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This is going to have to be a short one, as I have gotten myself into something I'm not so sure about.

Stuff like this always happens to me. I say yes, when I should be saying NO. NO. NO. But here I am, seconds away from having to go get ready for a day full of torture.

Do you know what I wanted to do today?

I wanted to take my children and my in-laws to CoCo Keys! Doesn't that sound fun? Melinda gave us these Awesome coupons and I have been SO excited to use them, and now I can't.

The day I had planned, is no more.

I not only have to leave my children while they're awake. (Something I hate to do. But something I think they secretly love.....) I have to go spend my morning and early afternoon feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Sorry. I don't mean to complain. But you know how I hate mornings! Haha.

And there's no wayyyy I'm telling you what this is. I am WAY to embarrassed. (It's nothing weird. I feel like I should clarify that.)

It's just amazing what I will do for free stuff. That's all.

Do you know what I decided?

I decided I would make a fantastic Mayor. Forget the whole indecisive thing. I am excellent at not spending money. I mean every day I practice. I refuse to pay for most things. Even stuff we need. And if I am buying something, you can guarantee that it's the lowest dollar amount I can work it down to. (Well, for most things....)

Our Mayor. Omaha's Mayor. He's an idiot.

Or somebody that works for him has forgotten to inform him that we are in a little something I like to call a RECESSION. All he does is spend money and up the taxes.

Do you know he is proposing an Employment Tax? That's right. He's going to Tax the fact that you work here in Omaha. And not only the Employee but the Employer as well.

So next time you need a little raise to cover the money you're losing in taxes, you're Employer can tell you he already spent your raise paying the tax he owes to employ you.

I know.

He also wants to tax entertainment. All entertainment. Beer. Concert. Movies. You name it, he'll tax it. As if movies weren't expensive enough!

And then lets talk about raising the wheel tax a whole freaking 20 dollars.

How about instead of taxing the people who are struggling to keep their jobs and pay their bills. We cut his government spending on things like expanding the city owned downtown Hilton that has seen a steady decrease in business over the last two years. Or how about cutting the Police Pension so that it actually matters! Or does some good! Congratulations for making changes that won't effect our economy for fifty years!

Sorry. Geez I'm a complainer.

But can you see? He's kind of a moron.

Lately I hate the world. I mean, I don't feel like I do. But geesh. I sure have a lot to complain about.

I think the problem is I've started reading the paper every day. It feels good to read something and become informed so early in the morning. I mean something other than information on celebrity gossip.... But the State of the World is bad. Like really bad.

And it kind of depresses me.

The oil spill. The wars. The national budget. The local budget. Well. Shoot. Everything about government.


And then yesterday I read this article about a convicted murdered appealing his case because the great CSI investigator in Omaha recently was convicted of tampering with evidence.

It's this whole big scandal.

But the kicker for me is that, now Chris Edwards, convicted murder and former classmate of mine(Well, he was a couple years younger than me, but he for sure went to OCA and for sure was my brother in law's best friend for several years!) is appealing on claims that Kofoed(The CSI Guy) tampered with the blood evidence in his case. The same evidence that locked Chris Edwards away for 100 years to Life.

And it really bothers me.

Well, the whole thing has always bothered me. But anyways.

Maybe I should stop reading the news, because Miriah if you thought the Twilight Blog was depressing. You might just be looking in to anti-depression meds after this one. Holy Cow.

On a lighter note.....Tomorrow I promise not to be sooo depressing......?


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