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In honor of our last year in the Big 12 and in honor of it almost being College Football Season.

Well, almost Game Time anyways.

Ugh. What a week. I am not used to all this work. My days have been so busy that not only have I not had time to blog, or get on the computer to do my daily facebook stalking at all..... But I also haven't even had time to catch up on my DVR. Who do I think I am? Some kind of working mom? Ha.

I prefer the Home-Maker-Lazy-Mom lifestyle I had once upon a time.

If I'm going to be honest.....

What I don't prefer is the endless Multitasking sucking up my very existence. Including the very moments I'm writing this blog. Or trying to write it. I've also got laundry going and I'm trying to catch up on that elusive DVR. Dang it White Collar, you're so distracting!

The trouble with being busy is there is wayyy to much to talk about and I have no idea where to begin!

I could start with my shows. They're going good I guess. I mean I don't know. I haven't had a sale in a while. But my speech is at least getting smoother and a little bit funnier. I burned the cake, ok, I totally charred the cake Tuesday night. And last night my wedding ring(Ok, the costume jewelry I use as my wedding ring since I'm allergic to the real deal) fell into the mash potatoes and cooked with them! And I didn't even know it was gone until one of the guests was mashing them and found it!!!! Am I an idiot or what? But still everyone ate them. I was worried they would taste metallic, what I wear isn't the highest grade of anything.... But they seemed not to mind. Note to self, I won't be wearing it again during my presentation. The only good thing about the whole incident was that my wedding ring fell off. My hands weren't wet or cold. It's too big. Yahoo! Thank you SaladMaster! I may not be technically losing weight, I am almost five months pregnant after all, but I certainly haven't gained any and hopefully I am losing something somewhere and replacing it with a certain growing baby!

Speaking of the growing baby, I think while the baby grows, my brain shrinks. Forget any memory I once thought I had, what I have now is something similar to Immediate and Irreversible Alzheimer's. I'm practically brain dead. Completely useless behind the eyes. It's pathetic.

And it's really bad. Like really, really bad! I already forgot the next sentence I was going to write. See? Pathetic.

And there is something I really, really want to vent about. But I won't. I'm just going to tell you that I want to.

But I will say this, I'm at my stress maximum. Like the end of my Stress Rope. We are moving in a week. I'm pregnant. And I've started this new Salad Master thing. I'm done. Don't push my buttons. And this week has been stressful. To top it off, there are people out there that are idiots. And their idiocy gets in my way.

And my poor kids are the ones that suffer. We haven't done anything fun all week and it is absolutely gorgeous outside! So today, I said SCREW IT. That's right, I actually screamed it!

We packed a lunch, grabbed a blanket and met Kylee at Elmwood Park for some fun time. And it was PERFECT!!!! The only thing that could have gone better was if my children weren't as afraid of bugs as I was. Lunch, was difficult. But it was a perfect afternoon. Absolutely perfect.

I wish I was that mom all the time. The one that is less concerned with the duties of life and more concerned with just living life. The one that says, relax, let's have fun all the time. Of course if I relaxed around Scarlett too much she'd probably burn my house to the ground. But.... you get the idea.

On a brighter, less-failure note, we MOVE IN A WEEK!!!! Anyone want to help? Move that is. Or pack my boxes. Or watch my children. Or just send me a word of encouragement, because things are utter chaos around here and I am very close to losing my mind.

What's left of it anyways!


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