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Surprisingly enough, today's title actually relates to today's topic!

Who's excited?

Ok, fine. It's not that big of deal. But... aren't you kind of curious to know how the topic relates to title?

Of course you are! So enough with this lame-0 introduction.

Last night, kind of on a whim, a stupid whim now that I'm thinking about it.... I challenged Zach to a weight loss race!

I know. I don't know what I was thinking.

I'm pretty sure it had something to do with.... my quest for motivation? Something along those lines anyways.

So anyways, since Scarlett I have been on this weight loss adventure. It's pretty safe to say I need to lose a couple pounds. But the problem is....

I'm not as motivated as you might expect.

And it's been difficult to say the least.

So I decided what I need is a little motivation. Like Bob or Jillian screaming in my ear. I've got the whole workout thing down about half way, I for sure need to step up my commitment. The hardest part is finding the time! But it's got to become priority.

And I need to get my other ducks in a row as well.

Like for real give up pop. Soda has seriously got to be the root of all evil and I am totally addicted! Like not just hahaha-addicted. But like coke-head-needles-rubber-bands-the-shakes-and-rehab-kind of addicted. It is a real problem.

I give up pop like once a month. Like a serious commitment. I remind myself of the terrible consequences of drinking the cancer-filled-poison and that nobody, nobody loses weight while drinking that acid. (Really, have you seen what happens when you combine Diet Coke, my drink of choice, with Mentos????) Like I really mean acid.

But then, my Diet Coke riddled brain forgets all about my commitment and I fall right back into that dark, bubbly, fizzy trap.

So no more pop(Can you hear the tear drops running down my face and pooling on the computer keyboard? This is a big deal for me.).

And no more chocolate at 2:00 every afternoon.

Before children I wasn't even a huge chocolate fan. I mean I didn't not like it, but I would have rather had other things.

Now every day, once those kidlets are down for their naps, I am on a desperate hunt and search for something, anything chocolate.

It's scary. It's actually terrifying! I am like a chocolate monster.

So, I guess I have to give that up too.

And eating out. Which actually won't be as much of an issue for me. I don't mind making the meals at home, and I don't mind cooking healthy. Zach's kind of the bad influence in this department.

Which don't get me wrong, I love, love to get dressed up and go out to eat, that's like once a week. But I can totally give up the take-out and late night fast food. Those are his departments.

Also, he loves to cook like these elaborate meat meals. Like Saturday night he made a huge batch of Korean Short Ribs. And Sunday night he made Steaks. So as long as he is dieting too, a lot of that bad stuff will be cut out of my life.

Which brings me to the challenge.

If I can cut his bad influence out of my battle and on top of it throw in a little healthy competition... Hopefully we will be in business.

So our race is the first to drop 30 lbs. Which is totally just his ultimate goal.

It's not my ultimate goal.

My ultimate goal is......

Well, more than that.

BUT it's a start. And everybody has to start somewhere. Or just start period.

SO we are racing, and on top of the competition part there's a reward!

Competition between us is usually enough. We're both pretty competitive, especially with each other(Sounds like a healthy marriage doesn't it? Ha.). So make a goal a race and Zach and I will fight tooth and nail to out do each other.

Well, and let me give you an example. Zach wakes up this morning and he is on a rampage. He's like talking a hundred miles an hour about what he can't eat anymore and how he is going to lose weight way faster then me and blah blah blah. Throwing food away and swearing off Chinese food. He is officially motivated.

So the competition has worked for Zach.

Now if only it will work for me!

Oh but the rewards are totally worth it!

If I win.... We get to go visit my family out in California. And by we, I mean Zach included and the kiddos! Like a real, family vacation!

If Zach wins.... He gets to buy the Lego Set for the Millennium Falcon. He's a total Star Wars Geek! Cute huh?

So, pretty high stakes. High enough for me to get motivated and kick his butt? Haha. I don't usually talk like that.


But yes, I think that they are!


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