Little Miss Sunshine

As in, Hello Sunshine!!!!

Oh my word, I tell you what. Lately, if you couldn't tell I might have had a case of SAD. That's right. I was SAD. But, today the sun is shining and the weather is warm and my mind is suddenly clear!

No more weight of winter weighing it down with fog and slush.

Doom and Gloom Season is hopefully over and I can go on with my life in the Sun-Shiny-Ness-Glory I'm supposed to live it in.

I have no problem being affected by the weather. It is what it is. Although it kind of sucks towards the end of January when things feel like they will never turn around and my boots start to leak.

It's hard to keep your spirits up when its' all, sloshing around, while my toes bail buckets of water out of my worn out boots.

Plus, there's Spring in the air, which does something not only for me, but I think the whole stinking city of Omaha!

Yesterday in the car, we were on our way to drop the girls off at my in-laws overnight.

Heaven. I know. A whole night without little girls. An entire night. Praise Jesus!

Anyways, it was almost five and the sun was bright as ever but a little bit lower in the sky and glaring in our windows.

The girls from the back seat just start screaming and yelling and laughing and giggling, all about how the sun is finally out and he's come out to say hello and he's not sleeping anymore from winter! They were laughing and yelling and doing the whole, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy do you see it? Do you see it??-thing!!

Girls. The sun has been out here and there all winter long!

But to them, it felt like the first time and it was kind of the most precious thing ever. And then Scarlett said, Mommy, the sun really likes me. And Stella said, he must really like you to wake up and come out and play.

SO stinking precious.

Still, I had no trouble dropping them off, kissing their little heads and high-tailing it out of there like the house was on fire.... But still. Precious.

And then we dropped Stryker off with my mom. Another, Praise Jesus!! Yes, Zach and I had four whole hours without any children.

We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves.

Just Kidding!!!

We knew exactly what to do with ourselves and that was celebrate Valentines Day!

Zach had made reservations at this amazing little restaurant called Dixie Quicks. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives. And for good reason.

I had wanted to try it for a while, and Zach surprised me with a trip down there. Because seriously its in the ghetto. And there is no sign for it. And not really any lights or markers to identify the building as not a drug drop off or homeless shelter.

But the food? The food? Zach might have said it was the most amazing meal of his life. And probably mine too!

The food was absolutely fantastic.

And, as far as good food goes, this meal was super, super, super cheap.

It's BYOB, but then you don't feel as bad at the end of the meal because the bill is cheaper.

I know you're like, seriously, where is this place? It sounds crazy.

It kind of is.

But totally worth the experience. And actually a little bit romantic.

We ended up being a little bit early though for our 6:30 reservation and Zach had thought it was like actually downtown and we could go get a drink before hand somewhere else. Well.... It's West of downtown just far enough to be totally ghetto.... And so there wasn't that much around.

Besides the Bar directly next door.

Perfect right?

We thought so. It looked a little dingy, but we were just getting one drink, so why not.

And then, Zach decided to check Yelp. Just to see what the reviews were like. And suddenly, Yelp is my absolutely new favorite app, plus kind of a life-saver!!!

Turns out it is the one and only Lesbian Bar in Omaha!

Yep. The Lesbian Bar, this happily married heterosexual couple was about to walk right in to, sit down and order a drink at.

Pretty awesome...

Not only that, since we all know Sex and The City has had the whole Gay Bar Scene hopping, although you usually think of you and your girlfriends in a Gay Bar. Not a Lesbian Bar... But tomatoes/tamatoes.....

But the Reviews actually bragged about the Nightly Fights and Bathroom Breakdowns.

We kind of didn't think that was a good way to start out our Romantic Night Alone.....

So anyways. A fantastic Dinner. And then an amazing hour at Brix(I think my fave place in Omaha!) and a trip to the supermarket and that was how we celebrate Valentines these days.

We picked up Stryker by 9:30 and were home by 10.

Just call us party animals.

But it was perfect. Exactly how we love to spend time together in this hectic and suddenly-mature life we now life.

Oh and our gifts for each other? Cover your eyes if you're too afraid of how sexy this is going to get.

I vacuumed out the car for my man and added to his bar with an economy size bottle of vodka. Not because he likes to drink vodka like an alcoholic, but because that was the best deal. What? I'm a bargain shopper. And that's what he loves about me!

And for me. He truly got me the perfect gift: Scrabble Flash.

It's amazing. A-Mazing.

That's how much we love each other. And it might not make sense to outsiders, but to us, Valentine's Day couldn't have been more perfect.


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