Blog and Repeat

Ok, so first things first, yesterdays title was a repeat! I didn't mean to play repeater, it just sort of happened.

In fairness however, the first time I used "Just Blog" was in reference to the Lady Gaga song "Just Dance." Yesterdays usage on the other hand, was used in reference to that Wii game every one plays now, "Just Dance." So see? I meant there to be a difference.

Alright, now that we've got that cleared up.

I am exhausted today. I know, breaking news, right? But seriously, this is worse than usual. Like, I'm dizzy and light headed from just walking up our small flight of stairs from doing laundry. It's not pretty.

And unnecessary. Most days are a struggle enough, I don't need to throw in walking narcolepsy on top of it all.

It might have something to do with the fact that I was up with both girls at 5 AM and then I couldn't fall back asleep until after 6 thanks to pregnancy insomnia or some other BS. Or it could be, because I think this baby is about to enter this world Alien-Style since he seems to want to just keep growing and growing and I don't really have the room for him anymore!

Either way, I'm tired.

This morning, as I was rocking Scarlett back to sleep and then changing Stella's sheets and clothes and convincing her to stay in her own bed, I realized that to a lot of families out there, 5:00 AM could be considered regular morning wake up hours.

Ok, it made me want to vomit, since I still consider such early hours to be the middle of the night.... But to some people they might just open their eyes, stretch nice and big, and head straight for the coffee machine. Or at least that's where I picture their first stop to be.

Me? Oh no. I'm convincing my kids to go back to sleep and then fuming in my own bed when the task seemed impossible for me.

Besides, I can't even imagine what my kids would be like right now if I actually let them get out of bed that early in the morning. Possibly normal.... But also possibly little grizzly bears. Especially since we are all sick with this stinking head cold. Every last one of us. And we're all losing our voices, even little Scarlett. Its kind of awful. And it has everyone on edge. And I'm pretty sure we are all carrying the same headache, since I'm watching Stella massage her temples as I type this.

So a 5AM role call this morning would have simply meant hours and hours in front of the TV and sleeping in is a better alternative to that, right? I'm asking you Normal and Good Moms Everywhere, it's better, right?

Anyways. I don't really have an excuse for not staying up at 5. I certainly laid in bed long enough contemplating getting out of it. I would use the phrase, "Tossed and Turned," but the truth is, I don't really think you can classify what I was doing as tossing or turning. Picture a turtle on it's back, trying to wiggle around from side to side, that's a more accurate description!

As I laid there I thought of all of the things I could do. Such as blog. Early, like the old days. Start my laundry, although I felt cruel making noise that early in the morning for anyone else sleeping in the vicinity. Making breakfast for Zach and surprising him before he was off to work, except since it would be two hours before he left for work, the breakfast probably would have grown cold and just because my eyes were awake doesn't mean I should be attempting to handle a stove or oven or raw eggs or knives or anything else potentially dangerous.

Plus, lets face it, I don't want to set the bar to high and have sudden unrealistic expectations of my role here..... :)

So in the end I just thought about doing stuff and eventually fell back asleep not accomplishing anything.

Great story right?

What I really should have done was gotten up, gotten motivated and taken my Christmas Decorations down!

I know, they're still up. I can't even get over people who take them down like the day after Christmas. It is crazy to me!

I haven't taken them down yet, not because I haven't had time, or I'm too lazy(Although some would argue this point.), but I haven't taken them down because I like them. I like my pretty Christmas Tree and random decs around the house. They're pretty and fill up my living room and are....... just nice. And I have to wait an entire year longer before I can put them up again!

So I've just been dragging my feet.

Also, a lot of my decorations are Snowmen; my philosophy is that Snowmen last the entire winter, and so I can leave those up till like mid February. Maybe even the end of..... Anyways, I don't want to put half my decorations away and then drag the boxes out two months later to finish the job.

Except now that I type that I am thinking to myself, Why don't I just use two separate boxes? I'm a genius under these cloudy layers of confusion. Somewhere deep inside, I'm a genius.

So maybe I'll find the motivation today.

I need to be as ready for this child as I can be.

Maybe I should get my girls dressed first.

Maybe I should get dressed first.

Ugh. This To Do list is getting longer and longer by the minute! :)


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  1. last year i didn't take the christmas decorations down til valentines day.