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So Saturday afternoon. Girls are asleep. I'm watching Psych.

I'm not going to lie, this is perfect.

Although a little bit distracting!

Also. I'm writing on my laptop! We finally got it back. And by that, I mean, we finally dropped it off and then I haggled prices and then they fixed it some and I haggled prices some more and then they finished fixing it and oh yes, I haggled even more, but only because they accidentally did an extra step that we had said we would finish at home, and so I didn't think it was fair to charge us for it!!! But anyways, finally we decided a fair price and I brought our old friend home!

And then Zach says to me, "It's so nice to have our computer back, why didn't we do this sooner?"

Good question babe. I say we can probably ask ourselves that question about every aspect of our lives.

Well, the good news is, even though I was like fighting with the guys I assumed were total douchebags to get a cheaper price, Zach just walked right in and made friends with them. So he's down there right now picking up who knows what for free.

Ugh. People totally don't take me seriously. I'm just a big giant joke to the whole stinking Universe!

That is SO Zach though.

Can I just tell you the last couple of nights Zach has been getting free drinks! Zach. Not me. (Forget that I'm pregnant for a minute.)

And no, not from strange older woman sitting alone at the bar. Like from the waiters.

Thursday night, our anniversary, we of course celebrated at Old Chicago. And Zach totally got a free beer for no apparent reason. I think I said this before.

But then last night, we really celebrated our anniversary. Dinner at a very nice restaurant, Loft 610(A-Mazing.), an evening in Midtown Crossing and finally the Cinedine (Although, I'm officially not recommending Dinner for Schmucks. Daniel Tosh was right.) And then a babysitter for the night so we stayed at the Double Tree.

I just love how special Zach makes our important occasions!

But anyways, even at the restaurant, which was super posh, Zach still managed to get a free beer! How does that happen?

Well, it happened because they poured his beer in the wrong glass, so they gave him both. Haha. Only at a fancy restaurant would they apologize for serving beer in the wrong glass!

Although I suppose I shouldn't complain about getting free stuff....

Speaking of drinking.

I've got a problem.

No, not with alcohol. Remember the baby!

With spilling!

I don't know if it's being pregnant. Or just being me. But this has become a real problem!

And it's always in the same place. Always! Well until last night, but I'll get to that in a second.

Right boob.

Every meal. Every drink. Every thing I can spill I will spill! Right on that Right Boob. Suddenly I look like I'm nursing and all the attention goes right to the bubbies.

It's awful. I have to scrub every single shirt I have with the same stuff I use for Scarlett's disasters! And do you realize how often that means I need to do laundry? I only own like five shirts to begin with.

And then last night, I'm all fancy. Well as fancy as my hippy-addiction allows me to get. And I practically pour an entire glass of ice water down the front of me!

Not once. But Twice!! Twice!

What a disaster I am. At least it was Ice Water and eventually dried! Zach wanted to order Coffee at the end of the meal, but I selfishly shot him down.

I just imagined this Lady-That-Sued-McDonald's scenario. And decided we had a long rest of the night ahead of us and ruining my dress and getting third degree burns on the baby belly was not the way I wanted to spend my anniversary celebration.

So sorry Zach. Next time we go on a date, I'll wear a Hazmat suit, so we can enjoy an after dinner espresso.


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