Twas the Blog Before Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

Which happens to be totally true right now. Because OMG I am alone!


And I have been since 3 last night.

It is so silent in this house, I'm debating to myself whether or not just to turn on the TV for some company. But then, I remind myself that I can be alone. I can listen to nothing and be bothered by nothing and be just fine!

Here's how this miracle came to be.

My mom offered to take the girls last night, overnight! Hallelujah.

So after a short dance rehearsal, mainly so the girls won't forget their competition dance over Christmas break, off we went to my mother's where the girls barely noticed me leaving at all and could have cared less if I told them see you in a week or a year.

And then home to my hubby.

I had planned Reuben Sandwiches, a Romantic Comedy and a night of together-ness and peace and quiet.

But this is what really happened. Sandwiches, Not so Romantic Comedy (Although Easy A is pretty Hilarious!!) , and then Zach was off early to bed, knowing full well he'd be whistling his little booty to work during the middle of the night thanks to a pending snow storm, while I caught up on all of Bravo's glorious Reality TV and wrapped presents.

Not quite the Romantic Evening I had planned, but I got stuff done, so I'm deeming it successful.

Lindsay at dance, said to me when I told her the kids would be elsewhere and I would be alone, "Oh, if it were me, I would want to go out."

I think I just looked at her.

And then mumbled something about vacuuming.

What has happened to me?

I used to love going out. Being with friends. I can't even use the excuse that all my friends have kids and its too close to Christmas they would all be busy, because I really think I could have found somebody. Plus its not like the weather ever got really bad.

No, the prospect of staying at home. Alone. With nothing but a house full of work to do and a few concentrated hours was WAY more appealing to me than The Town with other people.

Is it the Country?

Is it this baby? Ok, this legitimately might be it, since it's not the most comfortable thing to get about with Shamoo the Whale leading the way, nor is it the most comfortable scenario to go out with the ladies late at night to who knows where looking like my water is on the verge of breaking. But still.

Is it my age?

The fact that I really do have a mile long To Do list?

Or that Thursday Nights really are reserved for my new best friends, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Whatever the reason may be, leaving my house was never an option to me. It never crossed my mind. I think that officially makes me a loser.

Not in the real sense of the word. I mean, I have it together. Most of the time..... Ok. Some of the time.

But in the, "Will there ever be a time in my life where I cherish going out with friends again over housework and homemade dinners?"

Oh boy.

Maybe when the kids are older and I can be one of those Lush Moms who dress way to young for their age and never say no to a cocktail.

Ok, I'm kind of that mom now. And by dress way to young for my age, I literally mean like a junior higher. And lets not even talk about the cocktails when I haven't had one in a good nine months.....

Whatever the reason may be, I can't say that I regretted staying home. I kind of loved it. And I really loved the alone time. I'm still loving the alone time.

I mean, half way through the night, I got the entire bed to myself. Thank the Lord for a husband who has a strong work ethic and is willing to leave the warmth of that same bed in the middle of the night for the freezing snow storm outside to bring home the bacon.

I'm what Zach calls a burrower. I burrow. When it's just me in that bed, I can pile the pillows around me, make myself a nest and cocoon away for hours. Oh my word. I love it.

And then this morning I woke up to nothing. No little girls in my bed. No little girls screaming my name from their crib with a voice that sounds like they could be possessed. (Ok, seriously, Scarlett, don't ever make those sounds again...) No urge to jump out of bed for ten minutes of peace before any of those other things happen. No husband screaming at the TV at 6:00AM when his team isn't doing what their supposed to. (That's when Zach's soccer games are on. Ok and maybe its more like a loud, controlled whisper, but at 6:00 AM with my sleep hangover it might as well be a scream.) Nobody asking/nagging me for breakfast or to turn on the TV or to get up.

It was just me.

And silence.

And Ironically I still got up at the same time as usual. But this morning it was easier. More peaceful. And then I swallowed my fear, I'm not really used to being alone, and marched into the kitchen and did whatever I wanted.

Which again, is what I usually do in the mornings. Caffeine and Cereal.

But what is different is that I am entirely alone. (Except for Tom downstairs....) And my thoughts are my own and I haven't even had to talk to anyone yet.

It's basically a Christmas Miracle.

Ok seriously, because I don't know the last time I've woken up alone.

It must have been the first year Zach and I were married. And he would already be at work and then I would wake up alone.

I mean since then, I've been without Zach, he's gone every once in a while, but then I still have kids. And since then, we've been without the kids, but Zach's always been there. I mean, I wouldn't get an overnight babysitter and then take a trip by myself.

Although the thought has crossed my mind.

And not because I don't want to spend that time with Zach. But because I truly value alone-time. That time when my thoughts are completely my own and I can do whatever I want to do and not do whatever I want to do. And meditate or plan or sit or work or do whatever I want when I want to do it.

This isn't your average selfishness either folks. This is the necessity of being alone. Everybody needs it. Especially mothers.

So thank you mother. Thank you Zach. Thank you snow and thank you India (Alanis Moressette reference. Boom.)

Now for the rest of my day. Which is just as wonderful. And includes some serious non-alone time.

Whenever Zach gets back and crashes, I will be going over to pick up the girls. But not just pick them up, spend time with my mom and them making her famous(Yes, they are famous.) Caramel Rolls. Which I am SO SUPER excited about.

First of all, these rolls are heaven. Pure heaven. And if you haven't had one, you need to email me STAT and I will bring you one wherever you are because believe me, you cannot die without trying one of these rolls. It should totally be on your Bucket List.

Second they are legitimately from Scratch. Dough, Caramel, Nuts(Ok, not the nuts.), but everything about these rolls takes time, and energy and effort and work. And in the end you have the opportunity to feel so proud of everything you've just accomplished. Like Sarah Palin said on her reality show, "Children will never be bored or unhappy as long as they have productive work to do." Maybe that doesn't apply here, but I loved it and I've been dying to use it! Haha, my democratic friends!

Third, they are a family tradition. My mother, who got this recipe from my Great Aunt Mid, whom we called Grandma and is now deceased, makes them every Christmas. And she is in the process of teaching me the recipe(It's taking her years by the way. The first time I ever made them was the first Christmas I was married, um five years ago...) and my girls will help this year, making it extra special and then I will pass down the recipe to them some day and they to their children and so forth and so on.

How can you not get excited for that???

Fourth, we are celebrating Christmas with Zach's family tonight! I love it. They make such a special Christmas Eve and they all get so excited for Christmas, plus these will be the first presents the kiddos get to open this year.

And then Fifth, when we come home, finally, after this wonderful day, it will be all New Christmas Pajamas and the opening of their one Christmas Eve gift from us each. Which will be of course, special Christmas books, one being the true story of Christmas which will be so exciting to share with the girls.

But first, there really is vacuuming to do. And a little bit of dusting. Oh and some dishes. And.... oh yea, the bathrooms.

So I better take this alone time seriously and get some stuff done.


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