Ok, so I'm realizing last nights blog might have been a little depressing..... Or suicidal.

No worries, It's a new morning. A new Day. I've come back to reality.

I guess that was like emotional blogging. Instead of emotional eating!

And as soon as I finished the blog, I checked my email and realized where the source of my frustration was coming from.


Yes, that's right. I hate them. I know what you're thinking! You don't hate politics, you love them remember???

I used to. Before this month I LOVED politics. I loved the debate, the banter, the opinions. I even love the democratic point of view, that's what makes our country great isn't it? The differing sides and the constant back and forth between ideals. We are a country of freedom and even if I think the other side is so completely wrong they are going to implode this once great nation, I still believe their presence is a necessity to the foundation and fabric of the greatness we stand on.

But now they are just pissing me off!

Haha. All of them! I can't even side with any one particular side. I want to vote party preference, but they are just as much of douche bags as the other side. It's all power and greed and lies and deception and then they look at us, the lower classes, the ignorant and fickle masses like we couldn't possibly understand all of the intricate workings in Washington. Just shut up and do what they say.

That is whats pissing me off. Oh and this politically correct world we live in.

The problem is I listen to too much talk radio! Like how this woman in Michigan advertised AT HER CHURCH that she wanted a Christian Roommate and now these special interest groups are all over her that she violated the Fair Housing Act and they've turned it into the government and this poor woman who just wanted the opportunity for a roommate she had the most in common with is now under attack by all kinds of groups that need to mind their own business and the media and may be facing punishment by law! She's not even a landlord. She just wanted a roommate.

And why is it a big deal? I fully expect Muslims to choose Muslim roommates. And practicing Jews to choose practicing Jewish roommates. Hell, I even expect Hookers to choose other Hookers as roommates, just for the sake of having lifestyles in common!

It doesn't even make sense.

Or this whole issue we have in Omaha going on. Between the Mayor being recalled and the Gay, Lesbian, Transgenders movement infringing on Civil Rights. It is just really irritating. Get a grip people!

I think I need to hang up Talk Radio and the News and The Internet just until I have this baby. Forget the November Elections. I'm not even registered to vote now that we've moved anyways.

But I'll get off my political soap box before this really does become a Blog Politico or I'm indicted for being an anarchist which is much more where I feel close to than the Republican party.....


There are people out there that give me hope though! Sunday afternoon a seriously amazing couple invited Zach and me and the girls over for lunch. They are parents of one of my dear friends and it was so fun to spend time with people who just care about other people! Lunch was amazing and they gave us a nice table! Like a full table and chairs. It's hard to hate the world when there are people like them out there! Plus Zach got to watch football and I got great advice on how to keep the mice at bay!

Which I'm proud to say, the Mice Epidemic is under control! And it seems the Jurassic Park Size Bugs have either flown to warmer temperatures or the change in seasons has finally done its job of killing them off! I have to take credit for the Japanese Lady Bugs though. I'm fairly confident they are terrified of my wrath!

I left feeling totally inspired too! The wife does this amazing work refinishing and redesigning old furniture. She takes junky pieces she gets for super, super cheap and transforms them into usable, trendy and fabulous pieces for her house! I wish I had her eye for decorating. She does such an amazing job!

I totally want to go sift through dumpsters and flea markets now just to see if I could do it once! We need so many pieces of furniture though, I have no idea where I would even start! Maybe with a bigger couch......

They are totally the reason I love people.

And then this morning I got the sweetest message from a good friend! She was for real worried about me! And after rereading the blog, I can't blame her! But she is one of the reasons I still have faith in this world.

It turns out, not everyone out there is a complete idiot. And I can't let the Hyper-Hormones make me forget that!

So I don't hate the world. I may be moody and irritable, but Lord Willing that will pass! And then I can look out at everyone around me with rose colored glasses once again and truly believe that everyone is just doing the best they can with the best intentions.

Until then......

I don't think it's all people though. I think a lot of it has to do with growing up and being forced with more and more responsibility.

Come on, I've got two kids, I should be used to this, right? Um no.

Just yesterday, one of Zach's friends said to him, "Look at you guys, you're like real grown ups now."

And it's true. Over the weekend we bought another car. This one isn't like Murano standards, but it is a really good car or jeep I should say. It's a Jeep Cherokee. And it's for Zach to take to work and back. But it's reliable and in good condition.

We're not even holding on to hope with the van anymore, but the thing is we don't need to. We have two good cars. I can't even tell you how that feels, because really, its a very, very strange feeling!

Our saga of cars has been pathetic to say the least and for the most part Zach and I have always functioned as a family with one vehicle. And now we have two. There is a car sitting right outside, ready for me to just drive it if I want to. I didn't' have to wake up at 6:15 to take Zach to work and back in order to have one. Or borrow from my mother. This is our car.


Zach's friend reminded him of when we didn't even have cell phones.

Yes, there was a time in our marriage when we didn't have cable, Internet or cell phones. People didn't even know how to relate to us!

And now we have all of that. Plus two cars. Plus we're about to have three children.

Oh my. When did this growing up thing actually happen to me?

On a brighter note. Southwest Airlines is apparently having a super, super SUPER cheap ticket sale, anywhere from between 30 to 60 to 90 dollars for tickets. A-mazing! But its only for 72 hours!

See? Maybe the world isn't so bad after all!


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