Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Blog

A roaring fire.

Miracle on 34th Street.

Mimosas. (Don't judge me. One doesn't hurt. And I'm trying to go into labor!)

A snoozing Zach.

Two very content, happy and busy little girls.

And everyone still in their pajamas.

It seems as though this Christmas has gone perfectly so far.

Scarlett is playing make up (FYI blue eye shadow will always look like a hooker, even if the wearer is only a year old.) and Stella is feeding her Baby Alive, a present from Granny and Papa.

Ok, I have to be honest. I've looked at Baby Alives before. They terrified me. They are kind of creepy. And I have two little girls to feed and clean up after, plus we're adding another. I didn't want the responsibility or the added cost of another size of diaper.

But let me tell you. This doll is like amazing. Besides all of the stuff it can do, Stella has blossomed into this attentive little mother and could probably spend the next week straight taking care of this baby.

And listen if this baby(We have yet to name her. Apparently Mommy and Daddy are not the only indecisive ones when it comes to naming children) teaches her how to feed a baby and change the poopy diapers then people I think we have a miracle on our hands. A real Christmas Miracle.

Plus Christmas movies all day. This is fantastic.

Remaining on the agenda today? Baking Banana Bread. Making Almond Bark Pretzels. And a Steak Dinner. Oh and relaxing. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of relaxing. Probably a nap. And then tonight I'm planning on going into labor.

Ok. I know I'm jumping the gun here a little bit. Even for the end of December. And the only mother in the history of the world, (Well, we're speaking AD terms here.), that wanted to have their child born on Christmas or in the general vicinity was Mary, as in the Virgin. But seriously, I have reached this point where I could be considered a vegetable. Pull the Plug Zach, I'm not coming back!

I can't walk. I can't sit. I can't move around. I can't do anything but whine and complain. So for me, the best Christmas Gift EVER would be a baby. And then the second best gift would be a name for that baby......


My mom said to just go ride a donkey for five days, it worked for Mary.

Not likely going to happen, although I'm sure one of our neighbors owns a donkey. There are sheep and horses around here. But somehow it also sounds dangerous. Mary was like 14, and young and agile and I'm sure one of those biotches that barely showed at all.

I have World Record size babies. I'm sure my doctor would be highly against it.

Oh well, I can't spend Christmas thinking about what should be. I'm just going to have to sit back, put my feet up and really be thankful for all of the blessings that already surround me.

What a wonderful day. And what a wonderful way to remember Jesus and why he was born in the first place and what His life means to us and meant for us!


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