Carol of the Blogs

I feel like I've used that title before.... I can't remember.

Oh well.

Today I gave up on staying in the house and in the country. Today we ventured out. I had an important errand to run, but also, I had some shopping to do.

It wasn't even grocery shopping.

That's right, it was just the regular old kind of shopping where you find stuff you want, and don't necessarily need it.

It was heaven.

And I got to go with two of my really good friends and best shopping partners. Kimbra and I have been shopping together for years and years. Since our first borns were newborns.

Oh that seems like ages ago. And like lots and lots of dollars ago. It was super easy shopping for one child. You can always justify items for that precious little girl. And then you have two and things start to add up. I don't even want to tell you what it's like shopping for three. The poor(And I unfortunately mean that in the literal sense, you might as well call him Oliver.) little boy might be shirtless and barefoot a lot. Lucky he's a boy.

Anyways, back to shopping.

It was totally country shopping though. I'm a certified Bumpkin basically.

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby.

That's right, I came into town and we went to Hobby Lobby.

Who am I?

But actually, have you ever been to Hobby Lobby? It's wonderful. The mecca of home decor. Which, ok, that might not be true, I've heard amazing things about Garden Ridge and I really prefer my home decorations to come from some of those Fair Trade operations. OR better yet, have traveled there myself to buy it!


For Seasonal Decorations Hobby Lobby cannot be beat. Plus they have these 50% off sales before the end of the season. It's fantastic.

So anyways, I got some nice little Christmas things. I could have probably bought one of everything in that darn store, but I kept it simple. The key is to buy a little at a time so you can get excited about decorating all season long.

Ok, that's my poor man's version of decorating.

My poor country bumpkin version.


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