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When I was in High School, some boys in the grade above us started a band called Boys in a Box.

They were really funny guys, and I think if I was as laid back then as I am now, we could have actually really gotten along. But in high school, I was a total bitch.

Just ask Zach's friend Ryan. Every time he sees me, he's all, "You're so cool now, I can't believe how cool you are. Because in high school you were a total bitch. A total bitch!" He says it all the time.

And, back then I probably would have gotten mad at a statement like that. But today, eh.

I was a mean little girl though. Ok, I wasn't like spitting on girl's I didn't like and cussing boys out, but I definitely had an attitude. (Are those really my ideas of mean? Yikes.) It's amazing I landed Zach, but at the time I think he liked high maintenance girls. Well, that's what I tell myself anyways.

And truthfully, by the time we got married, four and a half years later, we were both different people, more mature, much more laid back and you could almost say... evolved. :)

Ok, but remember I went to Christian High School. There were 20 people in my graduating class. The high school combined was all of like 100 people. Plus, we had a dress code, and rules like no dancing, and chapel twice a week where we had to actually dress up. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED it, but it's not the average teenager's experience.

But anyways, ok, so this Boys in a Box, the funny guys from the class above me, wanted to perform for a chapel. So, they went to the principal and asked if that would be alright. They had to submit their material, and get approved and all of this stuff just to make sure it was OCA-Appropriate.

The whole school was buzzing about this, because, well first of all, it was Christian school, there wasn't a whole lot of bands vying for the chapel spot, on top of that there wasn't a huge audience of students that attended concerts that weren't DC Talk or Twila Paris. Ok, so I was in the group that went to DC Talk Concerts. Fine, I admit it. But have you heard Jesus Freak and In the Light? They like define my sixth grade. Plus don't make me pull out the old school rap because I will frankly, blow you away.

"The other night, I met a girl and she looked at me so nice. I asked her for her digits and she didn't think twice. A couple of days later called her up and asked her out. She said with you, I said with me and she said with out a doubt. I took her to the garden where I guess they grow the olives, she wore a tighter skirt than any I had seen in college. She said she loves to drink while cursing like a sailor, I asked her where she got her mouth and if she had a tailor....."

Should I go on?


"Finally, I walked her to the door to say goodnight. She said I am an apple, would you care to take a bite? Politely I refused and said I'm lookin' for a lady, so she slapped me in my face and said, 'Boy you must be crazy.' D-d-d-d-different from the ones before......"

Ok, I'm done. Yes, thank you, that was from memory.

Back to the point.

Finally, the day came when Boys in a Box would perform. Let's be honest, I don't know what the faculty was expecting, but NOBODY in the student body was taking this seriously.

They started out fine. They were a talented band and I think they got through one song before they started.... The Dinosaur Song. (Or something like that. I can't remember the exact title.)

It went something like....."Dinosaurs romp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Dinosaurs romp. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp." Something like that.

We were all dying laughing. It was hilarious. It might not sound funny to you, but oh believe me, it was.

What made it even funnier however, was half way in to the song, our school administrator ran up on to the stage and made them all stop, because Dinosaurs were obviously not teaching us anything about Jesus. He then dismissed chapel early and we all had to go to class, totally confused by what we had just heard and what we had just seen.

What a weird memory.

I have been thinking a little bit about high school the last 24 hours, I guess. Yesterday, after we dropped AJ(D.T.E.) off at school, I ran with my girls to the gas station to get a fountain soda pop(A necessity if I was going to make it through the day!!!) and pick up some of those new Doritos for Zach. Have you heard of them? There are like three degrees of hotness, flaming jalapeno, firehouse buffalo and chipotle habanero and then there is a Pepsi drink called the Extinguisher to match. Anyways, they look amazing, but I've only seen them one day and now they are sold out everywhere and you can't find them!

Ok, anyways. I pulled up to the gas station right in front of the door so I didn't have to get the kids out. That might sound like bad parenting to you. But all I wanted was a soda, so back off.

Just kidding.

But standing in front of the doors was none other then an x-boyfriend of mine. Keenan... something, I can't remember now. Keenan.....I don't know, I can't think of it.

While I am staring, afraid to get out of my car, he pulls out a black and mild and lights up. His clothes are super baggy and his hair is a bit scraggly. My first reaction is to go say hi. Why? Oh, because that's the kind of crazy person I am, the kind that feels the need to reconnect with every single person I have ever met or seen, or passed by in my entire life.

Don't worry, I squashed the feeling. I'm not going to say hello to him. Are you kidding me?

First of all, I was in eighth grade when we dated. And guess what, junior high shouldn't really count. Especially since we never actually went on a date. My boyfriends were pretty few and far between anyways, the only one I really count is Zach and not just because he ended up my husband, because really, I can't count anyone else. They were either in junior high, which I think I made my point earlier, or there was one guy in college, but we were both on the rebound from the people we really loved, and consequently the people we are both married to now, and it lasted for like a month.... tops.

Ok, second of all, I looked like a total slob. I mean as sloppy as I thought he looked, when I pulled into the gas station, I looked worse. My hair was all frizzy and crazy, I had NO make-up on and I was wearing leggings, slippers and a bright green shirt. I was total stay-at-home-mom-lazy-crazy-I'm-going-to-work-out-later-so-what's-the-point-of-getting-dressed-ugly. It was not pretty. In my defense there was sunshine, so I did have my big glasses on, but you kind of have to take those off to see inside the My-T-Mart, especially when you're on the hunt for non-existent Doritos. And that is not how you want to reintroduce yourself to an x-boyfriend. Well at least I didn't. "Hey there Keenan-whatever your last name is, I'm a mom of two now, and I look like it don't' I? Oh, by the way, have you seen the Doritos? Because I am about to buy them out of stock if you have....."

No, thank you.

So, I hurry past him, eyes down, not daring to glance in his direction.

Sprint through the store, straight to the fountain pop machine and then in a wild frenzied search for the Doritos. I give up on the Doritos, and asked the clerk. He gives me like this ten minute speech on how all of Omaha is sold out of them, but people are begging for them to come back, but Frito-Lay didn't think they would be very popular, so they were only selling them as a one time deal, but since there has been soooo much demand for them, they just might bring them back again, but he has no idea when, and on and on and on and on.

And all I can think is, my kids are in the car, let's wrap this thing up so my child abuse can be held to a minimum, thanks. (Calm down, I did have my eyes on the car the entire time.)

Finally, the transaction ended, and I made it back to the safety of my car, driving off in a hurry so as not to be recognized by one Keenan-the-x-boyfriend, or whatever his last name is.

It wasn't that big of deal, and I really wasn't all that worked up about it. But it is strange running into somebody that represents a different part of your life, or your past.

Especially since after I broke up with him, he told everyone in his class(the grade above me) that I was a slut and so the next guy that asked me out only did so because of the intelligence he had received from K-dog. Which by the way, was a total lie, especially since the only time we were ever together was at school, and since he was in high school and I was still in junior high, the only class we had together was chapel(You might not believe me here, but it's actually really hard to be a slut in chapel.....) and it's not like you can skip school when you're mom is a teacher at the same school.

So anyways. I'm not the same person I was back then, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt now too.

But still, I don't think that warrants a friendly hello after like um.... 12 years. I think I'll stay in the present.

Except for apparently this weirdo blog.


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  1. LOLLLLLLLLLL LOOOOOVE it!!!! Oh... OCA... Chapel.. tell me why every other class had to sit boy girl boy girl... except me. I could not sit next to boys. Haha I feeel like your mom thought I was too boy crazy... and perhaps she was right. :)