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Wow. I am tired. And I am finding it really, really hard to concentrate. So I apologize ahead of time if today is extra rambley!

I'm trying to remedy my unexplained exhaustion by eating left over chocolate kisses from Christmas. Ok, so maybe I'm a little desperate but chocolate has caffeine in it right? Haha. I'll let you know if it works!

So I'm blogging and watching my dvr'ed Community at the same time. Yep, I'm a multi-tasker. I just love Joel McHale and Chevi Chase. Especially Chevi Chase. And their musical parodies.

Anyways the point is that the commercials are all from Thursday night. I usually fast forward, but since it turns out I'm not so good at multi-tasking, I have ended up watching most of them.

So Tracey Madden( Local evening news anchor woman for those of you who may live out of town.) comes on the television showing a promo for the news after 30 Rock. Her tag line was like "Out of Control Pot Holes a Serious Danger to the City."

Yea, no kidding Tracey Madden. Congratulations on the most obvious news story of the year! Have you been out there at all? Or do you teleport to work? How about a news story that's more like "Will City Pay for All of the Flat Tires and Pot Hole Induced Accidents?" or "Bankrupt City Budget Cannot Fund Pot Hole Repairs, City Must Turn Back Time and Revert to Gravel Roads." or "On the Way to Work Today Those Roads are Freakin' Ridiculous."

I mean it's like a war zone out there!

Ok, I get it. We've had a lot of snow. And snow destroys the roads. But. Driving through Omaha is like driving through Vietnam in a MASH jeep with Hawkeye sitting in the passengers seat sipping on makeshift distilled dirty martinis dodging grenades and mortar fire. Yea, it's bad. It's really bad.

And yes, I am a MASH fan, but I don't want to relive the episodes on the way to and from the grocery story. Especially if there is no sweet, small town boy named Radar and a sassy, but classy Hot Lips Houlihan.

Update: I've switched from the stale Hershey kisses to a chocolate orange. It is delicious. And helping with the fatigue.

Back to the pot holes. The thing that is so upsetting is that well first of all, winter is not even over. Probably not even close. And second of all, our city has no money. Thank you Pedestrian Walking Bridge and Police Unions. Who knows how long it's going to take to fix those death traps!

And I do mean death traps. Those things are dangerous. And most of the time deep, like really, really deep. Zach was driving on the interstate the other day and there was an entire patch of them! On the interstate! Where people drive 60 mph and faster.

Something needs to be done. But it will be well into spring before any repairs are made and than all of the roads will be one lane. And I will have a new reason to complain because it will take twice as long to get anywhere.

The thing is, I shouldn't be surprised because this is how it is every year. Every year after the snow we deal with these pot holes. And every year I have the same complaints.

I love the seasons, all four of them. And I love the snow, especially the amounts we've had this year. So, forgive my ranting and grumbling. Maybe, the real solutions is pot hole proof cement or weather resistant asphalt. Both of which I'm sure would be huge money makers, and both of which I am 100% sure I'm unqualified to invent.

So until I go back to school and get another degree in engineering or chemistry or something I will just have to be very, very careful. Very, very careful.

And keep my eyes peeled for pot holes equal to the size of my mini van.


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