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I love this Daylight savings! It makes life seem wonderful for a couple of days before reality sets in. Suddenly, I'm well rested and able to get up an hour earlier than normal. The sun is shining brightly in the morning and the evenings begin to darken earlier reminding us that winter is around the corner, yes, but so are the holidays!

The country is gorgeous this time of year! As are most places, and most trees. But it seems like we get the best of Nebraska. Especially my backyard. It's pretty fantastic.

Zach and I had mentioned having a harvest party here, but who knows if that will happen. It's easy to forget there are other people in the world in our little hideaway.

We were talking to our on of our landlords on Friday night and she was telling us that her kids are always strongly suggesting they get out more. That they get into the city and don't just lock themselves away way out in the country.

We laughed with her because it's so true. When we lived in the city, it seemed we were always out doing something. And not just because we had a live in babysitter. We were always gone because there was always lots to do.

But now that we are out here, far away from all of the distractions of mankind, it's easy to never leave.

I'm not kidding.

Like, not even leave to go into town to the store. If we don't have it, we must not need it.

Oh man. I know where this is leading to. Pretty soon, it's all acid washed high-wasted jeans and bedazzled Nebraska sweatshirts for me. Lord, help me on the day I cut myself some ridiculous poofy and curly bangs.

Other benefits to being out in the country however, include the fact that since Zach and I are taking like 100% less date nights, we get creative around our house.

Don't worry, I'll keep this PG.

Last week was bad though. With him out of commission, I was doing the whole parenting, taking care of the house thing, errands thing, appointment thing and taking care of him thing all on my own!

It was hard. And by Friday I was exhausted! Like comatose. And I have so many amazing friends who do it on their own every single day. And here I am complaining about one week of being overworked.

I would hate to go toe to toe with a wife who regularly takes care of sick husband and her family on a daily basis. She deserves a live-in angel. Like one sent directly from God.

It's a lot of work!

Anyways, finally, yesterday Zach was feeling like his old self! Thank the Lord. He even got up to go to church. Plus slow roasted a pork shoulder all day and not only cleaned the kitchen twice but helped me with dinner and all.

I apparently under-appreciate him all of the time because when he jumped into the melee yesterday it felt like I had never had that much help before in my life!

But the best part comes later. After the kids were in bed.

Get your heads out of the gutter! (That's an old OCA saying. If it doesn't make sense, thank your public school education and move on! Haha.)

I haven't been able to reach my toes for some time. In fact, they have not only looked neglected and awful, but my socks have been complaining about the length of the pregnancy toenails. (Pregnancy makes them grow at nuclear rate and thickens them so a stubbed toe wouldn't even chip the little darlings.)

My paint has been chipped off for a long time. Possibly the beginning of the second trimester. All in all they are depressing to look at.

Usually a pedicure would be in order.

But now, thanks to this whole grown up lifestyle thing, a pedicure is frankly out of the question.

And I haven't had the time anyways.

So while making the homemade guacamole last night, I mention to Zach how bad its gotten. And he says, don't worry, I'll take care of it.

I'm like, right the check to Mohegan Nail Salon and add a good sized tip in there as well.


So, the kids go down. And Zach pulls out the pedicure foot bath he bought me a couple of years ago for Christmas. That in itself was wonderful. It's one of those things that gets put on the shelf and forgotten about, when really I should be using the glorious thing every day, maybe twice a day, for the rest of my life!

And then! Not only does he clip the toenails, which Ladies, that is not a sexy adventure at all. Well, maybe for me as I watch my husband wrestle with The Horror, but most definitely not for him. I mean, I half expected to be served divorce papers after all that was over!

But then, he painted them as well.

Which, I thought Fifa was frustrating for the kid, put a perfectionist in a situation he's not unfamiliar with, but somewhat lacking the necessary skills completely and see what happens....

However, I think they turned out perfectly.

From base coat to top coat.

That's a real man ladies!

Let's be honest, I doubt he'll ever embark on that fun journey again, but he doesn't have to! That was more than enough for me!


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