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I started early this morning. Like Before 8. I thought that was amazing. I was proud of myself.

But then, Scarlett woke up and wanted breakfast. So it was 8:45 before I started writing again.

And then, Stella and AJ wanted to watch Stella's dance recital video so they could dance along.

So I set that up for them, gave them a lecture on how to dance around Scarlett and not on top of her. And came back to write.

But by then, Stella had danced herself onto the ground and bonked her head on the way down. She of course needed her mommy, who heals all wounds and so I rocked my little girl who is about to grow up and who I am not really ready to let grow up.

During this my phone rang. After Stella was finally ready to jump up and shake her groove thing again, I made it to my phone and realized that the whole blog thing... not happening this morning.

My sister in law woke up this morning to a car that wouldn't start and a day full of classes at UNO. So being the Good Samaritan that I am and the fact that she is the sweetest person I know, I threw the kids in the car(Well, first I got all of us dressed, because let's be honest, getting dressed in the morning is low on our priority list) and raced to pick her up(Again, first I raced to the gas station, where we just barely made it, but eventually I got gas in my car).

After picking her up, we admired the fog and what it does to the trees and headed down to UNO. By this time she was super late for her first class but still an hour out from her next class. So we did what any one would do in our position, we went to Wheatfields for muffins, scones and cookies(the cookies were for the kids, I do love cookies but not at 10 in the morning.). They were delicious. Extra bonus it was $2.00 bread day. Awesome.

All this to say that now it's almost three and I am just now sitting down to write. This is the story most days though right? I mean, I don't mind, don't get me wrong. The blog is extra, something for me, something I am having a lot of time writing, but extra. First comes life.

And trust me, my days are full of life. Full to the brim.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

In fact, there probably wouldn't even be a blog if my days were any other way.

Ok, so a couple random thoughts.

First of all, I love this fog. I know everyone hates it and wants to see the sun again, and blah, blah, blah. But I love it. It blends the dirty snow with the sky in an off white blanket of en-wrapping haze. Then it leaves crystallizing petals of snow in the most intricate formations on the branches of trees, leaving them glistening against the dull background of fog. It's beautiful to me.

Second of all, yesterday I got to see my dear friend Kendra's new baby boy for the first time. Little Carter was born 9 weeks early and at only 4 pounds. He was precious. A miracle of life. And I am so happy for Kendra. She is going to be an amazing mom.

Third of all, I have literally broken every one of my finger nails in the last week and should be self-manicurizing myself instead of typing because I look like a crazy homeless lady!

Till next time.


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