So it's late again. I know. I got to sleep in a little today and so I abused the privilege! Ha.

Now that the girls are down, I finally have a little bit of me time. I have a nice and cold diet coke next to me. And I'm catching up on the boys from American Idol.

Which can I just ask this question? How hard is it to pick a song?

So far these people suck. Not one good song.

I always imagine what I would do in a situation like this, like if I was on a reality show. I know, it's ridiculous! But I can't help it. And it's not just American Idol.... Like America's Next Top Model(And trust me, I'm no model), Project Runway(I don't even sow), Top Chef(Let's see, since I don't eat mushrooms or fish, this one seems extra ridiculous) and The Real Housewives of... Omaha? And although I might be just as crazy as most of those biotches, let's be real, I just don't have the cash flow.

As unrealistic as any of those reality shows are, I still picture myself in the middle, wondering how I would react, how I would behave, if I would totally pull out my crazy-side or if I would sit back and lose myself in fear of the camera?

I have no idea to tell the truth. When I'm around strangers, I tend to either shut down and hide or go completely over the top bananas. But either way, I can be for sure that I would open my mouth and say all kind of things I would regret!

I do that in normal, every day, friend to friend conversation. Of course verbal diarrhea would just fall out of my mouth if there was an actual camera in front of me.

On America's Top Model, I wouldn't last a week. I mean, picture me as a model, I still wouldn't last. I do not know how to take a picture, and that's that. But I think I would have fun at least! I would love a makeover! I NEED a makeover! Ha. I have a love/hate relationship with Tyra, sometimes I love her and can't get enough, other times I wake up and realize how crazy and irritating she really is! But I would know the names of the designers, my top ten favorite models and a little, little bit about fashion, so I just might be one up on a lot of the girls there....

Project Runway. Let's be real. I wouldn't make it one day. Um, do the rules say anything about just duct-taping a bunch of fabric together? BUT, I really feel like I could handle the drama. I could hopefully curtail my irritating qualities and just get along with those divas. Plus, I love Heidi Klum! And Michael Kors. And of course.. Tim Gunn!!! So I would just be in heaven to be on the show.

Top Chef? Maybe I would last a little bit longer... maybe. I know how to cook, um, some stuff. Nothing fancy though. Nothing pretty. I love the judges. I would just have to explain to them that although what I am serving looks literally like slop, it will taste really, really good! Or at least I think it will.... I'm sure they'll understand. They are a very forgiving bunch! Or so they seem. Also, I think I could handle the drama in the house. Those people get so mad over the smallest things! Now that I'm thinking about it though, the excitement of the Quickfire would probably give me a heart attack!

And the Real Housewives, um at least that doesn't really require a skill. It does however, require a certain type of crazy. Maybe I would fit right in though! Those women are just plain vicious. Vicious. And totally crazy stage moms. Ok.... this is sounding more and more like me all of the time! Maybe I'm not ready to look in that mirror. Lol. Plus there is always that issue of cash flow. I've never gone out shopping and spent $10,000 on my children's wardrobe before. Not that I couldn't, don't get me wrong. I just haven't yet!

On American Idol, I don't think I could take any of it seriously. I'm really not that good of a singer. And every single night I would cry from nerves. But I do think I would be able to pick a song. I do believe that I have this ability.

I think I would do maybe a softer version of Umbrella by Rihanna. I would sing an acoustic version of Womanizer by Britney and I would do lots and lots of boy songs, because it's hard to compare the gender differences, like a Come Together by the Beatles, or a Snow Patrol or Fray song. See? This is not that hard.

But these yahoos cannot seem to get one song right! I listened to 24 songs this week between th girls and the boys and they all picked terrible, horrible, awful song choices! I was bored. The judges looked bored and even they looked bored.

I hope the rest of the season picks up and they figure out what they are doing. Because even if I never audition myself, I sure would llike to judge from my comfortable seat on the couch week after week!


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