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Ok, so the post I just posted, totally from yesterday.

I don't know why I didn't press publish, but I guess today is a twofer. Aren't you excited!!??!!


Yesterday, the Anniversary. We didn't really do much. Normal day. Normal night. Although we ended it with a little anniversary dinner at Old Chicago. Granted it was free... They even gave Zach a free beer.

Not because we told them we were celebrating. I think, just because they like him. And know our names.

"Where everybody knows your naaaaaaame." That's right. We totally have our own version of Cheers.

It's not pathetic. Shhh. Don't even think it. But tonight is the real Celebration! Don't ask me what we're doing. I have no idea, of course. But I AM excited!! If only I had something to wear.....

So I've decided to share my new job with you.

I'm finally ready to open up about it. Actually, I've just finally learned enough about it to where I can really get excited. And not just for me, but for others as well.

Yes, it's a Direct Sales Job. That means I'm a Salesman. Ahem, SalesWoman. (I have to clarify because this job is totally going to turn me into one of those feminist women's rights activist crazies.)

Thanks to the guys I work with, who not only don't take me seriously, but are sexist and all men. Apparently it's a Man's Club.

Well, let me tell you, I'm about to change that.

Listen to me, ok. We'll see what really happens.

Ok, anyways. The job.

Have you heard of Salad Master?

Gasp, you haven't???? Ok, basically it's the highest end of cook where you can buy. Like seriously, the best.

When I sold Premier Jewelry, we claimed it was the best, but couldn't really back it up. I mean, it's not made from the best materials. We just, as consultants, claimed it was the best. Well, and we all know how that turned out for me.

This is different. Salad Master is an entirely different class of cookware than anything you will have ever heard about before.

It all started with Kendra. My dear, friend, Kendra. I got a phone call, something like, "Hey, I'm having this party. I only need two people there, and I think it would be fun if you came."

Ok.... What is it?

"Salad Shooter(That's what she still calls it! Love her!!)."

Ok, so we're having Salad?

"No, well yes, well, you'll just have to come and see. Oh and if you come I get this super amazing gift."

Ok, Kendra. I'll come.

And I did. And her gift, their original Salad Master is Sweet! Like the sweetest slicer/dicer you've ever seen! I'm not kidding. It's what Zig Ziglar sold for all those years.

But it's more than that. It's all kinds of cookware. And it's all made with 316 Titanium Steel. Like Surgical Steel. The stuff they use for hip and shoulder implants and blood storage.

It can't grow bacteria. It doesn't leak metal or toxins or poisons or rotted food like all of the other cookware you use. You don't use oil, grease, butter or water to cook(Seriously, you can boil eggs without water.) And it lasts for a lifetime. People get this stuff in their kids' names so that when they die, they can pass it on to their children. It doesn't rust, break, or breakdown.

It's the real deal.

It's also expensive. Like for real, expensive. The Chef Set, which is everything they make? $10,000.

Um. Yea.

Their cheapest set is like $4,000. And that will replace usually everything in your kitchen. Or at least what you need.

So after Kendra's party, I totally got tricked into having one of my own. Really. I don't even know how it happened. But the gift that's worth $500, didn't hurt.

And I was totally not sure if I was even in to this stuff yet. I mean, for one, I knew Zach was going to think it's a total pile of BS and for two, it's expensive. By now, you should realize how cheap we are!

But I have the party anyways. And Salad Master Todd(Our nickname for him.) assures me, I don't have to buy anything. My friends don't have to buy anything. Just have two couples over and they'll make us dinner and show off the cookware and I'll get the gift.

The whole concept is Mind Blowing to me anyways, so I want to get other people's reactions. I wanted to see if I was crazy for believing in this stuff!

We have the party and to my surprise Zach believes in the cookware. Like this is the real deal and trust me, you've never seen anything like this before in your life.

Plus it doesn't hurt when he tells you that Teflon pans cause cancer, Aluminum pans(Which are the most widely used, especially in restaurants because they're cheap and heat up quickly) cause Alzheimer's. Iron skillets regurgitate rotted food back into the food you're cooking with and the rest of them leach metals into your food. Um. Yea. I have children, you have my attention.

Not to mention, Zach and I are already on our second set of cookware and we've only been married five years. I mean, we're like $800 in to the cheap stuff that's killing our children and poisoning our bodies.

But then, it gets even more compelling because not only are they toxin free, they also don't cook food over a temperature of 187 degrees. This is very important.

Because the enzymes and nutrients in vegetables and fruit and all of that break down at a temperature of 200 degrees. I mean, the Mayo Clinic is telling us not to cook anything over 200 degrees because the food is basically worthless, but I wasn't listening before. I didn't even know there was a way to tell the temperature before. Boiling happens at 212. Steaming happens at 275. And microwave is instant death at between 400-1200 degrees plus it changes the cells of the food turning them into free radicals in your body that cause................... Cancer.

I won't even go into the the rest of the harmfulness of Microwaves because that would take all day, but needless to say everyone in this house has given up using a microwave completely. Completely!

So, even if you're trying to eat healthy, the cooking process totally destroys any chance of that and you're left to eat a future of cancer and Alzheimer's.

What salad master does instead is keep all of the nutrients and enzymes that breakdown food and keep their size and color and taste by never cooking the food over 187 degrees; and it's more tasty than anything you've ever had. And it's healthy. And you don't have to use butter or oil. And there's only a 7% difference between eating vegetables completely raw and cooking with Salad Master.

Ok, and I'm not trying to sell you. I believed all of this stuff before I ever thought buying Salad Master would be possible for us.

But then I find out about their Start Program. If I do 30 shows. (30 is a lot of shows. Trust me, I've realized this.) If I do 30 shows, Salad Master will reimburse me for the set I bought.

Boom. Done.

We get the cookware. I do some work. Not easy work, but enough to change my families life for the better. And it's free.

So that's what I'm doing. If you get a call from me, just remember there is absolutely no obligation to buy. I don't even have to sell anything in order to get free sets at the end. Just do the shows! Although, if I do sell something, I of course get a commission.

But the truth is, I'm a terrible sales person. Awful. I never can close a deal, because I feel too bad about making other people spend money!

But what I do know is that I want a healthy future for my family. I want us to be eating the healthiest way possible.

Remember my dad died of cancer that happened to be all along his digestive tract. And my little brother has already had cancer at 19.

I want a different future for my children.

I want to be healthy and nutritionally conscious. (Oh, did I mention, Todd, my boss, lost 50 pounds just by changing to Salad Master? Trust me. He does not work out!!)

So, I'll do the thirty shows. And who knows from that. I certainly don't feel bad about informing others about the product. Or about them investing in a healthier lifestyle. A legitimate healthy lifestyle. I mean, this isn't Nutrisystems.

Last fact, 95% of all Americans have Teflon in their blood. Even unborn babies. Isn't that Scary? They(As in researchers and doctors) don't even know what that means!!! I was thinking along the lines of I Am Legend......


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