Mints all by myself mouth dropped open watching home videos of the Biebster.

All I really want though are the home videos. Which darn it, is the weirdest part. I can skip Usher and the struggle for fame and fortune, just give me the three year old drumming a beat on stairs and chairs and let me wonder over the miracle of childhood genius.

This blog was awesome.

I've both admitted to being an Active Band Geek and a Pedophile.

Shoot. I've got Bieber Fever.....


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