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Oh my word. Thank God it's Friday.

I know, it's totally cliche, but this week has got to get over. Like. Now.

Only, I have the whole day in front of me, with a whole lot of kids coming over. So.... Yikes.

And I really should get the dishes done before a parent comes to drop any kids off. I mean, it's kind of a mess in there. The kitchen that is.

But what is the point of staying home, if I can't push the dishes one night and do them the next day? Seriously.

Last night, was after all, super busy. There wasn't time to worry about washing the thousand pots from dinner and scrubbing the plates clean! But unfortunately, now I'm super stressed about a parent seeing what I failure I am at the whole domestic thing.

I should probably be doing them now, instead of blogging, but it's not even 7:30 yet and my eyes are still on the Non-Functioning list and my first cup of coffee isn't even gone yet, so. No. I will not be attempting dishes yet.....

Last night was crazy busy. Just like all of our nights are turning into. But this one especially was busy, because right after dinner, I had to jump in the shower. Like lightening. And get ready for dance.

Yesterday was Totally an Ugly Day. Like I ain't got no alibi, because I was Ugly, yea, yea, I was Ugly. It was pretty bad.

I'm blaming it on the bad back. Don't judge.

But Zach is doing the Daddy/Daughter Dance for Stella's recital and I wasn't going to go to practice, but then when he asked me to, I thought sure. Why not. I'll support you, honey.

Actually, here's the thing. I have never, ever seen Zach dance before. Well.... He does this one dance with his arms, and it's kind of the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'm not kidding you. He is hilarious. But, I highly doubt you can work his "move" into group choreography!

Seriously, though. I mean, we certainly have never even danced together! We didn't have Prom at our school, we had Banquet. And it's exactly what it sounds like! And again, in college, Banquet again, only believe me, I totally, totally, totally gave up on even going to those type of things by that time.

Yes, I am too cool for school. Don't judge.

And then our wedding. Nope. No dancing.

What? I thought you knew, that dancing leads to sex. Hello.....

Ok, fine maybe, just maybe, weddings lead to sex too. I guess, it's kind of in their definition. But, trust me people, if you have spent a lifetime of NOT dancing, you sure as heck aren't going to start dancing at your wedding, in front of like 300 people. I was nervous to say my vows, and I had practiced those. I was nervous to kiss in front of people, and believe me we had had a lot of practice doing that. (Um, not in front of people though. I really feel like that needed some clarification.) So there was no way I was going to attempt my first slow dance as the centerpiece for a video worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos.

So anyways, I've never danced with Zach, nor have I seen him ever bust a serious move. And by serious, I actually mean like in a serious situation.

So I of course want to watch him learn the choreography to this dance. I'm going to soak it up! And then next time he asks me what I want to do on a Friday night, instead of Sushi or Brix, I am going to tell him: The Club.

That is clearly, the only logical next step.

If he can dance in a three step turn, clap and then raise the roof two times to either side(Or at least that's what his written directions of the dance say he does) then he can surely go to Club Patrick's with me and get our groove on.

That's right. Also, that's the only dance club I know in Omaha. I'm sure there are more to choose from. But I don't know any....

But ok. Aren't you just dying, because Stella and Zach are going to be SO cute! I am. I can hardly wait.

Let's face it, the WHOLE thing is going to be cute.

And it was worth giving up the dishes for.

Let's be honest though, I'll use any excuse to hold off on the dishes. I mean, I don't know many people out there that love to stand at the sink, scrubbing dirty plates and loading them into a dishwasher.

And I am crazy OCD about my dishwasher. I don't like anyone else to even attempt to load it. I look at those two racks like a puzzle and my goal is to fit every, single, last dirty/semi dirty/anything that is left out in the near vicinity, into it and conquer the Dishwasher. It's totally like my After Dinner American Gladiators. Ok. You would seriously be amazed with what I can accomplish.

But now, I suppose it's time to face them. This is like a Western Show Down between me and the sink. But what the sink doesn't realize is, I've played this game before. And folks, I ain't going down with out a fight. So watch out plates that didn't get soaked last night. And watch out Calphalon pots that are not even non-stick and take me literally forever to scrub, because I am about to dominate you.

What? It's either I get excited about doing the dishes or about the bazillion diapers I'm going to have to change today. So....

Ah. The life of the Domestic.


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