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Ok, first a little update on the Book on CD. So far it's not working for me. I can't understand the woman's accent, the old English language OR why I thought it this would be a good idea for me. I have a short attention span and her soft accent kind of lulls me to sleep! Which is not a good thing while you are driving! It is however perfect for getting my children to sleep.... So hmmm...

I don't know, I'm not finished yet, I think I'll really work on finishing this book. I may not be any wiser at the end of it, but I don't really like to just give up. So... We will see.

Ok, so sometimes I talk about how I break everything? Well.... currently we have one broken car, and two broken computers. So. I'm pretty sure that's a standing theory.

I'm sure I can think of other things. Actually I can think of other things, but they're not really important. Just know that they're broken.

What is this curse? Seriously. My Iphone has an Otter-box on it. Zach in his infinite wisdom realizes my handicaps. So this box makes my phone kind of huge, but it can protect my phone from lightening.

And, come on, if any one's phone is going to get struck by lightening it is for sure me. At least my phone will be ok.

I need to otter-box my life. Seriously. They should totally expand their brand. Computer otter-boxes, furniture otter-boxes, car otter-boxes.

At least then I could have nice things. Granted my house would look ridiculous, but what's worse, a house encased in lightening proof casing? Or a house full of broken things?

I actually don't know the answer to that......

What I do know is that Cinco De Mayo is a great holiday!

Ok, I'm not Mexican, and I don't even have Mexican roots, but who doesn't want to celebrate another culture's independence?

I mean, I celebrate Bastille Day too.

I love it. I also love margaritas.....


Today we celebrate fiesta style. I just might go pick up a pinata for the girlios. Chips and Salsa(My favorite snack.). And of course I'll throw in a siesta later on in the day. All in the name of celebration!

Zach has big plans for tonight if only we could find a sitter.

I need a long list of high school girls I can depend on. My family is all too busy now! May is craziness if you have older children.

I need a real life Babysitters Club I can call. They could send the word around and find someone to help me.

Yesterday I talked about how I wanted to be in the club. But today, speaking as an actual adult, man it would really be nice to use one.


Oh well, whatever the outcome of today, please let us all remember: Viva Mexico! (Of course as a disclaimer to my conservative nature, I mean that as a separate country from ours, with a distinct border line and legitimate immigration laws that are enforced... JK!)


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  1. I LOVE CONCO DE MAYO. and all other cheesy fake holidays. and this year, i forgot all about it. i cant drink margaritas after all... so we quick made some tacos, and called it good. love you!