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My girls are outside playing with their Nana right now. I'm watching them have the best time. They are such good girls. And they love each other and take care of each other.

(Says every mother.)

But be that as it may, it's true.

Ugh, I've been having to leave them a lot lately. It seems like my weeks are filling up to the brim and I'm leaving them behind to go do my own thing.

Not like unnecessary stuff. But still, stuff that doesn't involve one very well behaved, mature, careful little girl nor one loud, destructive, spunky, spit-fire of a littler girl.

I'm going to be honest. I hate it.

Absolutely hate it.

There was this time in my life, not that long ago, that I worked a ton. Like 60 hour work weeks. And I worked hard. And I couldn't imagine myself not working. I couldn't imagine myself staying at home.

And now. I can't imagine doing anything else.

I don't like to think of this as a lazier version of myself, but it just might be.

Seriously, nobody wants to get up in the morning, rush to get ready and fly out the door, leaving their beautiful children behind.

Nobody wants to do it. It doesn't mean lots of people don't do it. And surely they are much better at it than me!

I drag my feet and prefer to spend the morning in my pajamas, nursing cup of coffee after cup of coffee. I prefer to read the paper slowly and play with my little girls and bake cookies and go to the park and go swimming.

I do not prefer to go to work.

Granted, I don't even work 9-5. I mean, we're talking four to five hours here. But still. It sucks.

And no. I'm totally not ready to tell you what or where I'm working.

I will. The stories are just TOO good not to share them. But I feel like it's going to be a long blog and at the end of it, you'll probably realize just how crazy I am!

But the thing is, it's not all work I've been doing.

And the girl's have gotten a ton of time with their grandparents which is good, right? I mean, I know it is. But I worry!

Anyways, here is a story from today that I do want to tell you. Ok, so I was training today and I was training with another guy.

He was a little bit goofy. One of those guys who think they know everything and do everything they can to go out of their way to inform you on everything they know.

You know the type, I know you do.

So for whatever reason, it's just him and me in the room at one point. His name is James. I wanted to call him Jimbo, but never got up the courage to ask. Ha.

He starts talking about his girlfriend and being the polite person I am I start asking polite, non-invasive, platonic questions.

His response?

To totally tell me about their sex life.


I'm sitting there listening to the story of how they met. She is his best friend's little sister and when James or Jimbo went off to the Navy, she was but a young 12 year old.

However when he came back. BAM what a hottie! (His words, not mine.)

The unfortunate part of this love story? James had already dated her older sister!

So, you can imagine the first time they had sex. (Again, his words, not mine.)

But no James, I cannot imagine, nor do I want to frankly. Stop grossing me out!

And then, he went into detail of how all he could do was picture her older sister the whole time and how it was in issue for them and their sex life! (Stop saying Sex. Gross!!)

And I'm all like HELLO why is no one else coming in to this room!!! And why don't you try Couple's Counseling instead of unloading on strangers and making them want to vomit!!!

Speaking, of vomiting, today also, on the drive home, I see this kid leaning all the way, waste up, out of the window of his car and I'm like ok, what is he doing???

And then it starts flowing. Vomit that is! All the way from 156th and Maple to 144th and Maple. Constant Puke. 12 Full Blocks!!! It was like a bad movie. Like those spoof movies. Like serious an open tap of vomit, literally flowing out of his mouth! Yea. And I couldn't get over to save my life because traffic was so thick!

And whoever was driving just kept driving! Didn't bother to pull over. Or out of my line of sight. Nope, just kept driving!

Don't judge me. Ok, you try to look away from that. It's totally like a train wreck! I have never seen anything so constant, so disgusting or so bizarre while driving in my life!



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