The Great Blog Detective

So, in the morning, I have this routine. I mean once I get to the computer, I have a routine. I can't help it, it's what I do, every day.

So. First. I check Facebook. First, thing I do. And, ok, I'm going to be honest, that's a little embarrassing and a little shameful that I am that addicted to Facebook, it's the first thing I check in the morning. I know. Ok, I know. But what can I do?

I am working on it, if that makes you feel better. But right now, my addiction to caffeine is the problem that I'm really worried about and if we have learned anything from Intervention(The TV Show, let's not get too personal here) it's baby steps folks, baby steps. (I have given up my addiction to Celebrity Gossip though, in my defense. What started as a Lent Challenge has turned into full blown recovery! I haven't been near Mr. Perez Hilton in over 40 days. So, yes, applause all around, thank you very much.)

So anyways, I check FB. (Yep, new slang, let's spread it around.) (Ok, I know it's not new. And I also know that the only reason I'm using it is because I'm too lazy to type out Facebook, although this explanation is ridiculously longer than that. So....)

I like to see, you know, what's happening in the world of my "Friend's List." I do a little checking here, a little checking there, maybe, if I can think of anything, I will write a Status Update. But let's face it, this early in the morning, the only update I can ever come up with is: Rachel Higginson is soooooooo tired. Or: Rachel Higginson why do I have to be up this early? Or: Rachel Higginson Is it early to anyone else around here?

I know. They are pathetic. Like I said yesterday, we are just looking forward to the day when I require no more sleep. Hello 85 years old, I've been waiting for you!

So anyways, after I have perused FB for a good 7-10 minutes, I then open a new tab. Why I don't just navigate away from Facebook is beyond me. But anyways, then, I open up and check out all of the blogs I'm following. Which is four. I know, that's a lot. And really it lasts about three seconds, Melinda posts only Monday thru Thursday, so I only get to read her updates half of the week, although she does have a new blog, that is kind of just amazing that she has promised to post on Saturday. I'm holding you to that Minders, do not let me down.

And Miriah, does not post nearly as much as I would like her to! Just kidding, but I kind of just love her posts. She is the most honest person I have ever known. And I love it. Because I am kind of the opposite, usually I'm totally terrified of telling the truth. (That was alliteration, for all of you word nerds.)

I also follow the Pioneer Woman, but she almost posts too often for me to keep up with. Although, the woman has some sweet recipes AND, although I've never done one before, I kind of love her Word quizzes, because I totally LOVE words. She always gives away a Kindle too, which ok, is my ultimate gift, I mean, I would never, ever spend that kind of money on myself, so it would definitely have to be a gift from like the City of Townsville for saving the world or something (I've been watching too much Boomerang).

This is not the point, I'm getting off topic.

After I open Blogspot. I let it sit. In my head, I'm letting it warm up a little bit, but in reality that is crazy. Like, really, it's totally crazy.

So then(And then, and then, and then. I sound like a bad Ashton Kutcher movie today), I open a new tab(I think part of this whole routine is the fact that opening a new tab kind of makes me feel tech savvy. Right?) and get right to my Hotmail.

Most of the time in the morning, there are only emails from all of the clothing stores that I have some way or another signed up for. And so every morning, I wake up to new steals and deals. Usually, I just mark them all as read and move on for the day, but every once in a while I get caught sifting through the sales, making a wish list, sometimes I actually move things to the Shopping Bag, but rarely do I buy. I prefer to try on in the store.

This morning, was one such morning. Instead of moving directly on from Hotmail, back to Blogspot to get right to the Blogging that is happening as we speak, I did a little shopping. I mean, not real shopping, just a if I had all of the money in the world, what are all of the outfits I would buy kind of shopping. And I made a discovery, or came to a realization, or maybe just came to terms with myself and I've got bad news.

I'm a hippy.

Let me just interject that I do Not mean in the political sense. Don't worry!

Listen, ok, I'm not proud of this fact. But it's the truth. I try, I really, really try to get away the hippy-ness, but it follows me. I can't. I think it's worse than my addiction to caffeine.

My wardrobe is somewhat.... eclectic. And by eclectic it's like how many dollar shirts can I pick up from Old Navy.

Ok, but seriously, there is this certain... um, how do I put this, there is this certain.... Bag-Lady-Homeless-70's-Hippy-Love-the-Earth kind of theme river runs through it kind of feel.

I do have to say though, on my behalf, there is No tye-dye. Tye-dye is totally where I draw the line.

But I mean, we could even argue the case that I have dreadlocks. No, maybe not in the conventional way, I mean, I'm no Crystal Bowersox(American Idol reference. Holla.) but if you've seen my hair, perhaps touched it, and/or tried to wash and style it(Ok, there is like three people in the whole world that have had this privilege, ahem, if you can call it a privilege.) you would in all likelihood agree that there are dread-like qualities to my hair. I think a fair assessment would maybe be Baby-Dreads.

And, I really do try to like other clothing. I do. I seriously do. But every time I try to branch out, I am just drawn right back in to wild prints, earthy shoes, flow-y skirts and beaded, oversized jewelry. I think it's a disease.

And I just need to say that there is nothing wrong with those articles of clothing. Especially when one can exercise caution and/or restraint.

But me? Nope, I totally go all out. And ok, I don't even pick the trendy, cute, modern looking hippy stuff. I totally pick the worst kind.

I don't know why I can't break out of the cycle. Or at least buy a pair of jeans. (Well, I do have one pair and they are the trouser kind, but let's be honest, I rarely wear them.....)

I'm a mom now. I'm supposed to look like a mom!

Sure, I don't need to wear high-wasted jeans and sandals with socks, but am I really going to continue this style after I send my kids to school?

I mean, seriously, between the crazy hair, the over sized nose ring and my choice of wardrobe I feel like I'm going to have a hard time being taken seriously.

And I don't care. I really don't. But my poor children. What will they say?

"Mommmmmm, you're embarrassing me! Why can't you dress like a grown up????"

Good question deary. Good question. Why can't I?


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