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Oh boy, what a morning.

I feel like I say this every single blog.

I really need to get back in to the habit of getting up super early and writing my blogs then, because if I did that we could avoid all of the holy crap, end of the world, freak out stuff.

So today I won't dwell on it, just suffice it to say, there was an incident in which my computer battery split open, an acrylic paint accident that landed all over our floor, and a pankcake syrup explosion. There have been spankens, shouts and tears enough for the rest of the week. Maybe enough for the rest of the year.....

And today is like that day where I have a mile long To Do list and all I want to do is get stuff done. Scratch that. All I want to do is get one thing done. Which isn't happening.

Ok. That's not true. If you really look at my morning, I've gotten a lot of stuff done. I've scrubbed down the dining room after the Atom Bomb of Syrup went off. I've scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed so the paint would come out of my carpet. Which it did. Which I felt like was a huge accomplishment. And I've repaired my computer. And I've dealt out punishments galore. And recovered from my own version of a nervous breakdown.

So in reality, the fact that I've handled all of that plus kept the laundry going, is an accomplishment, right?


I can't even brag about hanging on to my sanity.

So I've decided to take a break from trying to get the necessities done and drown my frustration in a bowl of yogurt.

A big bowl.

Mostly because I was getting low blood sugar and a little bit shaky and because I bought the container of Manager's Special and the sell by date was the 18th, so I figured I better get to work on it before it's $1.49 of wasted money.

I've pretty much given up on the day all together. Once I added in an impromptu doctors appointment and decided to make a new tutu for Stella's Dance Christmas Party tonight, there just doesn't seem to be much time left today.

I even got the "Relax, Rachel, just get it done tomorrow," speech from Zach already, so I really hope he's ok with the sink being full of dishes and the laundry remaining unfolded.


At least it will be clean. And he will be fine. He'll be more thankful with a wife that still has her wits about her.

Or at least some of them.

So that's how I'm crazy today.

I somehow thought that would be a brief recap.....

I don't do brief very well.

As you may have noticed through the last almost year of blogging.

It's hard to believe I've blogged almost a year. It started as a New Years Resolution. A way to write every day, to journal my random and most of the time incoherent thoughts. And to be committed to something. It started out every day, but during a very busy summer, and move and then a month without the Internet and now just the craziness of life, it is what it is and I don't even know if I know exactly what that is.

Crazy. Ok, lets be honest. It's craziness.

But still, it's a Resolution I kept. Maybe I'll try a new one this year.

Personally, I don't like to set myself up for failure. So Resolutions for me can't be very high in the expectations department. Nor in the very strong commitment department. I've got too many irons in the fire as it is and I don't even really do anything with my life. Except raise kids.

So anyways. We will see.

It's hard to believe that Christmas, but a mere five days away, will be over soon and we will be writing 2011 on everything. Or trying to. If you're like me, it takes about six months to settle in to it.

That seems so strange.

I remember thinking how weird writing 2000 was going to be and now we're entering the second decade. Crazy.

Do you know those older people who die? The ones that you list everything they've gone through in life and you just can't imagine what it would have been like for them.

Like my Gramma who died a couple years ago at the age of 96. People would say, she lived through The Depression and Two World Wars, and the turn of a century and all that.

Well, people will be saying that about us too.

When I die, at the age of 103. Oh Lord, I hope not..... Anyways, they will say, She lived through countless wars(Because you know those will never stop) and the turn of a century and the Great Recession and they used to drive their cars on the ground instead of flying them. Or whatever.

And the collapse of America.


So bring it on 2011. Well first, lets get through Christmas. Maybe I'll have a new baby by 2011. Cross your fingers!

Besides I can't focus on an entire year ahead of me. I'm struggling to make it a day at a time. Scratch that. I'm struggling to make it through this morning an hour at a time.


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