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Zach loves to call people Turkey Tom. It's kind of like his number one insult. Ok, maybe not number one, but it's up there.

There's also a Jimmy Johns sandwich called Turkey Tom.

Our downstairs neighbor is also called Tom. But not Turkey Tom. But if I thought he wouldn't mind I might call him that. Somehow, I doubt he would find the humor though. Scarlett calls him Tommy, and I'm pretty sure he prefers to ignore her.

Shes a boundary crosser, that one.

Anyways, HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!

What a fantastic day. A day to forget the pitfalls of life and focus on what's really important and what really matters.

Like God, and family, and freedom and having all of the things I need.

My life is truly blessed, and I might not remember that enough, but on Thanksgiving there is no way to get around it. You can't be thankful for things that piss you off or irritate you or hinder you, unless your one of those, "If it doesn't kill you...." type people.

And of course I'm always thankful for the lessons.

But today those things don't matter. Today I can remember that I have hope and faith and joy in a God that provides for my family and blesses me beyond what I deserve and loves me unconditionally.

Today I can be thankful for a husband that loves me, and provides for me, and gives the girls tubbies when I'm working hard in the kitchen, and fills my car up with gas because I hate doing it, and always eats what I make at least once, even if it's squash, even if it doesn't turn out exactly right, and that I'm his drunk dial, that he'd rather spend time with me than anyone else and that he is the amazing father and husband he is.

Today I can be thankful for my children, how sweet and innocent and different they are, how curious and spontaneous they can be, how healthy and active they are, how considerate and thoughtful and precious they really are.

Today I can be thankful for this new baby too, that my pregnancy, even if I complain, has been uncomplicated and healthy and how ginormous this baby really will be. Because even if I complain about having big babies, I'm going to tell you a secret, they are super easy to deal with, they sleep through the night soon, they are very content and are less scary and fragile. :)

Today I can be thankful for the rest of my family, how surrounded by love I am, unconditionally and even if we have issues with each other we support each other and are there for each other no matter what, how easy they make our lives by just being there when we need someone to talk to, advice, babysitting, or even leftovers, and I'm most thankful for the relationship my kids have with their grandparents and aunts and uncles, it's more than I ever had and I am so excited for those relationships to grow and bless my little ones.

Today I can be thankful for our little farm, how perfect for us it is, and how fun it is to build a home out of a house, how easy it is to enjoy all of nature and the peace and quiet of the country out here, how separated from the busy-ness of the city and distractions of everything else out there, how it's plenty big and is more than enough room for us.

Today I can be thankful for freedom and now matter what my political views or issues with this country and government I have, today I have complete freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to stand up for what I believe in, more than any other country in the world, I have real freedom.

With all of that to be thankful for, it's very hard to remember what to be unthankful for.

So Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Enjoy all of your blessings!


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