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Happy Earth Day Everybody!!

Are you surprised that I would be celebrating?

You shouldn't be.

But if you are, I will admit it's probably not your fault!

I mean, if anything, I am a little bit sarcastic about Global Warming on here I suppose.

And in person...


Come on, you didn't take "Global Warming is the New One World Religion" seriously did you?

Ok, fine.

But honestly, it's all in good fun.

Also, honestly, I don't believe in Global Warming. At. All. I mean, I think it's a total lie, fabricated by the government, based on inaccurate and sometimes completely fabricated half truths, and pushed by Hollywood to a public that is surrounded by the aforementioned lies and brainwashed into believing that not only is it the complete and utter truth, but that also man has a chance at actually making a difference. (We don't.)

Happy Earth Day.


I just wanted to, you know, clarify my beliefs for you.

Do I sound crazy yet?

Oh boy, I hope so.

If I didn't, I don't feel like this blog would be an accurate portrayal of who I really am.

Let me start from the beginning. I don't believe in Global Warming. But that doesn't mean I don't believe we are stewards of the Earth. It doesn't mean I don't believe we have a responsibility as the only species belonging to this planet with both opposable thumbs AND a soul to take care of our planet, to nurture and respect it.

Because I do believe in those things.

Global Warming is a Theory and nothing more. A way for GE to make millions of more dollars and celebrities to parade their bleeding hearts.

At the center of it, is an ingenious way for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer.

Don't believe me? Ask Al Gore.

Seriously though, how does a man lose a presidential race to George W. Bush(Arguably making him one of the most unpopular men in history) turn around, attach himself to a "Buzz Word" Movement, throw around some falsified facts and some closeups of inaccurate charts and suddenly become the most informed man alive.

Folks, this is the same man that claimed to have invented the Internet.....

Whatever. That's not the point.

I'm not trying to dissuade you from believe in Global Warming, I'm not even trying to defend my point of not believing.

What I am trying to do, is celebrate the Earth.

Because believe it or not, despite my skepticism(Ahem. Let's be nice and leave it at skepticism.) I do try to do my part to be kind to the earth.

Part of that was watching the Captain Planet Marathon on Boomerang last Saturday.

Believe me, you want information. That's the place to get it. (Captain Planet, not Boomerang.)

Besides those rich celebrities have no idea how to be Green.

Do you really want my opinion? Being poor is the only way to be truly Green. I mean, I am Green all the time, and I barely even try. And by try I mean, I am just super, super, super cheap.

Communal Living? Check.
One Car for the family? Check. (At least for now. I'm trying to change that.)
Don't drive anywhere because I don't have a car? Check.
Reuse all plastic bags? Check.
Reuse Ziplocs? Check.
Use every single thing I own until it falls apart and cannot even try to work anymore, including clothes? Check.
Heat Pump? Check.
Use the windows and outside air to cool the house as much as possible because I don't want to pay for heat or air? Check.
Turn off everything electrical the minute I leave the room because I don't want to pay for it? Check.
Don't use air or train, or really even car travel? Check. (I would also like to change this one.)
My husband works for a Landscape company, that is like constantly planting trees? Check.
Have a career with the word "Green" in the title? Check. (Um, Zach's company is called Greenlife Gardens. It doesn't really get much "greener" than that....)

See. I only sound like a douchebag. I'm not really that bad.

So anyways, go celebrate the earth today, whether you're poor and don't have a choice. Or middle class and believe that using those crappy light bulbs will actually make a difference(They won't.), and enjoy lugging your canvas bags around with you every time you go to the grocery store. Or Rich and decide to celebrate by eating organic, driving a Prius and living in a house that could shelter the country of Rwanda.

Happy Earth Day!


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