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Oy. I'm not ready for today. My eyes are heavy, my muscles are tired and unresponsive. I feel like a sloth. A very slow, very lazy sloth.

Thank goodness it's Friday. But for real, because I need an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Or just a full night sleep, apparently Scarlett thinks she is a newborn again. Hopefully tomorrow? We will see.

Today is crap. I mean the weather. It is total crap outside.

Cold. Rainy. Gloomy. Cold. Wet. Cloudy. Cold. Depressing. Cold.

You get the idea.

Yesterday was SO beautiful. 70 degrees and the sun was shining. I had all of the windows open and I even got a little sun burnt from playing outside.

How can things change so dramatically overnight?

Damn you Nebraska Weather. Damn you.

Ok, but usually I love the change in weather, and the dramatic differences from day to day. But I can't do this gloom and doom thing any more. I sit in my house, not wanting to take the children out in the muck and rain, basically just waiting for the Apocalypse.

Yesterday, there was sunshine, yea, that was the first sunshine we have seen in 11 days. 11 days! Or at least that's what good, old, Jim Flowers told me. And frankly, I believe him. It's pretty bleak around here.

And now yesterday feels like a cruel joke. Hahaha, here's some sunshine to make you all hopeful and happy, now hahaha, I'm taking it away and leaving you in the dark, cold of winter once again. (The voice is mother nature, not God by the way. I don't think of Him to be so cruel.)

If I turn into one of those crazy people, with wild hair, and a cardboard sign professing the end of times on the street corner, we can blame it on the weather. And my kids..... But mostly the weather.

Oh wait. You say I already am that person?

Dang it.

I actually had to stop listening to Rush and Beck, I was getting too depressed. I mean seriously, just try listening to hours of how terrible everything in the world is combined with the 4 months of darkness and snow I was living in and basically it's a recipe for insanity.

For my own good, I gave it up. Heck, for every one's good I gave it up.

Don't get me wrong, I loved how much snow we got this year. I felt like we were competing for a title or trophy or something and winning. I am an extreme weather junkie to the extreme. BUT, a person's soul can only take so much. And mine is full to the brim. It's time for some sunshine, and some outdoor activities and some stinking green grass. That is if the grass can even recover from the snow mold.

You heard me. Snow Mold.

Yea, I didn't know there was such a thing either; but my Turf Care Management Genius of a Husband enlightened me.

Bleh. It literally just started to snow outside. Oh boy. Here we go again.

Are you thoroughly depressed?

Let's change topics.

Last night, Zach and I watched, finally for the first time, The Marriage Ref.

And it surpassed my expectations!

I thought it was going to be ridiculous. No. It was hilarious. Who knew Martha Stewart would be so funny? I even enjoyed Cedric The Entertainer and usually his name is enough to get an eye roll out of me. But my favorite was of course, Jason Alexander.

In fact, he was the whole reason I had the foresight to DVR the show. I've actually meant to for a while now, but truth be told my DVR has a scheduling issue between Archer, Project Runway and The Real Housewives of New York City.

Don't worry, I solved the issue with some creative problem solving and fancing later scheduling help.

I watch too much TV you say?


That's my only response. Besides what else am I supposed to do while folding mountains of laundry, house searching on the internet and making tutu's? Seriously. Plus, it's not that much TV if you are able to fast forward through all of the commercials.

So stop judging me. Stop right there.

Moving on.

Ok, but the premise of the show is funny. They take a married couple and have them explain an issue they are fighting over to a panel of celebrity judges(Usually comedians), and then the host, I forget his name, but he's one of Jerry Seinfeld's friends, gives a verdict and declares a winner.

I know all of you married couples out there are totally perking your ears up right now. A winner? It's totally what every married couple wants.

Ok, it's what Zach and I, us, the uber competitors, want.

The couples in themselves are pretty hilarious. And I love watching the guy/girl reactions. Some are newlyweds and you can totally see them just sorting through newlywed issues, like he's not spending enough time with me or he has a weird quirk make him get rid of it. I mean, several years into marriage you will not only be used to the weirdness but most like adopted it for yourself and you will for sure be pushing him into hobbies that fill up all of that "together time!" Ok, kind of just kidding. But in my expansive(sarcasm) experience a hobby always makes for a happier husband.

Then there were couples who had been married longer that had more serious issues, or in my opinion decisions that took longer to decide. Like, where are we going to move and spend our retirement. Or should the husband leave for six months on tour and leave the wife at home.

Those to me are bigger decisions that I'm not sure if Zach and I would ever come to a final decision on.

In fact, the whole time I was watching the show I was thinking Zach and I totally need a panel of judges for just our every day decisions.

It doesn't have to be an argument, although trust me that would be nice. Not that we fight a lot, we get irritated, and annoyed sure, but fighting is far and few between. But always, always when there is a fight we, between ourselves, declare a winner. Petty, you say? Maybe. But most definitely necessary. :)

We, of course, are laughing about whatever the fight is at this point and always declare ourselves as the winner. We then lay out a case, why we think one of us is the better arguer or winner. In my opinion, I am the winner 90% of the time.

I'll just tell you that Zach says the same thing. Don't bother asking him, because really there is no need. Reallyyyyyyyy........... just trust me on this one. He would totally say me.

Ok, there was quite a bit of sarcasm in that last paragraph, just in case it didn't transfer in writing. :)

But seriously, how helpful would that be to have a panel of judges sitting there, ready to debate your every decision for you and help you decide? Ok, for most people that don't have the inability to make regular, should be easy, every day, common place decisions, sure. What do you need a referee for?

Ok, but for me. And Zach(Although he will totally tell you that he can make decisions just fine and that he is actually trying to teach me a lesson by making me make the decisions, but just the other day he asked me to decide for him what he should have for lunch and I had already eaten. Ok. So you be the judge.), we need serious help.

Every time we go out to eat, give our thoughts to Jerry Seinfeld, Alec Baldwin and Kelly Ripa, and let them decide in the end where we should go.

Or if we should go to a movie or rent a movie and go back home. Let the panel decide.

Or other such issues. If we had a group of comedic advisers and a ref to help speed along the decision making process, Zach and I would have a LOT more time on our hands.

Maybe they could help us out with this whole renting vs. buying a home thing while they are at it.


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