The Blog and Worst of 2010

So yesterday was Crazy! Yes, with a capitol C.

I mean, we were just non-stop busy. Thanks to a much anticipated Doctors appointment and then the preparation and actual even of a SaladMaster Party.

But it was also nice, because much of the day was spent with Zach without the kids. We don't get to do that very often. Granted, again, it was all errands.... There was even a trip to Wal-mart thrown in there for good measure, but still we got some quality time together.

When we walked in to the doctors office, we were holding hands. A rare occurrence for us in public, for two reasons, usually each of us is managing a child, and the other reason is that we both hate public affection. Ha.

So anyways, I looked up at him, my hand in his, waddling through those automatic doors and said, "Babe, people are going to think we're first time parents."

Well, I thought it was funny.

He laughed.

And then up to the Ultrasound for the news we all new was coming. "You have a gigantic baby." Or as Zach calls him, "The Monster Baby."

The first thing they measured on the screen was the baby's head. The nurse, bless her little heart, laughed. She totally laughed when I asked her if his head was bigger than average. And then she said something like, "Oh yea, it's um, a little bigger than we had expected it to be."

And I'm thinking, like "We" as in you the nurse and your normal expectations for average babies? Or "We" as in you and my doctor who already thought the head was going to be bigger than average???? Making it bigger than the already extreme expectations they had for this baby????

Like, come clean with me here lady.

But there's lots of good news. He still has plenty of room to kick and move and the fluid levels look great and his blood flow is awesome. (Which also is the reason I am SO gigantic. If you make his little house roomy enough on the inside, it's got to be plenty big enough on the outside...) And he is so active. Oh my word, he is so active. We laughed too because where-ever the nurse would put the Ultrasound stick he would literally try to kick it off of him. She called him Feisty.

And then suddenly, I saw my future ahead of me: A torn apart house, toilet paper everywhere, walls covered in markers and crayons, a little toddler boy running wild and naked through the house with Scarlett egging him on, Stella standing in the middle of it all, arms crossed, a stern look on her face, shaking her head un-approvingly and me, in the corner, drawn into the fetal position rocking myself back and forth, greasy and un-showered, still in my pajamas and giant pink bathrobe, possibly sucking my thumb........

Pretty picture, right?

So other than the head being huge, we also learned that his weight right now is about 7lbs. 11 oz. And he still has technically a month to go. My original Due Date is not until the 24th of January. Do you know how much weight a baby can gain in these last few weeks? A lot.

Now, I've never put much stock into the guess-tamation process that goes along with the unborn babies birth weight.

They guessed Stella at 7lbs, three days late.

The child was 10.

Enough said.

And the nurse reminded us that the weight they estimate can fluctuate by 18 oz. Which is a lot. That's more than a pound.

Now, if I were having this conversation with a friend, and it wasn't me, but it was the friend that was concerned about her baby's birth weight, I would tell that friend, "Oh my word, they are never accurate, I'm sure your baby really weighs 18 oz. less than what they told you." And I would believe that. Truly I would.

But with my child, I feel like we actually need to tack the in-question-18-oz. to the other end of the birth weight!


The nurse just kept laughing at us. So we got out of there as quickly as we could.

And down to my doctor we went after that whole situation. And the first thing he does is change my actual Due Date.

He says, well, we had thought at one time it could have been the 19th, so that's the date we're going to go with.

Oh and then, we're going to induce a week earlier than that!

That had me laughing. They really are concerned.

So we are looking at the 12th or 13th of January.

Which, don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for any time taken off this pregnancy. Trust. Me.

But also there is this competitive side of me that's kind of like, "Come on, lets just see how big this baby can get....?"

I say Competitive, You say Crazy. Tomato. Tomato.

That doesn't type out the way you say it.....

So at least we have a more exact deadline. And it really is a deadline.

Things To Do:

Boy Bottles?

Ugh. Name.

So, just a small To Do List. Good thing I like lists. And maybe one day I'll find enough energy to get myself to the store and pick up the rest of the stuff.


Can you also pick up a Name at Target?

They have everything else I need. And want.

Although in High School. (Granted I went to OCA....) We called it Tar-ghetto.

Very clever, I know.

All that said though, I would still like to see this baby by 11:00 pm the 31st of December. The doctor said "No Tax Deduction for this baby this year." But I feel like proving him wrong.

So at the risk of sounding like Cinderella(Miriah!) you can find me vacuuming, hand scrubbing my floors, walking up and down my stairs for hours(Hey it worked for my friend Kimbra!), drinking raspberry tea and maybe a spoonful of castor oil, all in the attempt to self-induce. Zach also might come in handy as soon as he gets home from work......

Oh and reading every name on the internet, starting with the A's and working my way down to the Z's.


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  1. at 39 weeks they told me my baby was 10lbs 3 oz. and had an abnormally large head what she called "huge". 4 days later he was born at 7lbs 13oz, with a head in only the 20th percentile. they don't know what they are talking about.