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I could easily be asleep right now.

There is something about Sunday afternoon that demands a nap. My eyes can barely stay open and I feel sluggish and clumsy. But I am resisting. (As I typed that I literally just yawned so big.) Ha.

My girls are asleep and my brain and eyeballs are jealous of them. Because they are tired. But Zach is awake, quietly building little Star Wars board game action figures. I don't really know what they are or what they're used for. But I do know that they are Star Wars, and that they are like 3D figurines that he gets to build himself. Yep, he's pretty much in heaven.

He's also watching football. Another one of his favorite things. Oh football, you have taken over my life. Well, actually any sport and every sport. Zach will literally watch any sport. I have seen him watch bowling. Curling (Yes, Curling, and not just during the Olympics). I've seen him watch ping pong. And pool. Not to mention his normal favorites that include Soccer (Always Soccer, that of course is number one.), football (Both college and pro), tennis, hockey, volleyball (although he only watches that when I'm around because that is my favorite.), and basketball.

That is a lot of sport people. A lot. In this house, there is never an off season.

In fact the only sports that aren't often seen on our TVs would probably be like ice skating and gymnastics. Oh and track. The only time we watch any running events is during the Olympics. Zach's a soccer guy so track doesn't really make sense to him. I mean he understands track, especially after his two younger sisters turned out to be track stars. But when we went to high school ,track and soccer were during the same season so there was kind of a rivalry. Needless to say, he doesn't turn it on but once every four years.

I've never minded soccer. I mean. I expected soccer when I got married. And I've become quite the fan of tennis. I tolerate basketball. I find something else to do during hockey. But football has really been the thorn in my side. I mean it is on all week! There is Monday night football, and then Thursday night football, and then Saturday plays games literally all day long, and then again on Sunday. Yikes. I mean, if you aren't a fan, that is just too much football.

Plus those games are SO long. So long. And there is like a bazillion different positions that I don't understand. I can rarely tell the difference between offense and defense. And for sure, I can never, ever follow the ball. Ever. Those fake out plays really, really work on me. I'm always looking down the other side of the field away from where the action actually is. Most of the time I just pretend to look at the television, or completely ignore it all together.

That is until I became totally hooked on Friday Night Lights. Have you seen that show? It's amazing! And although it was removed from Prime Time and continued on Direct TV only, thanks to Jay Leno it will be returning to NBC this spring! Holla!

I like a lot of TV. I mean, I love getting in to new series and having shows stored on my DVR. And so, thanks to our free trial from Netflix I was able to discover FNL. And let me tell you, it is SO good. I literally laughed and cried my way through the first three seasons. It was ridiculous. But it peeked my interest in football.

I find this ironic because Zach doesn't like the show. He feels as though there is not nearly enough football.

But for a girl, a girl like me. It was the perfect amount. And now I am hooked on the entire sport.

I've always been a Nebraska fan. I mean that is a given. And Remember the Titans did a good enough job to help me feel inspired for NU games. But before Friday Night Lights, that was as far as I could go. One game a week. Three and a half months out of the year.

Now I've actually found myself next to Zach on the couch. Not pretending. But actually watching the game. Not just Nebraska games but all games. I watched most of the Bowl Games and now we are watching all of the Pro Playoffs. And I like it. I've asked questions, and figured things out on my own. I can even say that I understand it. I can even say that since Greenbay is out, I can officially cheer for the Vikings. This might seem like a a conflict of interest to some of you, but remember I'm just a girl. And I like Brett Farve.

So today, instead of closing my eyes and falling asleep for way longer then any nap should be, grumpily emerging from my nap when two little girls crawl all over me, and then realizing I have nothing planned for dinner and my entire family is starving, I will stay awake and enjoy the quiet afternoon with my husband while he enjoys his three favorite things. Star Wars. Football. And me.

This is good news for all of us. With the Winter Olympics just around the corner and the World Cup this summer, nobody is more thankful that I'm not burnt out on sports already then Zach. Because let's face it, in this house there is no off season.

PS Please remember Haiti. With estimated deaths reaching likely over 200,000, the tragedy only deepens. I might blog about it later, but right now all I can do is pray. My bleeding heart is hemorrhaging over this horrific tragedy.


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  1. I am the Mom that volunteered to watch the girls while they went grocery shopping! And it's true - you drop everything, and watch the girls....NOT that I am complaining, because you might realize, like my totally unbiased opinion - that they are the most beautiful and smartest toddlers God created. SO - I am the one who didn't get much done on Saturday. BUT true confession is that Rachel does the cooking around here - so I have to tell you that it was WELL WORTH IT! Supper last night was amazing! nothing like freezer burnt ravioli! I am blessed. Grandchildren and meals....hard to beat!

  2. go brett! we are still cheering for brett in our house. packers first, brett second.