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Don't worry, I've been up for a long time. I just haven't had the time to sit down and write!

Although I could very easily have slept until now today. Whew. I'm sleepy.

This darn back thing has really taken it out of me, but hopefully I'm now on the mend. I at least feel better.

I complained on Tuesday about how terrible I felt, but then after going to the chiropractor things had to get worse... much, much, much worse before they got better. But finally, they are better.

Not before I self-medicated myself however with a bottle of wine. No, I didn't drink the whole thing, but I secretly think Zach was hoping for Cripple Sex.

Which is what I was yesterday. A cripple.

I'm getting old. Yikes.

Well, and I talked about this the other day, how I hate that just because we are grown-ups we now have to deal with grown up problems.

Most grown up things suck. Work. Cleaning. Being Responsible. Paying Bills. Making your own phone calls. Ugh.

I mean, so what if my car insurance is cheaper and I can now rent a car. I still have to pay with my own money for that car and/or insurance.

I'm just kidding though. Seriously, someone quick knock on wood because we all know I am a terrible driver and need the cheapest insurance I can get!

But here's a twist for the grown up in all of us. I have a friend. Well, ok, he's not really a friend, but he used to be in college, but anways he is running for Mayor in a town in Nebraska. What? I know. It totally weirds me out.


Like, a political office.

He's my age.

And since I still feel like the curfew at Village Point still applies to me, I find it hard to believe that someone in my same "check the correct age box" would be qualified to be mayor of an actual town.

Ok, he's a totally smart guy, but I knew this guy in college. His entire life's mission was to make everyone feel as awkward as possible.

And he won the primary. On to the General Election.

That totally makes me feel old. And a little inadequate. Seriously, I have the longest list of complaints for government but what am I really doing about it? Nothing except Complaining.

That by no means, means I should go run for mayor or some other political office however.

Oh. My. Word. I would make the worst possible politician!

I can't even decide where to eat lunch, how on earth would I decide real issues?

Ok, maybe that's not entirely true, I am pretty cut and dry when it comes to big issues, but I'm also super forgetful.

My press conferences would go something like: "I will answer your question Mr. Reporter, if you answer mine first. What should I fix for dinner? Anyone have any ideas? No? Ok, how about this one, what kind of car should my family buy? Got any hot tips on a good deal? Ok, fine I'll answer your question about my stance on Cap and Trade. Wait what was the question? Wait. What was my answer?"

It would be awful. Plus I usually think the ignorant best of everyone and I'm pretty sure that won't get you far in the political arena. And I am way to honest about myself, so interviews would be a total flop.

See what I mean? It is totally weird that someone I know, someone my age is running for Mayor. What is that?

You might as well just stamp Middle Aged across my forehead.

Oh boy.

Speaking of feeling old, I just realized something. I am thinking about going back to school and so I want to get down to this place called Destination Education so they can fill out Fafsa and all that Jazz, and I went there before, like when I was in high school still, and I was thinking that was just a couple of years ago, but it's not really a couple. It's more like almost a decade. Holy Cow.

That made me feel like time is just flying past me and I am sitting her watching it.

Which is another reason I want to go back to school. I have to get in there while I'm still semi-smart. Before Diet Coke totally eats away my brain and leaves me with nothing but a tumor. Stop drinking it you say? I've tried. Oh man, I've tried.

And it's more than wanting to go back to school. It's more like dying to go back. I know, I'm a total nerd. But I just really like to learn. And I love to write papers. And read. And buy school supplies.

But if I have to pay for school, then I suppose it's not financially responsible for me to just go to school with no definite career in mind, other than literally going to school for the rest of my life! I'm not kidding. How fun would that be??

So we will see what I figure out. Like always I seriously doubt this will be a quick decision.

Surprise. Sup rise. Maybe the older I get, the better at decision making I will get.

I know. Bahahahahaha.


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